75 facts about Belgium(2021)

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75 facts about Belgium.

Today our article will travel to the beautiful country of Belgium in northwestern Europe.
In this article you will learn about Belgium’s history, location and interesting and amazing information.
It contains a lot of information about the population and area of ​​Belgium.
Belgium is bordered by the Netherlands to the north, Germany to the east, Luxembourg to the south, France to the west, and the North Sea.

The total area of ​​Belgium is 30528 square kilometers.
Belgium is ranked 137th in terms of area.
The total population of Belgium according to a 2018 report is 10143460.

Belgium ranks 78th in the world in terms of population.
In 100 BC, Gaia Belgicus was part of the Roman Empire.
So at that time human settlement on the land of Belgium began.
Gaia Belgium is a Latin word.

75 facts about Belgium

Belgium map

Which means France is Belgium.
Today, the Roman Empire is divided between Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, France, and Luxembourg.
Among the first settlers on Belgian soil were the Belgian, Abron and Turkic tribes.
Many Bell Guy tribes still reside in Belgium today.

Bell Guy is a Latin word meaning Belgian.
The Roman Empire in Belgium and its environs came to an end when the French Empire was founded by the Franks.
The empire was divided into three parts with its division in 843 AD.

Their names were East France, central France and West France.
Belgium and its neighbors came to the part of West France.

The Kingdom of the West France was founded on it.

This empire lasted until 987 AD.
Then came the Kingdom of France.
The United Kingdom of the Netherlands was formed in 1815.

Which was also made part of Belgium.
After independence from France, the Belgian people’s demand for independence forced them to revolt.
They declared independence from the Netherlands on October 4, 1830.
Belgium finally gained independence from the Netherlands on April 19, 1839.
After the First and Second World Wars, when some European countries tried to form a European Union, Belgium was one of their founding countries.
An agreement was signed between them in 1997.
In the beginning its name was European Community Economic.

It was later renamed the European Union.

Belgium capital

Belgian calling code +32

The domain name is Be.

The currency of Belgium is the Euro.

Brussels is the capital and largest city of Belgium.
Human settlement in this city took place in 580 AD.

The city of Brussels was granted city status in 979 AD.

The city is spread over 161 square kilometers.

The city of Brussels has a population of 1175,000.
Interesting facts about Belgium are that the European Union and NATO centers are established in this country.

The Charleroi airports in Belgium are the first in Europe in terms of punctuality.
It is the second largest airport in the world after Osaka Airport in Japan.
People believe that Britain is the founder of cricket, while cricket was first played among the people of Belgium.

These same people took cricket with them when they went to the UK.
The first world match was played between Britain and Germany due to its global influence.

That is why the world today attributes cricket to the British people.

Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg are low spoken in the world.
These countries are closer to sea level than other European countries.
The highest point in Belgium is Botrange, which is even smaller than Dubai’s Burj Khalifa.
The height of Burj Khalifa is 828 meters while the height of this place is 694 meters.
Belgium was the second country, after the Netherlands, to grant gay marriage rights in 2003.
And it was this country that legalized Suhl Murky in 2002.
Simple smiles are used to describe a death in which life becomes worse than death.
The Law Court of Brussels is the largest court in the world.

Its total area is 26000 square kilometers.
Belgium is one of the world’s greatest inventions.
Belgian inventions include the pill, plastic, cricket, the World Wide Web, electrical trim, stock exchanges, and more.
Cricket is an invention of the Belgian people, but in Belgium cricket is non-existent.
The most popular sport in Belgium is football.
In addition to football, cycling, tennis, baseball, volleyball and rugby are the most compassionate sports.

There are more than 17,000 sports clubs across the country.

In which about 1335000 Belgians are registered.

Which make up 13% of Belgium’s total population.

Belgium ranks fourth in Europe in terms of tax rate.

It is the fourth largest country in Europe to collect more taxes than its citizens.
48% of Belgium’s income comes from taxes collected from this country.

Europe’s largest skyscraper was built in 1847 in Belgium.
Belgium is also the most divorced country in Western Europe.
The divorce rate in Belgium is 70%.
Belgium is the most populous country in Europe.
About 98% of Belgium’s population lives in cities.
97% of Belgian homes have cable TV.

Belgians like to eat chocolate the most.
Belgians must be eating chocolate in their home country or in other countries.
Because chocolate has been made in Belgium for the last 400 years.
There are more than two thousand chocolate shops in Belgium.

Belgium makes more than 80% of the world’s ballet ball.
The Christian population in Belgium is the largest Catholic.

Which is considered by 52.3% of the country’s population.

2.3% are Protestants.
17.2% are people who do not even know their religion.

That is, they have no religion.

Belgium places

14.8% do not believe in God.
5.2% of the Muslim population while 2.2% are followers of other religions.
Every child aged 6 to 18 in Belgium must get an education.
The literacy rate in Belgium is 99%.

The average life expectancy in Belgium is 79 years.
Dutch, French and German are the official languages ​​of this country.
55% of people in Belgium speak Dutch.

In Belgium, 36% of people speak French.
While 0.4% of people use German as their first language.

However, 36% of Belgians know how to use German.
In addition to these languages, English, Spanish, Luxembourgish and Flemish are important.
Only 1.4% of the country’s population is engaged in agriculture.

18.7% of people do adjectives.
Eighty percent of Belgians work in government and non-government organizations.
Eighty percent of Belgians work in government and non-government organizations.

Belgium’s total per capita income is 44891 US dollars.

The bulk of GDP is collected from taxes, trade and tourism.

Approximately 150,000 Belgians are working in the tourism sector.

The number of people traveling to this country in 2016 was 1.52 million.

In 2002, when 19 of the 28 countries in the European Union declared their currency the common currency and renamed it the euro currency, Belgium was one of the 19 countries.
The euro was replaced by the old currency called the Belgian franc.
There are a total of 13 UNESCO National Heritage Sites in Belgium.
The flags of Belgium and Germany are made of the same colors.

The colors in the German flag go from one side to the other. While in the Belgian flag the colors come from top to bottom.

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