10 interesting facts about Makkah city

10 interesting facts about Makkah city

10 interesting facts about Makkah city

Today our article is sacred to the world. The most beautiful city is about Mecca.
This is a city where light shines all the time.
A city where the holiest place is the Kaaba.
The city of Mecca is also called the House of the Kaaba, the Capital.
The greatness of this city is Bait Ullah Sharif towards which the Muslims of the entire Ummah pray facing.
And this city is so holy and pure that any non-Muslim is allowed to go here. do not have.

The of Makkah city, the Holy Prophet. Is a favorite city.
The Kaaba, the holiest place of worship to be built on earth, is also present in the city of Makkah city.
The link to the construction of the Ka’ba is also found in Adam.
And this is the building that gave this region the status of a harem.
73 km from Makkah Jeddah is the valley of Farhan which is also called the valley of Ibrahim.
And it is located at an altitude of 200 meters above sea level.
Makkah city is 80 km from the Red Sea.

interesting facts about Makkah

Makkah city is a peaceful city where everything is peaceful.
Because the Lord of Glory says in the Qur’an that whoever enters this city is peaceful.
If we talk about the name of Makkah, according to the busy historian Ibn Khaldun, this city was formerly known as Buka.
But there is disagreement among many historians.
In English, Makkah is called Mika, which means the gathering of a particular group in one place.
But since 1980, the Saudi government has renamed Mika Makkah al-Mukarramah.
The total area of ​​Makkah is 1200 square kilometers.

And the population of this city is about 2.1 million people.
And in terms of population, Mecca is the third largest city in Saudi Arabia after Jeddah and Riyadh.
Mecca is the holiest city in the world.

Because the Kaaba, the holiest place in the universe, is located in this city.
And Hajj to the House of Allah is obligatory once in a lifetime on every able-bodied Muslim.
The first capital of Islam, Medina, is located 250 kilometers from Mecca.
Mecca has been gaining a special place in terms of trade from the very beginning.

The valley in which Makkah is located is surrounded by hills.
To its west is Mount Qahqan, to its southeast Mount Thor, and to its south Mount Kudai.
To the east, near the Masjid al-Haram, near the 400-meter-high Jabal Abu Owais, behind Mount Khandama.
Jabal al-Hajum is located northwest of Makkah.

facts about Makkah city

Jabal al-Ara is located in the northwest.
Its height is 600 meters above sea level while Mount Thor is 700 meters above sea level.
Which is located at a distance of 4.12 km from the Masjid al-Haram.
The population of Makkah city is spread between the mountains towards the moon.

The area south of the Mecca Valley is called the Quraysh.
The population of the area below the Haram is called Nabeela.
And the upper area is called Maali.
Where is the oldest cemetery in Makkah.

And in the same graveyard Umm Al-Mumineen Hazrat Khadija is buried.
Large numbers of Muslims flock to the city on normal days as well as on Hajj days.
That’s why the Saudi government has banned people of other faiths from entering the city to restore its sanctity.

The Masjid al-Haram in Makkah city is the most expensive mosque in the world.
Which is worth about 100 billion US dollars.

Makkah city climate

 facts about Makkah

Mecca, like the rest of the country, is a hot city.
The weather here is dry and hot even in winter.
In winter, the night temperature is up to 19 degrees Celsius.
During the day the temperature goes up to 30 degrees Celsius.
The average rainfall in this city is mediocre but whenever it comes it comes with winds and strong winds.

Race and football are the city’s favorite sports.
The city also hosts some of the oldest stadiums in Saudi Arabia.
King Abdulaziz Stadium is the largest stadium in Mecca.
Which has a seating capacity of 38000 spectators.

Jeddah International Airport operates mainly for Mecca.
A Hajj terminal has been set up at Jeddah Airport to handle the large number of Hajj pilgrims.
It has the honor of having 47 planes together during the Hajj.
And there is also a facility to receive 3800 pilgrims per hour.
The city also has a high-speed intercity rail line.

Which is part of Harmain High Speed.
Which connects Jeddah and King Abdulaziz Airport, including Mecca and Medina.

This includes 35 electric trains.
Which provides travel facilities to 60 million passengers.
Each train has the power to run at a speed of 300 km per hour.
The Masjid al-Haram is the number one tourist destination in Makkah.
Which also has the honor of being the largest mosque in the world.

This mosque is spread over 376000 square meters.
The mosque is being expanded to 400,000 square meters until a large number of Muslims come.
The Kaaba is present in the Masjid al-Haram.
And at the same place there is also the Ibrahim Page, the well of the mountain of Marwaha, the water of Ab-e-Shifa, that is, the water of Zam-e-Zam.
On the days of Hajj, about

2 million pilgrims gather at this place.
Jabal al-Noor is a very attractive place near Mecca.
This is of great importance in human history.
Because there is a cave in the same mountain.

10 amazing facts about Makkah city

It takes two hours on foot to reach Ghaghira.
Mount Thor is a rocky and desolate mansion in Makkah city.
Its altitude is 728 meters above sea level.

Garthur is present in the same hill.
Mount Arafat is a small hill in the plain of Arafat, east of Makkah city.
The beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) had climbed this hill and delivered the sermon Hujjat-ul-Dua.
Hira Cave is the same cave where Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) spent a lot of time.

Gabriel (peace be upon him) came to this cave with the first revelation.

This cave is located at Jabal Noor, 3 km from Makkah city.

The cave is 12 feet long, 5 feet wide and 510 feet high.
Ayesha Mosque is located at a distance of 8 km from the Kaaba.
You can also gauge the importance of this mosque by the fact that pilgrims come to this mosque first before going on Hajj or Umrah.
And then from here we travel to the Ka’bah in the form of a pyramid.
The shroud of Kaaba is manufactured in Al-Kathwi factory.
This factory is located on Jeddah Road.

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