Chile facts for kids(2021)

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Chile facts for kids
Chile whose full name is the Republic of Chile.

Located in the south of South America.
Chile is bordered by Argentina to the east, Peru to the north, and Bolivia to the northeast.


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During the 16th century, Chile was occupied by Spain.
On September 18, 1810, the Government of Chanda was established in Chile.
Which was the result of the hard work and longing for freedom of the Chilean people.
After the formation of this government, when he did not feel free but found himself under the control of the Spanish government more than before, he declared independence on 12 February 1818.
More than two-thirds later, the people of Chile finally gained independence on April 25, 1844.
And then Chile became a democracy.



The city of Santiago has been made the capital of Chile.
The total area of ​​the city of Santiago is 641 square kilometers.
The city of Santiago has a total population of 8 million.

The city of Santiago has the distinction of being the capital as well as the largest city in Chile.

The city was founded in 1541.

Which is still inhabiting millions of people with the same splendor.
It would not be wrong to say that half of Chile’s population lives in the same city.

Because the total population of Chile is close to 1.9 billion.
The country ranks 64th in terms of population.

The total area of ​​Chile is 756000 square kilometers.

Chile ranks 38th in terms of area.

Chile also has the distinction of being the tallest country in terms of area.
From the north to the south, 4270 km of borders are connected to other countries.

Chile has developed considerably over the years.

The currency of Chile is the peso.

CHILE calling code +56

CHILE domain name is .cn
Chile is one of the largest drinking and brewing countries in the world.
Chile is the world’s fifth largest wine exporter.
When it comes to the amazing and interesting facts about Chile, couples in Chile cannot have the same name.
Very few women are divorced in Chile.
Because before 2005 divorce was illegal in Chile.
But after the 2005 amendment, the area gained legal status, but the number of divorces is still negligible.
Chile’s Atacama Desert is said to be the driest desert in the world.
Most parts of this desert have not received a single drop of rain for many years.

CHILE pool

Chile is the world’s largest bread eater.

While the first link in this chain is Germany.
Chile hosted the 1962 FIFA World Cup.

And this year the Chilean team managed to get the third position.

Chile’s national game is rodeo.
The Chilean flag has been banned from flying in every public building since 1967.
Failure to comply could result in a fine of up to 40,000 pesos.
After Spain, most people in Chile read with interest.
The world’s largest library is located in Spain while the second is located in Chile.
More than 18 lakh books are kept in these libraries.

The 4,000-year-old trees in Chile still amaze visitors today.
These trees are found in the southern regions of Chile.
The largest earthquake in the world occurred in 1900 in Chile.
Which was recorded at 9.5 on the Richter scale.
The quake killed more than 1,500 people and left more than 2,000 homeless.
Once again in 2010, Chile suffered a financial loss due to an earthquake.

But this time there was no loss of life.
The village of Puerto Williams in Chile is the southernmost village in the world.

 CHILE world largest swimming pool

Two Chilean poets have won the Nobel Prize so far.
The world’s largest swimming pool is also located in Chile.
This swimming pool is one thousand yards long and spreads over an area of ​​20 acres.
And the depth of this swimming pool is 115 feet.

The pool cost 1 billion us dollar to build

It took 5 years to build this pool.

After Antarctica, most drink-goers are also found in Chile.
More than 12,000 couples can be found on the beaches of Chile.
With a width of 200 km and a coastline of 6500 km, Chile is one of the longest coastal countries in the world.
5 Harry Teach Sites in Chile.
Numerous venomous species of snakes are also found in Chile.

Chile is the seventh largest fish exporter in the world.

In Chile, there is an agreement between the employee and the employer for the first 15 days.
In Chile, employees are required to work longer hours.
In Chile, employees are on leave from 9pm to 6am.

Sunday is a day off for all employees.

Chile is the world’s largest producer of feathers.

The smallest breed of deer, Guddu, is also found in Chile.
In 2015, an estimated 55% of Chile’s population was Roman Catholic.

25% of the population does not believe in God

13% are Protestants while 7% are Muslims and followers of other religions.

Spanish is the national language of Chile.
English and German are also spoken in Chile.
The average life expectancy in Chile is about 78 years.

Only 22% of Chile’s land is arable

Chile is rich in apples, grapes, onions, garlic, corn and vegetables.
Chile is full of natural beauty

That’s why 5.7 million people visited Chile in 2016
Stone carvings on Chile’s beaches are evidence of human artistry thousands of years ago.

Which is also a big reason to attract tourists

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