Facts about Sharjah state united Arab Emirates 2022

Facts about Sharjah state united Arab Emirates 2022

Facts about Sharjah state united Arab Emirates.
Today we are going to visit Sharjah, the most populous city in the UAE.
Which are part of the Dubai, Sharjah and Oman metropolitan area.
Sharjah is bordered by Dubai to the south, Ajman to the north, Ras Al Khaimah to the east, the Gulf of Oman, and the Persian Gulf to the west.

The capital of Sharjah state is Sharjah city.
Sharjah shares legal, political and military duties in a federal structure with other UAE states.
But the buildings have options for civil and law, local amenities and maintenance.
Sharjah has been ruled by the Kazmi dynasty since the 18th century.
If we talk about the name of Sharjah, then according to some poets and researchers, Sharjah was the name of an idol worshiped in ancient times.

He was called Abid Ashraf.
And some researchers call it the rising sun from the east.
Which is derived from the Arabic word Sharq which means East.

The total area of ​​Sharjah State is 2590 sq. km.

It is the third largest state in the UAE in terms of area.

The city of Sharjah covers an area of ​​235.5 square kilometers.
The total population of Sharjah is 1685000.
The growth rate of Sharjah’s population is 7.44%.
It has a population of 341 people per square kilometer.

Facts about Sharjah state

87% of the population of this state is settled on foreigners.

Arabic is the most widely spoken language in the state.
While English is the most used language in the literate class.
Other languages ​​spoken include Urdu, Tamil, Bengali, Telugu and other Asian languages.

The official religion of this state is Islam.
In 2015, Sharjah was crowned the Arab World Tourism.
The state of Sharjah also enjoys the status of a calm and peaceful state of the United Arab Emirates.
Sharjah is the headquarters of Air Arabia, the first low-cost airline in the Middle East.
Which operates flats for Europe, and Asia in the Middle East.

The Sharjah International Airport property is headquartered in Sharjah Freight Center.
Sharjah International is a free zone.
On which companies from more than 6000 countries are working.
Doing business in this state is much easier than in other states.
Which is why Sharjah has gained a business status in recent years.

Sharjah Public Transport operates buses between Sharjah City, Ras Al Khaimah, and various other cities.
The company also oversees the taxi service system in Sharjah.

Sharjah taxi service is provided by franchise companies.

These taxis provide service to all cities, airports, shopping malls and other places.

Taxis operating in Sharjah have their own routes.
Sharjah Taxi, Sharjah City and Eastern Areas are available.
Emirates Cab is only for Sharjah City Sharjah City Sharjah City and other areas benefit Taxi Sharjah City and Central Areas.

 Sharjah state united Arab

The state has two major highways, one E and the other.
E 88 Road connects UAE to Fujairah.
E102 connects Sharjah and Fujairah.
Sharjah International Airport is the third largest airport in the Middle East in terms of cargo, according to Airport Council figures.
Sharjah International Airport is the home base of low cost carrier Air Arabia.
It operates flights to Lebanon, Jordan, the Netherlands, Ukraine, India, Egypt, Syria, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Facts about Sharjah state united Arab Emirates.

Sharjah state united Arab Emirates 2022

Problems such as traffic jams are common in Sharjah.
There are more than 22 museums and world heritage sites in Sharjah.
Sharjah contributes 7.5% to the UAE’s GDP.

The total GDP of Sharjah is 189.29 US dollars.
The per capita GDP here is 31948 US dollars.

Sharjah is also ranked third in the UAE in terms of its economy.
The Sharjah Mosque, which opened in May 2019, is the largest mosque in Sharjah.

Which is located at the confluence of the roads leading to Emirates and Maliah.
This mosque can offer 25000 prayers at a time.
5000 in the inner part of the mosque while the rest can pray in the outer part.
In the construction of this mosque, Sharjah Islamic Bank had undertaken to fulfill the basic needs.

Before that it was the Shah Faisal Mosque and the largest mosque in the UAE.

In which 12 thousand worshipers could pray at a time.
Its area is 10 thousand square feet.
The Sharjah Light Festival has been celebrated in and around Sharjah since 2010.
Lights are lit through projectors and laser lights through this festival.
In 2018, the Art of Foundation has built a visitor center in the city’s residential area of ​​Al-Mujira, with sensors installed .

to prevent rain from falling on you.
And you can walk around without getting wet.
The Sharjah Heritage Museum is a two-story building with hundreds of years old furniture, clothing, and other antique style items.
Gold Hobby Sharjah is a tourist destination where there are numerous gold goods, antique shops.
In addition to universities, there are several public and private schools in Sharjah.

Facts about Sharjah state united Arab Emirates

Notable among them are the University of Sharjah, the American University of Sharjah and Al-Qasimiyah University.
These universities are located in an area called the City of Universities.
Sharjah has hosted one ODI and 4 Test matches in 2018.
There is also a chess club in Sharjah.

Sharjah also hosts the World Boating Championships every year.
The IPL was held in the United Arab Emirates.

The national bird of Sharjah is the falcon.
The national animal of Sharjah is the Arabian Orex, and the national flower is the treble animus.
The currency used in Sharjah is the UAE dirham.
Calling code of Sharjah+963

Facts about Sharjah state united Arab Emirates.

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