Benito Mussolini life in 1934(2021)

Benito Mussolini life in 1934

Benito Mussolini life
Interesting facts will be the topic of this post.

I would dare to write about Mussolini’s life as much as possible.
All this information is collected with the help of internet.

Not all information is 100% accurate.

So I will ignore the small mistake in my post.

Benito Mussolini life facts

Benito Mussolini life facts

He wanted to gain power at any cost.
At one time he was the most powerful leader in Europe.
He wanted to be the modern Julie Caesar of Rome.

And waved his hand in the same manner.
Who wasn’t crazy about him, including Hitler, Roosevelt, Churchill and Allama Iqbal?
His admirers would kill his opponents at a gesture and then hang him upside down in the square.
Then time changed and it was also hung upside down in the square.
Mussolini used to stab children when he was in school.
He was a naughty school boy.
That is why he was expelled from school.
When Mussolini was young, he was the same century boy that everyone disliked.
An attraction was created in his personality.
The reason was his reasoning personality and confident conversation.
Mussolini, who was tall and had a strong body, was a bit intoxicated.
Wherever Mussolini happens, John becomes a warrior.
But he himself had become obsessed with Call Max’s personality.
Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl.
But there was definitely a picture of Call Max in her purse.

For the first few months in Switzerland, he worked in small jobs.
Then he got a job in a trade union.

His job was to propagate the trademark.
Mussolini was an expert in reading and he knew how to flatter.
So his propaganda became popular.
But the Swiss government did not like his propaganda.
Mussolini was also arrested when Switzerland took action against the Socialists.
Mussolini became even more famous after the same air arrest as happened.
His news began to spread in his native Italy as well.

After his release from prison, Mussolini returned to Italy.
And became a schoolmaster.
But just as Mussolini could not become a good student, so he could not become a good teacher.
Once again he quit his school teaching job and started working for a trade union.
But then there was the problem of Switzerland in Italy.

The government was not happy with the trade union here either.
So Mussolini went behind bars even in such a country.
When Mussolini was briefly released in 1909, he fell in love with the 16-year-old daughter of his father’s ex-girlfriend.
Mussolini’s love affair was successful and the two became life partners.
Mussolini was a well-known author of Communist newspapers.
But in 1912 he launched his own newspaper, Lalita the Classic.
Which means class attraction.
The paper became so popular that the Socialists made Mussolini the editor of another newspaper.
Whose name was Avanti.
Namely forward or progressive.
Mussolini was such a good editor that he doubled Avanti’s publication in a short time.

He was now not only an editor but also an active member of the Socialist Party.

Mussolini was on his way to becoming a great revolutionary.
But at the same time, the First World War broke out. That is, on July 28, 1914.
Mussolini found a new way to fulfill his ambitions.
Socialists were against the war. Initially, Mussolini strongly opposed the war.
But when he saw that the country’s rich were investing in the war, he took a U-turn.
And began supporting the war.
His socialist comrades objected that, sir, we are against war.
In such a situation, Mussolini told him the same sentence of Call Max.
Only after the war does the revolution come.

But the socialist class did not accept Mussolini’s answer.
Newspaper editorship revoked from Mussolini.

Benito Mussolini life

He was kicked out of the party.
This was the moment when Mussolini hated the Socialists.
But maybe he didn’t need it anymore.
Because it had found capitalist allies to support the war.
These were the capitalists who were making money by selling arms and other things in the days of war.
Now Mussolini has done two things – one of his ability to speak has created a war frenzy among the people.
And the second thing he did was take up arms and go to war himself.
When the war ended, Italy and its allies had won.

When Mussolini returned from the war, he was greeted like a victor.
He was taller now.
But after World War II, Italy received some complaints from its allies, France and Britain.
Italy received very little of the winning territory.
That is, a small part of Austria came to Italy.
As much of the territory snatched from the Ottoman Empire was divided between Syria, Iraq, Britain and France.
In addition, a major financial crisis during the war had become a major disaster for Italy.
Mussolini saw the financial crisis caused by the war and took advantage of it.
Instead of telling people that countries go from war to war to crisis,
Rather, he started politics on it.
He played a dangerous game and started inciting people to revolt against the government for personal fame.
Mussolini said that now Italy needs a dictator who will raise Italy’s prestige in the world.
He said the current system has disgraced Italy in the United Nations.
However, the fact is that Mussolini had a full share in the war that led to Italy’s demise.
But now it was his charm or charismatic personality that a reasonable number of people and emotional people had become his supporters.
He spoke of the supremacy of the Italian nation.

