Facts about Malta(2021)

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Facts about Malta.
Today the target of our article will be Malta, a beautiful country in Europe where cars are loved more than humans.
Malta consists of three islands.
There are about 365 churches in Malta.

But there is only one mosque in Malta.

Malta is a small but beautiful country consisting of three islands.
The total area of ​​Malta is 316 square kilometers.
It is the 47th smallest country in Europe and the 187th smallest country in the world.
If we talk about the location of Malta, this small country is located 80 km south of Italy, 284 km east of Tunisia and 333 km north of Libya.
The full and official name of Malta is the Republic of Malta.

Malta gained independence from Britain on September 21, 1964.

Malta became a democracy on December 13, 1974.

The name Malta means witness.
Which is derived from the Greek word maulvis.
Which is attributed to the Shahid bees in Malta.
Which produces unique and diverse witnesses around the world.

According to the latest UN report, the total population of Malta was 443,420.
Malta is the 45th smallest country in Europe and the 173rd smallest country in the world.
Malta has a population of 1633 people per square kilometer.
Malta is the fourth most populous country in terms of population density
Valletta has the honor of being the capital of Malta.

Which is 0.61sqklm spread over.

It is the smallest capital of the European Union in terms of area.

The city of Valletta is home to the country’s approximately 60,000 population.

If you talk about the interesting facts about Malta, you will be surprised to know that this small country has ten national heritages.
There are also the oldest buildings in Europe in this country.

Malta has also been given the status of a pedestrian paradise.

This small country had 2 million tourists during 2016.
The beauty of Malta can be gauged from the fact that the beautiful places of Malta are rented out for shooting movies.
Hundreds of films have been shot in the beautiful places of Malta.
Which is why it is also called Film Word.
Maltese girls are very loyal.

Malta map

Maltese has been given the status of Crime Free Country.
One thing Maltese people are so famous for is that they love cars so much.
There are about 365 churches in Malta.
The inhabitants of the country are ethnically Maltese.

Most of whom are British.
17% of Malta’s population is 14 years old and 13% is 65 years old.

Males make up 50.5% of Malta’s population.

Maltese and English are the two official languages ​​of the country.
97% of Maltese population considers Maltese as their mother tongue.
The country’s largest religion is Christianity.
Which makes up 90% of the total population.
Muslims make up 2% of the total population.

Facts about Malta(2021)

The national animal of Malta is the Pharaoh Hound.

Pharaoh Hound national animal

The national bird of Malta is the blue rock.

blue rock national birds

Education is compulsory for 16 years in Malta.

Primary education has been compulsory in the country since 1946.

Maltese literacy rate is 99.5%.
There is only one public university in Malta.

The national sport of Malta is football.
Before the independence of Malta, agriculture was significant for the country’s economy.
But since independence the limestone and stone industries have been the main source of domestic income.

Every year 1.6 million people come to the country for tourism.
Which is three times the total population of Malta.

Malta also increases its revenue by facilitating its ports.
Malta’s economy has been boosted by the Swiss canal.
The currency used in Malta is the euro.

Malta’s total GDP is 16.34 US dollars.
While the per capita GDP is 32.20 US dollars.

There are too many cars in the country.
There are 580 vehicles per square kilometer.

There are 2256 km of roads in Malta.
Malta International Airport is the only international airport providing service in the Maltese Islands.
Airmalta is the country’s national airline.

capital city Malta Valletta

Which provides its service in 36 countries of the world.

Airmalta employs 1740 people.
About 100% of Maltese youth use mobile.

About 70% of mobile users use the Internet.
Malta has 3G and 4G internet like other European countries.

Malta calling code+356

Malta’s domain name is MT.

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