Czech republic fun facts(2021)

Czech republic fun facts

Czech republic fun facts.

Today the best topic of our topic is Sandal, a very beautiful country in Europe called the Czech Republic.

And in this topic we talk about Czech Republic fun facts.
The country, known as the Czech Republic, is located in Central Europe.

Czech Republic fun facts Geography.

In the east of the Czech Republic lies the country of Silva Kia.
Germany is located in the west of the Czech Republic
The Czech Republic is bordered by Poland to the north.
While in the south there is Austria.

The Czech Republic is a landlocked country with a total area of ​​78866 square kilometers.

Which makes it the 114th largest country in the world by area.
The total population of the Czech Republic is 10610055 according to the 2006 report and the country was ranked 84th in the world in terms of population.
The first settlers of the Czech Republic were the Selot tribes.

Who began to settle the region a thousand years ago.

In the first century AD, many tribes first came and settled.

After the partition of Slovakia and the Czech Republic on January 1, 1993, the two states appeared on the world map as independent states.

On May 1, 2004, the Czech Republic became a member of the European Union.

After which the country was on the right path of development.

The Czech Republic is one of the countries in the European Union that does not believe in Europeanism.

The currency used in the Czech Republic is called the Czech krona.

The passport of the Czech Republic is ranked 8th in the world.

Holders of this passport can easily travel to 197 countries without a visa.

Czech Republic has a calling +420 code.

While the domain of the check is semi Cz.
The Czech Republic’s raw material production was 196.08 billion US dollars, according to a report.

Gambling ranks 49th in the world.
The country ranks 41st in the world in terms of per capita income.

And the total per capita income of this country is 22468 US dollars.
The Czech Republic is one of the few countries in the world that does not believe in any religion.

If we talk about the religions of the Czech Republic, then 10.5% of the population of this country is Christian Catholic.

While others are obedient.
There are about 5,000 Muslims and about 7,000 Buddhists.
If we talk about the ethnic group of the Czech Republic, then the most ethnic group in this country are the Czech people.
Which make up 90% of the country’s population.

5% Moraine people 1.4% Slovak people.

Czech is the national and official language of this country.
97.77% of the country’s population can read and write.

11.75% of people also use English.

8.62% speak German and 7.29% speak Slovak.
7.02% of people use Russian language.

Czech republic map

1.41% use Polish
While other languages ​​are also spoken in this country.
Broad is the capital and largest city of this country.
The city was settled in the 7th century AD

The current area of ​​the city is 496 square kilometers.
The total population of this city is 1.3 billion.

The clock in this city is one of the oldest clocks in the world.

Which is still going on in its original state.

This clock was made in 1410 AD.
This city is considered to be the most popular place in the eyes of foreign tourists.

Temperatures in the city range from 10 degrees Celsius to 36 degrees Celsius from May to July.
November December January February comes the coldest month in this city.
In these months the temperature drops to negative.

Snow makes the weather in this city beautiful.
In terms of tourism, this country is one of the most visited countries in Europe.
Broad is the fifth most visited city.
In 2017, the number of foreigners visiting the country was 10175910 people.
The country’s population of over two million is linked to tourism.

Only 2.8% of the country’s population is engaged in agriculture.
38% of people earn from industrialization and 59.4% of people work in government and non-government organizations.

Czech republic country

It is said that Hitler wanted to make Broad the cultural capital of Germany.
If we call the Czech Republic a country of castles, it will not go away because it has more than 2000 castles, more than any other country in Europe.

The Czech Republic is one of the largest drinking countries in the world.

More alcohol than water is used here.
Ice hockey is the most popular and widely played language in this country.
In addition to this sport, football, baseball, rugby ball etc. are popular sports of this country.
To date, the country’s national cricket team has not competed in any international competition.
But there are also large numbers of people playing and watching cricket in this country.
Eye lenses were also invented in 1959 by a servant of the Czech Republic.
The literacy rate in the Czech Republic is 99.7%.

In addition to tourism, the country’s revenue is collected by selling cars to other countries.
The Czech Republic is also called Czech.

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