Cameroon facts for kid(2021)

Cameroon facts for kid

Cameroon facts for kid

Our main article today is about the facts of Cameron.
Inside these articles you will find interesting and amazing information about Cameron.
Cameroon is a central country located on the Gulf of Guyana, covering various African regions and wildlife.
The capital city of Cameroon is Yaoundé
The city has the distinction of being Cameroon’s largest port and city is doala .
Cameroon is bordered by Chad to the northwest, Central Africa to the east, the Republic of Astagni, Gaddafi to the south, the Republic of the Congo, and Nigeria to the west.

Cameron map

Cameroon country in world map

There is also the Indian Ocean coast to the southwest of Cameroon.
The area of ​​Cameroon is a mixture of desert mountains in the north, hands in the south and amazing mountains in the middle.
The inhabitants of this country are known as Cameroonians.
Cameron gained independence in 1960.
Germany and France have ruled here before.
In Cameroon coffee is grown on the backbone and cotton.

People in Cameroon like to raise cattle.
Also like to make wooden equipment in this country.

The average age of humans in Cameroon is 58 years.
But due to the high incidence of diseases in this country, people live very little.

AIDS is the biggest problem in this country.
In the year 2000, scientists proved that AIDS first started in the southeast of Cameroon.

5% of the country’s young population is infected with HIV.
The disease killed 32,200 people in Cameroon in 2014.
The world’s largest frog is found in Cameroon and Astagni.
It was traded off the coast of Cameroon and Nigeria in the 18th century.

And this trade was of African slaves.

And every year 20,000 slaves were brought.

In Cameroon, 3 out of 4 residents work on their own land.

Namely, do the work of farming.

That is why Cameroon is more stable than many countries in Africa.

Homosexuality is illegal in Cameroon.

And those involved in this process are sentenced to 5 to 6 months.

Internet security company McAfee also called Cameroon’s domain the most dangerous domain in the world.

Transparency International, the world’s largest organization, has named Cameroon the most corrupt country in the world.
And in the list of the most corrupt countries in the world, this country is at number 138.
80% of the country’s indigenous forests are allocated for deforestation.

The country also lost 850 square miles of forest area for the same reason.
The monthly income of this country is 44 44.
People in this country earn less than two dollars a day.

3 million children in this country have lost their parents.

For every 1,000 children, 160 die at the age of five.

The biggest cause is malaria.
In 2008, 1.8 million people in the country contracted malaria.
There are only two doctors for every ten thousand people in Cameroon.

In Cameroon, only 44% of the population has access to safe drinking water.
The remaining 66% have no access to water.
In Cameroon, 4700 people are killed in traffic accidents every year.
And more than 7,000 people are disabled.

Cameron joined the United Nations on September 20, 1960.
The unemployment rate in Cameroon is less than 4%.
Mount Cameron is the highest point in the country at 13,500 feet.

The Sianka River is the longest and oldest river in the country.
Cameroon was discovered by the Portuguese in the 15th century and the country was renamed Royce to Mess.

Then in 1972 the country was renamed Cameron.

Was a National Park is the most visited place in Cameroon.
In 1990, Cameroon played in the quarter-finals of the FIFA World Cup for the first time as an African country.
Football is Cameroon’s official sport.

The most played sport in Cameroon is also football.
In Cameroon, the age of marriage is 19 for boys and 15 for girls.

In 2003, Cameroon’s literacy rate was 71.5%.

Most children in Cameroon attend public schools.

In 2015, Cameroon’s army included French soldiers.
Cameroon has a ground and air force.
The largest religion in Cameroon is Christianity.

In Cameroon, 19% of the population is Muslim.
The flag of Cameroon consists of 3 colors.

Cameroon country flag

Cameroon country flag

These include green, yellow and red.
A star has also been made in Cameroon. The flag of Cameroon was adopted on May 20, 1975.
Cameron gained independence from France.
Before that it was known as the French colony.

The total population of Cameroon in 2018 was estimated at 15226970.

Cameroon ranks 168th in the world in terms of population.

Cameron’s total GDP in 2018 was estimated at. 95.70 billion.
That’s 3,050 per capita.
The currency of Cameroon is called the Sandal African Franc.

Cameron’s calling code+237

The domain of this country is semi-.CM.

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