Australia country amazing facts 2022

Australia country amazing facts 2022
Australia country amazing facts 2022

Australia country amazing facts 2022.
Friends, today I am going to take you on a tour of a country which is called the land of beaches.
The blue sky of this country, the blue water of the sea adds four moons to the beauty of this country.
Because there are more animals than humans in this country.
It is one of the countries in the world with 91% forest cover.
The world’s most dangerous snakes are also found in this country.
In the past, criminals in England were punished with black water in Australia country.
The full and official name of this country is Commonwealth of Australia.
According to 2021 reports, the total population of this country is 25.8 million.

Australia country facts

Australia country amazing facts

And in terms of its population, the country ranks 53rd.
Only 3 people per square kilometer are settled here.
The total area of ​​this country is 7692024 square kilometers.

And it is the sixth largest country in the world by area.
86% of Australia’s population lives in cities and only 14% live in rural areas.

The average age in this country is 37 years, meaning that people in this country are neither too old nor too young.

The capital of Australia is Cembra.
And Sydney has the distinction of being the largest city in the country.
Australia is also called The Land of Beaches.

The beaches here have the status of being the most beautiful beaches in the world.
This beach is considered to be the best beach for water support.

Australia country flag

Surfing is the most popular sport here.
52.1% of Australia’s population belongs to the Christian religion.
Islam is the country’s second largest religion with 2.6%.

30% of people do not follow any religion.

Other religions include Buddhism, Hinduism and joota.
More than two dozen different languages ​​are spoken in Australia.

Which includes 45 local languages.
30% of the people here have come from other countries and settled here.
That is why many different languages ​​are used here.
Greeks in the world live in Australia country outside their own country.
60% of Melbourne’s population is Greek.
A surprising and disturbing habit of Australians is that they are not very interested in reading.

The literacy rate here is much lower than in many other countries of the world.

Only 44% of Australia’s population is literate.
Women are highly respected in Australia.
It is the second country in the world to give women the right to vote.

This country has fewer humans and more animals.
The number of human beings in Australia is 25 million while the number of human beings is 150 million.
Similarly, the number of kangaroos in this country is very high. The most venomous snakes are also found in Australia.
This country has more snowfall than Switzerland.
Australia is a mountainous country with more snow than Switzerland.
Melbourne has the honor of being the most beautiful city in Australia.

Australia country amazing facts

Also called Fox City.
Because a lot of foxes will be seen roaming in this city.
One of the advantages of this city is that everything will be perfect here.

Everything from the road to the township is top class.

That’s why it’s three times the best city in terms of housing.
The Australia country is far ahead in wine production.

The wine of this country is exported all over the world.

The country is Australia’s most famous beer.

Australia is also a major exporter of meat.
The currency used in Australia is the Australian dollar.
Australia’s total GDP is 1.61 trillion US dollars.

While the per capita GDP rate here is 63000 US dollars.
Driving in Australia is done on the right.

People in Australia are very attached to sports.
Everyone here will be playing football, tennis or cricket, or any other sport.
That is why this country is called the sports capital.

70% of Australia country population plays a game every week.

If you are a gambler then this country may be lucky for you.
It is the most gambled place in the world.

About 80% of Australia country population is involved in gambling.
There is also a lake in this country whose water color is pink.

Australia country

This lake is called Lake Hiller.
Surprisingly, scientists have not been able to find out why its water is pink.
But the lake is also providing a lot of revenue to Australia.
Because thousands of people visit here every year to see this lake.
There is also an island in this country where only crabs live instead of humans.

This island is called Christmas Island.
Millions of crabs gather in November each year.
Australia’s national food is roast lime.
The people here are obsessed with meat.
The national flower of Australia is the Golden Wattle.
The national bird is the emo and the national bird is the red kangaroo.
The national sport of this country is cricket.

Australian calling code+61

The Australian domain name is AU.

Australia country map
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