Amazing facts about Japan country 2022

Amazing facts about Japan country 2022

Amazing facts about Japan country
In this article, I will tell you the amazing and interesting facts about a country that has twice come to the brink of extinction.

But the credit for the world’s most advanced and advanced technology goes to the country itself.
This is a country in the world where a hired husband and wife can also be found.
Japan is a developed country in East Asia and consists of thousands of islands.
Japan country is located in East Asia and the Northwest Pacific Ocean.

Japan country facts

facts about Japan country

Japan’s neighbors include Taiwan, China, and Korea.
The country Japan consists of about 6852 islands.

Which spreads over 377915 square kilometers.
And in terms of area, Japan country ranks 63rd.
The total population of Japan is 126.5 million.
Japan ranks 11th in the world in terms of population.
Japan’s population is 1.62% of the world’s total population.

The city of Tokyo has the distinction of being the largest city and capital of Japan.
The total population of the capital city of Tokyo is close to 3.7 billion.

Tokyo also has the distinction of being the most populous city in the world.
This Japanese city is also considered to be the most densely populated city in the world.
Other major cities in Japan include Yokohama, Osaka, Nagoya, Sapporo, Oka Ka, and Kyoto.
Japan is also called Nippon.

Which means the land of the rising sun.
Millions of blacks flock to this country to see the New Year’s sun.
The flag of Japan is based on white.

The flag of Japan

In the middle of which a red circle is made.
This flag was adopted on August 13, 1999.
But even before that, the flag was adopted on February 28, 17870.
Japan also has the sixth longest coastline in the world.
Its length is 29751 km.

Japan country is also the 8th Special Economic Zone in the world.
If you talk about the interesting and wonderful facts about Japan, you will be surprised to know that Japan is such a rich and civilized country that if something is stolen here, there will be more and more umbrellas or bicycles.

Which may have been stolen due to a misunderstanding.

Japan is unique in the world in terms of technology.
Japan’s technology is considered the best technology in the world.
In Japan, it is better to bow and greet than to hug or shake hands.

Sadly, about 1,500 earthquakes occur in Japan each year.

Japan country also has the largest vending machine in the world.
The Japanese also have the honor of being the most honest nation in the world.
Ethics and interaction are taught for the first three years in Japanese schools.
Children in Japanese schools do not fail for the first three years.
In Japan, children and teachers clean classrooms together.
In Japan, office workers are given time to rest and sleep once a day.
In Pakistan or in our neighboring countries, watermelon is considered to be one of the most expensive fruits,

while watermelon found in Japan is the most expensive watermelon in the world.
Priced in the millions, it costs about 12,000 worldwide.
The world famous chocolate, KitKat which has only 4 flavors in Pakistan but in Japan there are more than 300 flavors of KitKat chocolate.
In Japan country about 5 million cut cats eat chocolate every day.
70% of Japan is mountainous and there are more than 100 volcanoes in the country.
The magnitude of earthquakes in the country ranges from 6 to 9 on the Richter scale.
Most cars in the world are made in Japan. The famous Toyota company that makes cars that is owned by Japan.
Japan also has the world’s fastest bullet train.
Which travels at an average speed of 500 km per hour.

Japan country

Japan country literacy rate is 100%.

Which is also a proof of being a civilized nation.
Japanese people like to eat breakfast and dinner mostly from restaurants.

Japan is the only country after the United States to have the most fast food restaurants.
McDonald’s has about 3000 branches in Japan.
Japanese people prefer to eat steamed raw fish.

The Japanese eat an estimated 1.7 million tons of fish a year.
Mount Fuji is the highest point in the country at 11,328 feet above sea level.

Japanese people like cleaning a lot.

These people use separate shoes for the bathroom.

These people use separate shoes for the bathroom.
The world’s largest fish market also seems to be in Japan.

Japan country releases the world’s largest animated movie.
Also Japan makes the most carts seen in the world.

Japan is a country where you can make a girlfriend by giving money to a girl.
Not only this, with the help of husbands and boyfriends you can do business.
Most Japanese people outside of Japan live in Brazil.
Japan is unique in its technology.
There are many restaurants in the country where robots work from reception to delivery.
Japan is one of the countries in the world where cars are cheaper and pets and cats are more expensive.
That’s why Japan has created robots that talk and feel like pet dogs and cats.
In Japan, old people and women are not given seats on trains, buses and in public places.

Rather, here comes the first-come, first-served principle.
There are 50,000 people in Japan country over the age of 100.
For this reason, Japan is also called the land of the elderly.

Japan country facts and figure

In Japan, cleaners are called health engines.
Whose monthly salary is 8 lakhs in Pakistani currency.
Despite Japan being so developed, not a single Japanese is included in the list of the richest people in the world.
In contrast to the way the black cat is considered a symbol of misfortune in Pakistan, people in Japan consider the black cat to be a guarantee of prosperity and development.

This is why the Japanese love to keep black cats as pets at home.

People in Japan love to eat horse meat.
Tokyo Airport is the fifth busiest airport in the world.
The world’s 5000 companies are 200 years old.
Of which 3000 companies are present in Japan.
The best train system in the world exists in Japan.
In this country, the train is never late.

The average train delays in this country are 18 seconds.
The average temperature in Japan is 25 degrees Celsius.

The highest temperature in July 2018 was recorded at 41 degrees Celsius.
90.7% of Japan country population lives in cities.
The largest ethnic group in Japan is the Yamato.
Which makes up 98.1% of the total population.

More than 80% of Japan’s population practices Shinoism and Buddhism.
Muslims include foreigners of foreign descent and their children from Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Iran.
99% of Japan’s population speaks Japanese.
In addition to Japanese, English is also used in business and educational institutions.

Sumo wrestling is considered the country’s most popular and favorite sport.
Also Judo, Karate, Football and Baseball are the most popular sports in the country.
Japan’s football team has won the Asia Cup 4 times.

Japan  transport

There are 175 active airports in Japan country .
Tokyo’s Oneida Airport is the second gateway airport in Asia.
There are 4 Japanese newspapers in the 5 most read newspapers in the world.
Japan is the third largest economy after the United States and China.
According to a 2019 report, 2.4% of Japan’s population is unemployed.

Japan country main exports are automobiles, iron, steel and auto parts.
Japan’s imports include most fossil fuels, foodstuffs, chemicals and industrial raw materials.
Japan’s total GDP is 4750 billion US dollars.
Japan’s currency is called the yen.
Japan country national flower is cherry plastic, the national bird is green-red, and the national animal is koi fish.

Japan is 4 hours ahead of Pakistan in terms of time.

Calling code of Japan country +81
Japan’s domain name is Jp.

The flag of Japan

The flag of Japan
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