Best General knowledge about Denmark(2021)

Best General knowledge about Denmark(2021)

Best General knowledge about Denmark(2021) In this article did you know about Denmark. In this specific topic did you know best general knowledge about Denmark(2021)
Today’s article focuses on Denmark, a beautiful and rich country in northern Europe.
Denmark is the only country in the world that has allowed pornography.
In Denmark, there are two thousand more boys than one girl.

One of the features of Denmark is that Sam’s sex and gay marriage are legal here.
Denmark is one of the richest and most prosperous countries in the world.
But Denmark has the highest number of divorces in the world.

Friends Denmark is a beautiful country made up of various islands made in Northern Europe.

Best General knowledge about Denmark(2021)

The largest of which is Fanon and Jet Lane.

Denmark is located southwest of Sweden and south of Norway.

Denmark borders only one European country, Germany.
The full and official name of Denmark is the Kingdom of Denmark.
Which includes two autonomous regions, Foreland and Greenland.
The total area of ​​Denmark is 42943 square kilometers.

Denmark ranks 30th in Europe and 130th in the world by area.

The total area of ​​Denmark is 85,350 square miles.

There are a total of 443 islands in Denmark.

Of these, only 74 islands have a human population.

The country covers an area of ​​700 square kilometers.
Denmark has fallen within 8750 km of maritime boundaries.
No city in Denmark is more than 52 km from the beach.

Denmark is located at an altitude of 102 feet above sea level.
The total population of Denmark is 5792202 people.

Denmark is the 115th most populous country in the world.

It covers an area of ​​137 people per square kilometer.

The flag of Denmark is based on red.

In which the mark of the slab is made.
This flag was adopted on 12 June 1219.
And it is the oldest flag in the world that still represents Denmark in its original form

The capital of Denmark is Copenhagen.
And this city also has the honor of being the largest city in the country.

Denmark legalized same sex and gay marriage in 2012.

According to this law, boys can marry boys and girls can marry girls.
This is a country where girls can invite boys for dates.

One of the amazing things about Danish girls is that if you drink alcohol with Argon three times, they become addicted to you.
86.11% of Denmark’s population is of Danish descent.
The rest of the population includes people from other countries.
Turkey, Poland, Syria, Germany, Oman, Lebanon, Pakistan, Bosnia and Somalia.

The people of Denmark are also called the oldest nation in the world.

The national language of Denmark is Danish.
While the Greenlandic language is the most widely used in the Faroe Islands, Turquoise and Greenland.

Among other languages, German is the most widely spoken language.
As of January 2020, 74.3% of the country’s population is Christian.
Who is a member of the Church of Denmark.
Only 3% of the country’s 74.3% population attend church on Sundays.
And only 19% consider religion a part of their lives.
And the rest of the population follows other smaller religions.

Danish girls are very attractive and have a heartfelt payoff.

The girls of this country are tall and have blue eyes.
Denmark declared pornography legal in 1969.
Where all over the world pornography is considered a crime.
The Danish girls are ready for the job right away.

Denmark is located at a distance of 5402 km from Pakistan.

The national bird of Denmark is the mute swan and the national flower is the daisy.
This country also has the honor of being a prosperous and corruption free country.

Denmark is one of the richest and richest countries in the world.

Children under the age of 6 are admitted to Denmark.

But for the next ten years no exams will be taken from children.
If children want to study beyond the ninth grade, they must be allowed to take the exam.
All schools, colleges and universities in Denmark offer free education.

The literacy rate in Denmark is 99%.

The average life expectancy of this country is 80.6 years.

Of these, 78.6 years have been recorded for men and 82.5 years for women.

Denmark is one of the countries with the highest life expectancy in the world.

Smoking, alcoholism and drugs are among the leading causes of death in this country.

Although the country has a lower obesity rate than other countries.

Despite being the richest and richest people in Denmark, the divorce rate here is very high.
The sex ratio in the Danish island of Faro is so different that you will be amazed.


There are 2,000 boys compared to one girl.

To meet this shortage of girls, this shortage is being met by bringing in girls from Thailand and other countries.

The beautiful beaches of Denmark are a living example of its beauty.
Which attracts tourists from all over the world.
In Denmark, 184 days a year are celebrated as Rainy Day.

Denmark being the most beautiful and rich country in the world, millions of people come here every year to visit.
The people of this country come first in following the law.

Separate places have been created for drug addicts in Denmark.
There are about 80,000 nightclubs in Denmark.
And every citizen of the country has become a member of some club.

Traditional Danish food consists of meatballs and potatoes.
The types of food in the country change due to climate change.
The national sport of Denmark is football.
Denmark qualified for the European Championship night 6 times from 1984 to 2004.
Other popular sports in the country include volleyball, badminton, table tennis and golf.
In Denmark you can see two different seas meeting.

Which is also mentioned in the Qur’an.
About 90% of the people in this country know how to swim.
Because swimming classes are also offered in Danish schools.

The number of bicycles in Denmark is close to 4.2 million.
While the total number of cars is 1.8 million.
That is, the people of this country use bicycles more than cars.

Denmark is at the forefront of workers’ rights.

Denmark is the largest producer of pork in the world and the only country to import pork to the European Union.

Denmark interesting fact about

The country’s major industries include pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, machinery and food processing.
Large companies in terms of business in Denmark include Ape Morrell SSA and other large large groups.

The currency used in Denmark is called the Danish krona.

A Danish krona costs 26.67 rupees in Pakistani rupees.
Denmark’s total GDP is 340 billion US dollars.

Which ranks 36th in the world.

The per capita GDP in the country is 58,439 US dollars.
Denmark is 4 hours behind Pakistan in terms of time.
Denmark’s calling code is +45 and the domain name is dk.

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