And his words touched the hearts of his admirers.
One year after the war, in 1919, more than two dozen former soldiers and politicians gathered in Milan, Italy.
He formed a political party based on Mussolini’s philosophy and made Mussolini its leader.
Mussolini named this party the Fascist Party.
Which means a bundle of bars.
One reason for calling the party fascist was that Mussolini considered it a militant group.
Which will bring revolution.
The name of the party was its symbol, a bundle of bars and an ax.
The Fascist Party had two parts, a political fascist and a military fascist.
Military fascists wore black shirts, which is why they became known in Europe as black shirts.
Mussolini formed a party of his own, but one shortcoming was that any nationalist party needed an enemy to increase its strength.
He could declare him an enemy of his nation and create a hatred against him.
And then take advantage of this lava when needed.
Mussolini was lucky he did not have to think much to find the enemy.
Because his old call Max and the ideological fascists stood before him as enemies.

In those days, socialists used to strike in Italy.
Which would have stalled the work in the factories
Mussolini declared that these socialists were responsible for the crisis in Italy because they were the ones who had stopped the wheel of progress from the strikes.
The fascists soon declared open war on the Socialists.
Trade union offices were set on fire and hundreds of socialites were killed.
The government was a silent spectator in all this turmoil.
The reason was that the government itself was fed up with the strikes of the working class.
The reason was that if an organization was volunteering in their place, then what should the government have done?
But the government did not know that the fight against socialism is a trailer and the original film is yet to be released.


Because in fact Mussolini was preparing to occupy the whole of Italy.
His speeches testify that he wanted to be Julius Caesar.
The same Julius Caesar who was the great emperor of the Roman Empire in BC.
Thus, in simplicity and ignorance, the government gave Mussolini a chance to carry the death penalty.
Mussolini’s black shirt organization began occupying the cities.

By 1920, most of Italy was under fascist control.
And the government’s writ was nowhere to be found.
Two years later, Mussolini gave the government a quality assurance that if they did not voluntarily hand over the government to me, my supporters would march on Rome.

Mussolini’s announcement was in fact a declaration of central government occupation of the city.
On October 28, 1922, thousands of fascist black-shirt volunteers gathered outside Rome.
He was waiting for his leader’s call while Mussolini was waiting for someone else in his headcourt.
And then came the telegram he had been waiting for.
Mussolini was overjoyed to read the telegram.
He no longer needed to invade Rome.
The army was subordinate to the king, not the prime minister.
The king wrote that if Mussolini abandoned his intention to march on Rome, he would be made prime minister of Italy.
Mussolini arrived in Rome, met the king and took over the prime minister’s chair.
He also laid down a condition that for a year he would have powers like a dictator.
The fascist party had turned into an army. The king was also looking helpless.
When Mussolini formed his first cabinet after becoming a dictator, the majority were people who were not former members of his party.
Many were not even party workers.
When parliamentary elections were held in 1924, Mussolini carried out open rigging.
And to win most of your candidates.
Mussolini now has a majority in parliament.
It was easy for him to change the law.
Now he had become a permanent dictator not for a year.
Even on this occasion, his previous exciting speeches for Mussolini remained.

Because he showed during his speeches that he has the solution to all Italy’s problems.
For which it is very important to be the ruler.
But now that he was in power, he knew that if the promises made to the people were not kept, Italy would soon be disgusted with them.
So he devoted all his attention to law and order and development work.

In order to gain the support of the people, he also declared himself a religious man.
He did a lot to prove his religious devotion.
One of them was that Vatican City, the center of Christianity near Rome, recognized a separate independent state.
Vatican City has since been established as a very small country.

As well as pretending to be religious, he was also punishing opponents.
The media was banned, trade unions were banned and socialist activists were arrested.
This was a critical time in the world when Mussolini ruled Italy.

There was a revolution in Soviet Russia.
Soviet Russia is an intensity of socialism.

Therefore, the European powers and the United States were considering it as their ally to support them in crushing socialism.
Perhaps that is why he openly welcomed Mussolini’s coming to power.
Pope XI, the spiritual leader of Christians, called Mussolini a saint by the Providence.
Churchill, a British politician, called Mussolini the greatest living lawyer.

When Roosevelt became US president, he made Mussolini a representative of world peace and America’s largest potential ally.
Mussolini’s personality and revolution were so impressive when Allama Iqbal came to the Round Table Conference in 1931.

