Bashkortostan Amazing Facts(2021)

Bashkortostan Amazing Facts

Bashkortostan Amazing Facts
Friends, the journey of this article is to Bashkortostan which is also called Bashkir or Bashkiria
Bishkek is an independent state of the Russian Federation

This land of fast rivers, high mountains and sweet witness, ranks first among all the states of Russia in terms of cattle, horse and milk production

About 86% of Bashkortostan’s population is Muslim
The region is inhabited by people from Shakar, Egypt, Tatar, Ukrainian and many ethnic groups.

Bashkortostan is a developed state of Russia in every way
In the 13th and 14th centuries AD, the region was attacked by the Golden Hut
After the fall of Golden Hat, Bashkortostan was part of the so-called Nagai Hat
East Bashkortostan was then part of the Siberian state and western Bashkortostan Kazan
After the fall of the Siberian and Kazan states in the 16th and 17th centuries, the region became part of Russia.
In 1917, the independence of Bishkekistan was declared

Bashkortostan Amazing and interesting facts

And in 1919 the Bashkiria Soviet Union was formed
This was the first autonomy within the USSR
In February 1992, the name of the Republic of Bishkek was adopted
The word Bashki in Persian means a country or a state
The total area of ​​Bishkekistan is 143,600 square kilometers
Bishkekistan has a population of 4 million
In terms of area, this state is equal to Nepal and Greece
And in terms of population, it is equal to Costa Rica and Croatia

The length of Bishkekistan from north to south is 550 km and from east to west is 430 km.
Bashkortostan is an independent state in terms of oil production
A large part of Russia’s total crude oil reserves are extracted from here
The region is home to some of the largest excavations in the world
Russia shut down a nuclear plant in Bashkir after the Chernobyl accident
This is a very important region in terms of honey production

The honey produced here is a brand throughout Russia

There are many lime trees in the Russian state

And bees live in the hollow places of these lime trees.

Bashkir’s first capital was Colinburg

Bashkortostan Amazing Facts and fact

Jay was later transferred to Rufa
Rufa is one of the largest cities in Russia
Rufa is one of the largest cities in Russia
There are limestone forests in this region
Bashkir Lake has been discovered on the shores of Karbala in the Oral Mountains
Stone Age inscriptions have been discovered in the Bashkar Cave
It is the only place in Eastern Europe where such ancient remains have been discovered
The cave is believed to have been inhabited by ancient people
The cave is believed to have been inhabited by ancient people
There is a fountain in Ufa called Seven Girls
The seven girls jumped into the river to escape the external invaders.

Bashkir is famous all over Russia for its dairy products.
In Bashkar, marriage is in line with Islamic customs
The government has now banned more than one marriage in the region
There are more than 100 mosques in Bashkar
Thankfully, Tatar and Russian are the most widely spoken languages ​​in the region
Bashkir’s currency is the Russian rifle
The Bashkir flag consists of three colors: white, blue and white
This flag was adopted on February 25, 1992
60% of the population of Bishkek is urban and 40% live in rural areas


Bashkir has an average population of 28 people per square kilometer

Bashkir has an average population of 28 people per square kilometer
There are only 2 highways in Bashkortostan
The capital, Ufa, is the 11th most populous city in the world

Bashkortostan country
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