facts about vienna(2021)

facts about vienna

facts about vienna
In today’s article, Vienna is the capital city of Austria, known as the city of dreams, music, and wine.
Vienna is Austria’s largest city and a state
It is also an important political, economic and cultural city of Austria

Occupied several times in history by the French, Germans and Soviets
The city has a total population of 2.6 million and an area of ​​414 square kilometers

Before the beginning of the 20th century, Vienna was the largest German-speaking city
The city of Vienna is located in the eastern part of Austria
And it is very close to the border of the Czech Republic and Slovakia

facts about vienna astria

The city of Vienna is very famous all over the world
The city is the only city in the world where wine is produced within the city limits
There are about 600 distilleries in Vienna
Vienna produces approximately 2.5 million liters of alcohol each year

Wolfsburg is Vienna’s former royal palace
It is now the official residence of the President of Austria
The palace was built during the 13th century
Vienna is also known as the city that loves dogs
Every home and every person in Vienna will have a pet dog

They carry these dogs around in public places and on buses
According to the Economist Intelligence Unit, the country ranks second in the world in terms of education and health.

facts about vienna city capital city of astria

Melbourne tops the list

The average age in this city is higher than in all of Europe
Vienna has an average age of 88 for women and 85 for men
Vienna tops the list of 25 cities in the world with a large number of young people

Vienna is also called the heart of Europe

After World War II, Vienna was divided into four countries
And it was divided into four zones, Russian, American, French and British

There are more than a thousand drinking springs in Vienna
PZ Candy was first made in Vienna in 1927

The world’s largest emerald emerald is located in Vienna.
This stone weighs more than 3000 carats
2.8 million people are buried in the Vienna cemetery
That is, more dead people live in these cities than living people
The world’s oldest newspaper is also printed in this city
This newspaper was first published in 1703
The word Vienna comes from the Italian language which means forest
According to some historians, the word is a Roman word meaning village
The history of Vienna is thousands of years old
The city was conquered by Naples in 1904

In 1867, it was the capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire

After World War I, Germany became the capital of Austria

In 1938, Jews were massacred in Vienna
About 200,000 Jews lived in Vienna at the time
In 1945, the Soviet Red Army took control of the city
After the end of World War II, Germany was again separated from Austria

And Vienna was once again given the status of capital
But Soviet occupation of the city lasted until 1955
Vienna currently has 50% Christian population, 25% non-religion, 15% Muslim and the rest of the world.
One-fifth of Austria’s total population lives in Vienna

The world’s oldest zoo is in Vienna

facts about vienna  astria

The zoo was first opened in 1752
Vienna is also known as the city of great lifestyle and bright dreams
This city was considered the best city in the world for 7 consecutive years
Technically the city is divided into 2 time zones with cold and European weather on one side and dry weather on the other.

The city’s population has grown over the last 100 years
The ice lamp was first accidentally made in Vienna
Despite being a small town, Vienna is home to 2,000 species of plants and 150 species of birds.
Since 1965, the city has been the headquarters of OPEC
OPEC is headquartered in the city
The US Atomic Energy Agency’s Drug and Crime Agency also has offices in Vienna
The US Atomic Energy Agency’s Drug and Crime Agency also has offices in Vienna
About 1.5 million tourists travel from Vienna Sandal Railway Station
And about 1100 trains run daily from this area
Vienna is an important educational center in Austria
There are also some of the best universities in Europe

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