So he went to Italy to meet Mussolini.
After the meeting, Allama Iqbal was so impressed with Mussolini that he wrote a poem in Mussolini’s name.
Among Mussolini’s fans were not only Allama Iqbal Churchill Roosevelt but also a young soldier.

Who also wanted to follow in his footsteps. And his name was Adolf Hitler.
Hitler created Mussolini’s fascist-style Nazism.

And declared the German nation the best nation.

Hitler had great respect for Mussolini.

When Hitler took over the German government in 1933, he maintained close ties with the Italian government.
Mussolini even sided with Hitler, killing or arresting many Jews.
Mussolini considered Hitler his ally but personally did not like Hitler.
When Hitler visited Italy in 1934, the two went for a car ride.
Hitler asked Mussolini to cede Austria to Germany.
When Mussolini refused, Hitler became angry.
When the two got out of the car and asked Mussolini what had happened, Mussolini called Hitler a crazy clown.
Shortly afterwards, however, Mussolini ceded Austria to Germany, which restored relations.
Mabini had now begun to think outside the borders of Italy.
In 1935, Mussolini, with Hitler’s help, occupied the African country of Ethiopia.
A few years later, he also occupied the small European country of Albania.
Mussolini’s friend Hitler, on the other hand, had won and won World War II thanks to his extremist ideology.

Hitler’s successes in Poland and France made Mussolini jealous.

He did not want Hitler to devour the whole of Europe alone.
So he too had to jump into World War II.
The war between Italy and Greece in World War II is one of the interesting battles he first invaded Greece.

On one side was a power like Italy and on the other a weak country like Greece.
Mussolini also made a generous offer to the Greek rulers and armies that if they voluntarily handed over Greece to them, they would be enriched.
Greece was a weaker country than Italy but still could not overcome its greed.

Filled with rage and obsessed with victory, when Mussolini invaded Greece, the Greek army rescued six Italian soldiers.

The Italian army was forced to flee on foot.
The Greek army pursued the Italian army and entered Albania

Britain, an ally of Greece, began destroying Italian ships.
When Mussolini’s hands and feet swelled, he called out to the same friend he had once called a little crazy clown, Hitler.
When asked for help, Hitler first took Mussolini’s good class on why he invaded Greece without consulting me.
Mussolini somehow cooled Hitler to help.
In 1941, the German army came to Mussolini’s aid and conquered Greece in just three weeks.
But the defeat of Greece put the first rift in Mussolini’s charismatic personality.
Now the public’s trust was rising from it.

As Mussolini’s spell began to wane, the rival forces became stronger.

Within three years, Italian forces had suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of Somalia, Ethiopia, Africa and other countries.
But the last straw fell on the camel’s back in 1943 when the United States and Britain invaded the Italian island of Sicily.
And Mussolini could do nothing but spectators.
It was a meeting of the Fascist Grand and it was decided that Mussolini must be removed from the government if the enmity between Britain and the United States was to be avoided.
Mussolini was fired.

Mussolini refused to accept the verdict. Because he was a dictator in his own right.

So he went to the office again the next day, ignoring the decision of his party and the council.


Now the King of Italy was also against it and the black shirts were weakened due to continuous defeats
By order of the king, Mussolini was arrested and imprisoned in a mountainous area away from Rome..
When the news of Mussolini’s arrest became public, the idol of fear fell to the ground.
In such a situation, his friend Hitler Apa sent commandos who freed him and brought him to the German city of Mورrich.

Hitler’s army then occupied northern Italy and made Mussolini its ruler.
Time passed and the year 1945 came for the Germans who proved to be the great players of the Second World War.
Was now leaving the field.
Hitler’s army was retreating everywhere.
Mussolini, who was still alive because of Hitler, was becoming helpless.
When Hitler’s defeat became certain, Mussolini decided to flee.
On April 26, a convoy of German troops and people was on its way to Switzerland for refuge.
So it included Mussolini and his girlfriend.
After the defeat of the Germans, the socialists came to power and killed the fascists selectively.
They captured Mussolini.
The Socialists imprisoned the two in a farmhouse.
Mussolini was beaten and thrown into the square of Milan.

Mussolini founded the party in that city and formed a government in that city with the help of Hitler.
In the same square in the same city, Mussolini shot 13 Socialist activists.
Now the bodies of Mussolini and his companions were lying in the same square in the same city.
Which millions of people were watching and disrespecting .
Even the bodies were hung upside down and stoned.
Some of Mussolini’s supporters were also brought in and beaten.

Mussolini life

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