Fun facts about Namibia(2021)

Fun facts about Namibia

Fun facts about Namibia
The official and full name of this country is the Republic of Namibia

The total area of ​​Namibia is 824292 square kilometers

And it ranks 34th in the world in terms of area
According to the data released in 2021, the total population of Namibia is 2550226 people.
Only 3 people per square kilometer live in this country

56% of Namibians live in cities and 44% live in rural areas
Namibia’s location is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, Zambia, Angola, Botswana, and South Africa.
Namibia is also called the land of young people

Fun facts about Namibia country

Because the average age here is only 22 years
The young generation here has the biggest hand in today’s development
The people of this country are very hardworking which is why so many foreign companies are investing in this country.
Namibia is a country in Africa with deserts everywhere
That is why it is said that this country is named after the desert
The Namir Desert is considered to be the oldest desert in the world

And Namibia was named after him.
The desert is said to be about 80 million years old
Even the people living in this desert today are proud of the fact that they still have an identity because of this desert.
The people of Namia are more literate than other African countries.

Fun facts about Namibia interesting facts

Women are highly respected in this country.
The good thing about this country is that it is not considered as weak as other African countries
The people of Namibia are known on the list of smiling people in the world
The faces of the people of this country are always smiling
The people of Namibia are very good-natured and mild-tempered
The number of human beings in this country is almost non-existent while the number of animals in this country is more than you think
This country is no less than a paradise for wildlife workers
There are many animals in this country that are not found anywhere else in the world
That’s why most of the world’s animal video makers shoot in this country

facts about Namibia

Kolmanskop is a city in Namibia where no one lives
Which has become a place of entertainment nowadays

There was a time when diamonds were sought here.
It was a time when the city was considered the richest city in the world

It is now called a ghost town
There are houses built in this city but no one lives in these houses

The houses in this city are full of sand and no one wants to go to these houses tonight.

Namibia country facts

And nowadays this city has been turned into a tourist destination.
Until 1990, the country was known as South Africa
In 1990, Namibia was granted the status of an independent country
It is said that the people of this country do not like the people of South Africa.

Namibia has the best roasted food in the world
Whoever eats the spicy food of this country then goes through this country
In Namibia, chilli spices and spicy spices are also preferred
In Namibia, there is a tribe called the Hamba, whose women bathe only once in their lives
When they get married
Women of this tribe are forbidden to use water
Even these women are not allowed to wash clothes

The currency used in Namibia is the Namibian Dollar

 Namibia flag

The official language of Namibia is English.
Other languages ​​spoken include African, German, Fana, Ceruzi and Thambo.
Fifty percent of the country’s population belongs to the Ombo race
While 9.5% of Ango 8% of Coloreto, other ethnic groups are included
87.9% of Namibia’s population is Christian
1.6% of Namibia’s population has no religion
And the rest of the population is followers of other religions
Namibia’s total GDP is 11 11.38 billion.
The per capita here is 4371 US dollars

Fun facts about Namibia desert

Fun facts about Namibia

Namibia calling code+264

Namibia’s domain name is NA
The national bird of Namibia is the fish eagle
The national animal of Namibia is the Orex
Scaly Town Ghost is also located in Namibia
It is said that thousands of bones will be seen scattered here
This is a very scary place
Seeing this area, one is astonished and frightened

Because there are only bones lying here
This is the country where most Hollywood movies are shot
Namibia also has the largest number of documentaries on birds and animals

Fun facts about Namibia about life

The world’s largest underwater lake is also in Namibia

The Prime Minister of Namibia is a woman

It is the only country in Africa to have a woman Prime Minister
And he has been Namibia’s elected prime minister since 2015

The people of Namibia do not speak harshly to anyone

Fun facts about Namibia population
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