Amazing Facts About Odisha(2021)


Amazing Facts About Odisha    The target of today’s article is the Indian state of Odisha.Odisha is the first state in India to be formed on a linguistic basis  The largest village in Asia is also located in Odisha.

Odisha has discovered rocks that are more than 4.5 billion years old. There are 60 different ethnic groups in this state of India.The way of life, culture and language of these ethnic groups are different from each other. The Royal Bengal Tiger is found in Odisha after Simli Bridge National Park.

There are 600 temples in Bonshor, the capital of Odisha.For this reason, Bonshor is also called Temple City.The world’s tallest fish, about 23 feet long, is also found in the state of Odisha.The total area of ​​Odisha is 155707 sq km.

And the total population of Odisha is 2000000 people. Odisha has changed its name many times in its history.The state was recently renamed Odisha from Odisha.

The history of this state is very old.It is said that at one time this state was part of the sea.It was made a part of the Mughal Empire in 1508 AD and was later occupied by the British.During the Second World War, Hitler also tried to occupy Odisha but failed.The work done on gold and silver in Odisha is also very famous. It is known as Kalkari.Some people believe that the famous sweet juice herd originated from Odisha.


While some say that this sweet originated from Kolkata. Odisha was the first state in India to be built on linguistic grounds.The state of Odisha was founded in 1936 during the British rule.Many of India’s missile tests have been conducted in Odisha.Named after Abdul Kalam Iceland.The first land revenue system in India was launched from Odisha.Odisha also has the largest dam in Asia and the fourth largest in the world.The entire saree of Odisha is famous all over India.These sarees are handmade and are found everywhere in Odisha.India’s first surf festival is celebrated in Odisha.Many ancient universities like Taxila University were also present in Odisha. People from all over the world used to come here in ancient times.Shell Lake is a saltwater lake that is the largest lake in all of Asia.A special kind of dolphin is found in this lake.Every year millions of birds travel from Siberia.


Amazing Facts About Odisha(india)


The total area of ​​this lake is 916 square kilometers.Odisha was the first state in India to register drivers.


Chamanat Temple has the largest kitchen in the world.The kitchen is 150 feet long and 100 feet wide.

There are 32 rooms inside this kitchen.About 600 cooks work in this kitchen. 
Food is made for 10 thousand people at a time.
The number of people eating on festival days goes into the millions.
Every year an island in Odisha sinks in the sea for about 5 km daily.
Then the next morning the island reappears.
The language of Odisha is Odia.
93% of Odisha's population is Hindu.
The second largest religion in the state is Christianity.
Which comprises 3% of the population.
Odisha's literacy rate is 75%
There are 30 districts of Odisha.
Odisha is bordered by four states, Jharkhand, West Bengal, 
Indira Gandhi and Chhattisgarh.
64% of the total population of Odisha is dependent on agriculture.
The main crops here are rice, nuts, pulses, and turmeric.

The 10th largest rice grown in India is grown in Odisha alone
Odisha’s major factories include steel plant, fertilizer plant and vehicle repair.
Odisha is very famous all over India because of its classical dance.


The world’s largest line safari track exists in India.The economy of this state is the 16th largest economy in India.Odisha experiences severe cold in January-February. Odisha experiences severe cold in January-February.The season of Odisha is divided into six parts.The state of Odisha covers an area of ​​48307 sq km of forests.Which makes up 31% of the total area of ​​the state.Due to the climate and rainfall here, the region is very conducive for the cultivation of arches.

Odisha has a good network of railways and roads.In addition, the state has a good port and airport system.

The length of the coastal strip of Odisha is about 485 km.The average human age in Odisha is 62 years.

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