Creepy facts about Philippines (2022)


Creepy facts about Philippines
Today I am going to write about a country that exports the most coconut and papaya in the world.
It is the country with the highest number of volcanoes in the world
The Philippines is a country made up of about 8,000 small islands
This country is also called the paradise of the world
The full and official name of the Philippines is the Republic of the Philippines
The country was named after King Philip of Spain.
The capital of the Philippines is Manila with a total area of ​​82.18 square kilometers
According to the latest survey of 2021, the total population of this country is 14200000
The Philippine capital Manila is the most beautiful port in the world

And has the status of a tourist destination
The city also has the distinction of being the business hub of the Philippines
While the largest city in the country is KwaZulu-Natal.
It is a country that does not share a border with any other country in the world
Because the sea is all around this country
The country is made up of about 7046 islands
The total area of ​​this country is 300,000 square kilometers
And it is the 72nd largest country in the world by area.
According to the report of 2021, the total population of the country is 111400000 population
And in terms of its population, the country ranks 47th.
The Philippines has a population of 336 people per square kilometer
The world’s largest pearl was discovered in the country’s Palawan Sea.
The pearl weighed 7 kg and was 10 inches long and 6 inches long
It is said that this pearl was about 600 years old
The value of which was 40 million US dollars
The country was previously occupied by the United States and Spain
In 1858, war broke out between the United States and Spain

Philippines facts

As a result, Spain gave the Philippines to the United States in exchange for 20 million US dollars
On July 4, 1946, the United States completely liberated the Philippines

The Philippines was the first country to gain independence after World War II
Eighty percent of the country’s population is Christian

12% are Muslims and the rest are Hindus and other religions
Despite being 80% Christian in the country, the number of churches is very small

Every religion is respected in this country
33.7% of the population of this country belongs to the Wasian race.

24.4% of the population is Tiga
The largest source of income for this country is the export of coconut and papaya.
The country is developing day by day as an industrial state

Creepy facts about Philippines (2022)

The people of this country are very skilled in the field of electronics and mechanics.
A-class hard disks are also manufactured in this country
The Philippines is located at a distance of 5698 km from Pakistan
The distance between India and the Philippines is 4622 km.
The distance between the Philippines and Bangladesh is 3516 km
There is a law in this country that if you get married in this country, you cannot divorce your wife according to this law.
But surprisingly this law applies to Sikhs, Christians, Hindus and Buddhists.

This law does not include Muslims
Muslims are allowed to divorce and have more than one marriage

You cannot drive more than 100 km ph. on the highways of this country.
Speed ​​above this can lead to penalties such as fines and license cancellations.
The number of foreign students in this country is increasing day by day.
Because this country is very cheap in terms of education.
Because this country is very cheap in terms of education.

facts about Philippines (2022)

Which is considered to be very high level.

The Philippines is also known as the home of volcanoes.

Because there are the most volcanic mountains in this country.
The most common volcanoes here are Tal, Mayon, and Pina Tobo.
It is said that millions of tourists travel to this country to see its seas and volcanoes.
Surprisingly, the Philippines is also famous for earthquakes.
Because there are 20 earthquakes a day here.
But these shocks are so weak that the average person cannot feel them.
The women of the Philippines are considered the most beautiful women in the world.

The women of this country are good-natured and friendly.
That is why whoever visits this country once keeps visiting this country again and again.
The Philippines has won three Miss Universe, one Miss World, six Miss International, and four Miss Earth Ground awards.

Philippines food culture

The national food of the Philippines is Adobe
Also popular are foods such as lychee pasta, bronze, chicken, and hollo hollo.

Creepy facts  Philippines (2022)

The first name in the list of places of entertainment is the capital Manila, there are many things in this city that will not be found anywhere else.
The port city of Manila is also a beautiful place.
Which are the center of attention of tourists
Parks Resorts, Casinos, and Ogada are also great places to visit.

Along with the beauty of the sea, the view of the sunset is also spectacular in the Philippines.
The Chocolate Hills of the Philippines are known as a tourist paradise due to their breathtaking views.

And it is also called a wonder of the world.
In fact, the hills here are chocolate-colored.
That is why it is called Chocolate Hills.
Other beautiful places like Pala Pan, Cebu and the beauty of the city wagon are also worth seeing.
Philippine calling code+63

Here cars are driven on the right hand side

The Philippines is 3 hours ahead of Pakistan in terms of time.

2.30 minutes ahead of India and 2 hours ahead of Bangladesh.
The currency of the Philippines is the peso.

Creepy facts Philippines

Philippine flag

Philippine flag

Philippine map

Philippine map
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