fun facts about Serbia(2021)

fun facts about Serbia

fun facts about Serbia
Our main topic today will be interesting and unique facts about Serbia.
Serbia is a cool and beautiful country in Central Europe.

To date, Serbia has not recognized Kosovo’s independence.

Serbia is said to have had traces of human settlement in the 4th century BC.
The Romans also ruled the region and made it their special place.
The Romans were annihilated in Serbia by Roman-born imperialists.
In the sixth century AD, the area became known as Goa.

At that time, Goa was called the area opposite Turkey.
Hungary is on the opposite side of Turkey.
The Pasty of Serbia was established here in 1991 on the Grand.
With the addition of Bulgaria in 1217 AD, the state was renamed the Kingdom of Serbia.
In 1346 AD the drums of the Kingdom of Serbia began to sound.
The desire of the Serbian rulers was to unite more countries and create more power.
But it was impossible, but the kingdom of Serbia ended.
Then several more Serbian states were formed.
But Serbia drew the world’s attention to itself when the Byzantine on the one hand, the Ottomans on the other, and the Ingrain on the third were seen announcing their victory.

In 1459, much of Serbia was occupied by the Ottomans.
The Ottomans occupied the country for almost four centuries.
During this period Islam showed its influence on this letter.
From 1459 AD to 1804 AD, Serbia remained under Turkish occupation

And here the flag of the Ottoman Empire kept waving.
In 1804 the Serbian Revolution was born here.

Serbian facts

Russia, meanwhile, sided with Serbia.

After eleven years of struggle, Serbia was established.
From 1815 to 1842 he was the Principal of Serbia.
Meanwhile, the world powers recognized the power of these countries.
Serbia and Montenegro formed a coalition government in 1992, known to the world as the Republic of Yugoslavia.
On January 4, 2003, Serbia and Montenegro abolished the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

He reintroduced a new name to this new alliance.

The new alliance was named Serbia and Montenegro.
On Sunday, May 21, 2006, the people of Montenegro declared their independence by voting 55.5%.

On June 5, their alliance ended and Montenegro became the identity of an independent country in the world.
The Kosovo region, which has a 90% Muslim population, has failed to gain independence.
On February 17, 2008, the Kosovo National Assembly declared Kosovo’s independence from Serbia.
111 countries recognize Kosovo’s independence.

Russia has always sided with Serbia.
Russia invaded Kosovo several times but failed.

Serbia, whose full name is the Republic of Serbia, has a total area of ​​77,474 square kilometers.
Serbia ranks 115th in the world in terms of area.

The total population of Serbia is 7040,272.

The country ranks 104th in terms of population.
Serbian Serbian boys and girls have ic and is at the end of their names when it comes to interesting facts.
Serbia is the largest producer of juices in the world.

95% of the world’s juicy fruit comes from Serbia.

In 2017, Serbia exported more fruits than ever before, including dried berries, apples, pears and potatoes.
In 2017, it was one of the largest exporters in the world.
Interesting facts that the 18 kings who ruled the Roman Empire were born in Serbia.
The Serbian city of Sarmasta also has the honor of being the capital of the Roman Empire.
The first clock in the world is considered to be of Switzerland but it is not right because the world’s first clock was made in Serbia.

Balkherit is the capital of Serbia.

It is said that there was a human population in this city seven thousand years ago.
The city has a total area of ​​359 square kilometers and a total population of about 1.2 million.
Serbian is the national language of Serbia.
Other languages ​​are also spoken.
The majority of Serbia’s population is Christian.

Serbian calling code+381

country domain name .RS
The currency of Serbia is called the Serbian Dinar.

Serbia had expressed its desire to become a member of the European Union, but in the year 2025, Serbia will become a member of the European Union.
It will then convert its currency into euros.
The outbreak of World War I was caused by the assassination of Prince Fran فرانois of Austria.
And his killer was a Serbian.

Serbian was one of the four official languages ​​of the Ottoman Empire.
The people of Serbia are counted among the great hosts.

Football is the most popular sport in Serbia.
The other most popular sports are basketball, tennis, volleyball, and handball.

The literacy rate in Serbia is 98%.

35% of Serbs use computers regularly.

70% of Serbia’s population uses the Internet regularly.

Serbia’s tourism sector is developing further.

In 2017, more than 1.5 million foreign tourists entered Serbia for tourism.

Revenue from these tourists is estimated at 44 1.44 billion.

Agriculture plays a huge role in the Serbian economy.
Apples, sunflowers, yams, mustard and potatoes are the most important crops in agriculture.
While the car industry is the largest industry in industrialization.

Serbia flag

Which is mostly run by foreign investors.

Serbian people consume coffee regularly.
There are hardly any days when a Serbian spends his day without drinking coffee.

Serbia is one of 45 countries that have no sea borders.

Borders of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Romania,

There are five national parks in Serbia.

98% of Serbia is arable.
Forests cover 31.6% of Serbia.

Serbia is on the list of countries with the most earthquakes.

Serbia has so far won only one Nobel Prize.

Serbia map

Serbia map
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