Best Greenland facts and figures in 2021

Best Greenland facts and figures in 2021

Best Greenland facts and figures in 2021.

This will be our best and most interesting topic today.
When we hear the name Greenland, we think of the fragrant land of greenery and thousands of flowers.

But this is not the case at all.
Undoubtedly Greenland is a beautiful land.
But there is no greenery here.
Because the area of ​​this country is covered with seas, mountains and ice.
The state of Greenland is a beautiful autonomous region within Denmark.
Greenland is part of North America.
But being in Denmark’s control, it counts in Europe.

The total area of ​​Greenland is 2166086 square kilometers.
81% of Greenland is covered by snow.

Best Greenland facts

The total population of Greenland is 56,100.
Greenland ranks 210th in terms of population.
The capital of Greenland is NUUK.

The total population of this city is 18000 people.
The total area of ​​this city is 690 square kilometers.
NUUK also has the distinction of being the largest city in Greenland.
Greenland is also called the least populated region in the world.

People consider Greenland to be an English word and a land of flowers or vegetables.

While their reality is quite the opposite.
While Greenland is a Dash word and means the land of the people.
88% of Greenland’s population belongs to the Greenland Inuit race.
The remaining 12% are of European descent.
Greenlanders speak Greenland and Danish the most.

The Greenlandic language was also given official language status in 2009.
Danish is the most widely spoken language in educational institutions and business.

Best Greenland facts and figures in 2021

Greenland facts

The majority of Greenland’s population is Christian.
The annual income of the people of Greenland is equivalent to 40,000 US dollars.
Greenland’s largest source of income is fishing and prawns.

Greenland exports more prawns worldwide than fish.
And that sector continues to be Greenland’s source of income and growth.
Greenland’s mineral deposits are as follows. These include rocks such as uranium, iron, aluminum, nickel, platinum, titanium, copper, and UB.
The currency of Greenland is called the Danish Krone.
Greenland’s total GDP is two billion US dollars.


According to a survey, only 65% ​​of Greenland’s population has access to the Internet.
The largest national park in the world is located in Greenland.
Named Greenland National Park.
When it comes to Greenland’s weather, the country experiences year-round climate change.
Greenland’s largest city has a temperature of minus seven.
Greenland covers an area of ​​1755637 square kilometers of snow.
That’s 81 percent of the country’s total area.

Greenland facts and figures

The highest point in Greenland is Gunn Björn.
Which is located in East Greenland.
It is 12,119 feet above sea level.
Most Greenland locations are less than 4,921 feet high.
According to a study by a French researcher, if the ice melts in Greenland, the sea water of the whole world will rise up to 30 feet.
And most places in Greenland will be submerged in seawater.
There are about 700 species in Greenland.
Greenland’s oceans are rich in fish.
There are many species of whale fish in Greenland.
Greenland’s glacial areas include the bear bear, the book deer, the Arctic fox, the Arctic rabbit, the musk deer, and the Arctic wolf.

Greenland also has about 30,000 television and about 30,000 radio stations.
Greenland’s location includes the Bay of Bacon in the Greenland Destroyer Sea to the east of Greenland, the Arctic Ocean to the north, the Atlantic Ocean to the south.
Greenland’s closest neighbors are Canada and Iceland.
There is no special network of roads in Greenland.
Boating and air travel are preferred here.
The largest airport in the country is Kangaroo Resort Airport.
The airport is 317 km from the country’s largest city and capital Nuuk.

There is no railway system in Greenland to reduce the travel network.
Greenland has a total of 13 airports and 47 helipads.

Shark Fact About Greenland.
The sun does not set in Greenland every year from June 25 to July 25.
Even if the sun sets, it only lasts for 2 to 3 hours.

And June 21 is considered the longest day of the year in this country.
This is also Greenland’s national holiday.
Due to the lack of roads in this country, there are no vehicles in this country.
There are only 2,000 cars in this country of 58,000 people.
They are also present only in the Greenland capital Nuuk.
Greenland has a very high suicide rate.
Greenland has been listed as one of the most suicidal countries in the world.
The biggest cause of these suicides has been reported to be excessive drinking.

Greenland facts and figures

Greenland also has the highest number of HV deaths.
The unemployment rate in this country is 6.8%.
Sport is an important part of Greenland’s culture.
The most favorite and most played sport in Greenland is football.
Greenland’s national sport is handball.
The national dish of Greenland is Sosat.
The education rate in Greenland is 100%.
Most of the country’s libraries and universities are located in Nuuk, the capital of Greenland.

Greenland also has the distinction of being the largest island in the world.

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