30 fun facts about Brazil

30 fun facts about Brazil

30 fun facts about Brazil

Our topic today is Brazil, a country in South America that is the largest country in South America.
In today’s article we will tell you all the things about Brazil that you may not know before today.

Brazil shares borders with Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay, France and Venezuela.
There are actually two South American countries, Chile and Ecuador, which do not share a border with Brazil.
All other countries are connected to Brazil.

Brazil is the 5th largest country in the world by area with a total area of ​​8514877 square kilometers.

Brazil ranks 5th in the world in terms of population of 20.5 million.

Brazil also accounts for 60% of the Amazon jungle, the world’s largest forest.

Humans are said to have seen and discovered only 10% of the Amazon rainforest.
If you start thinking about how man lived and what he ate and drank and how he lived centuries ago, these ideas will be based on reality.

Because even today, scenes from centuries ago can be seen in Brazil.

It is said that more than a million people lived in these forests.
The number of these wild people has decreased drastically over the last few centuries.

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Now their number has come down to 2 million.
This is a guess because these wild tribes have not been properly identified.
This estimate is also made after meeting people interested in the discovery.
Even today, there are more than 67 tribes that do not speak or meet humans.
To this day, hundreds of people who wanted to meet or explore these wild people have been killed by the people of these tribes.

Even if an outsider meets these tribes who speak more than 150 languages, they will drive them crazy with their words.
There are some such people in the islands surrounded by the Arabian Sea in the south of India.

It is said that even if someone leaves here, there will be some lucky ones who will return alive.

If we talk about the interesting facts about Brazil, Brazil is named after a tree found in Brazil.
Because Brazilian trees are found in large numbers in this area.
Seeing this the country was named Brazil.
Of course, life in Brazil has existed for thousands of years, but the world came to know Brazil when a Portuguese expedition led by Petros Alvarez accidentally traveled from Europe to Brazil.
Because of this adventure, the Portuguese government claimed ownership.

And founded the first Portuguese colony in South America.
It was the same expedition that discovered the United States with the Was Gowda expedition.

These campaigns used to be bandits.
For the next three centuries, the Portuguese maintained their monopoly with great pleasure.
But then a sense of autonomy arose in the people.
So people wanted a separate country for themselves.
In 1822, the Brazilians, who had been brought as slaves from Africa, revolted against the government.
And declared Brazil an independent country from Portugal.

It is said that this uprising was the largest uprising in the world.

When the Tagals rejected this decision, civil war broke out in the country.
As a result, many Portuguese were beheaded.

Brazil gained full independence from Portugal in 1879.

Elections were held for the first time in Brazil on November 15, 1879.
Those who came from the islands and were eligible to vote turned out in large numbers.

And made Brazil a democratic country.

As soon as the Portuguese Empire collapsed in the 18th century, the British government began to occupy it.

But Brazil was the only country after the Portuguese that no one could rule.
Rio de Janeiro was made the capital of Brazil in the 17th century during the Portuguese rule.

Which has the honor of being the capital of Brazil until 1961.
In 1961, Brasilia was made the capital of Brazil.
Which is still the capital of Brazil.

Covering an area of ​​1,523 square kilometers, the city of Sؤo Paulo is the largest city in Brazil with a population of 12.5 million and one of the ten largest cities in the world.

The full name of Brazil is the Federal Republic of Brazil.
With about 40098 airports, Brazil is the second largest airport in the world.

The number one country is the USA.

The total number of airports in the United States is more than 15000.

In Brazil, gender reassignment surgery has been completely free since the law was passed in 2008.
About 74% of the Catholic Christian community is found in Brazil.
Which is 64% of the total population of Brazil.
Brazil has the second largest Christian population after the United States.
And South America is the first major country.
4% are Protestants and 6% are those who do not believe in anyone but God.
7% belong to other denominations while the majority population is of Christians.
There is also a small number of people who do not believe in anyone.

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Islam is non-existent in Brazil.

Even if some Muslims are in Brazil, they come here for work and settle here.
As of 2015, Brazil was the 15th largest country in the world in terms of economy.

But now it ranks 8th.

Zero Rail is called the currency of Brazil.

Brazil calling code+55
In terms of time, Brazil is hours behind Pakistan.

Macau is the national bird of Brazil.
In Brazil, 92% of new cars are powered by sugarcane ethos.

Apple’s iPhone is sold at twice the price of the United States.
Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, offers a view of the airplane from the sky.
Apart from Japan, most of Japan’s population lives in Brazil.

The Olympic Games have been held only once in South America to date.
And that country is Brazil.

In which this event was held in 2016.

At World War II, Brazil was the only country to send a convoy of 25,000 troops.
Brazil is a country where women distribute their milk to women who cannot breastfeed their children.
So that they can make up for this lack of milk in their babies.

There is a proud tribe in Brazil whose group of people is 0.
It takes a lifetime for someone to succeed, but it doesn’t take anyone long to succeed This is what happened in 2013 when Brazil’s richest man and the world’s seventh richest man named Ike Batista.

It lost 30 30 billion in just a few moments.

He had only one billion dollars left after the loss.
There is also an island in Brazil where at least 5 snakes can be seen within a square meter.

That is why this Iceland is named Snack Island.
And it is forbidden for people to go to Iceland.
The leading brand sold under the name Brasilia Nuts is not from Brasilia but is a product of Bolivia, a country in South America.

Half of all crimes in the world’s top 20 cities occur in Brazil alone.
In Brazil, one person is killed every ten minutes.
In the United States alone, 50,000 people are killed by pistol bullets each year.
After Indonesia, Brazil has more trees than any other country in the world.
A law has been enacted for Brazilian prisoners that if they read a book and prepare a report about it, their imprisonment is reduced to 4 days.
From 1879 to 1930, Nick Brazil was called the United States of Brazil.
Portuguese is the national language of Brazil.
98% of the country’s population speaks Portuguese.
Two percent use the German language.


Italian and Japanese are also spoken as second languages.

Football is Brazil’s national sport and Brazil has a record of winning the FIFA World Cup five times.

Brazil’s football team is a team that has the honor of qualifying for every FIFA World Cup.
In addition to basketball, tennis, volleyball, motor sports, rugby, and many other sports are played enthusiastically in Brazil.
In the beginning in Brazil, African slaves were brought in who were bought or kidnapped.

It was from these slaves that Brazil’s population grew.
Brazil is still the second largest country of black people after Nigeria.
Every year 6 million people come to Brazil for tourism.

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