French Polynesia location(2022)

French Polynesia location

French Polynesia location.
French Polynesia consists of more than 100 islands.
French Polynesia is located on the South Pacific.

These Polynesian islands cover an area of ​​2000 square kilometers.
Polynesia is bordered by Crimea, Hawaii to the north, Pitcairn Islands and Coke Islands to the east, Tonga to the west and American Samoa and Padwal.

This area is considered beautiful all over the world for its amazing rocks and beautiful babies.
The tribes settled here are called French Polynesian.

The capital city of Poland is Papeete.
The total area of ​​the city is 6.7 square miles.
And 133,400 people live here.
No venomous animals are found in Polynesia.
The official languages ​​of this country are French and Polish.

The life expectancy in Poland is 77 years.
In Polynesia people grow vegetables, vanilla coffee and fruits.
Poultry and cattle breeding is an important sector in Polynesia.
Polynesians are considered to be experts in making dairy products and catching fish.
Its industries include tourism, pearls and handicrafts.

Polish people wear shirts and trousers.
The legal drinking age in Poland is 21 years
The legal drinking age in Poland is 21 years

French Polynesia location(2022)

French Polynesia city

Chinese make up 12% of Polynesia.
The world’s first water bungalow was built in Poland.
Polynesia has the largest Christian population.

French Polynesia is famous all over the world for diving.

Which is why there are beautiful beaches here.

Divers come here every year for tourism and diving.
The crime rate in this country is very low.

These people are calm, slow and love-sharing.
The Bo Ra Bora Islands in this country are known as the Romance Islands.
This is because of the Honeymoon Hotel.

And people come here every year to celebrate the honeymoon.
The people of this country are considered very hospitable.
The famous and national sport of Poland is football.
There are 53 airports in the country.

This region is the last land to be inhabited by humans.

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