Galapagos islands country amazing facts 2022

Galapagos islands country amazing facts 2022

Galapagos islands country amazing facts
Friends, in this article I will tell you the best facts about the Galapagos Islands, a tourist paradise in the Atlantic Ocean.
These are sparsely populated islands that have recently become the talk of the media after being spotted by Chinese fishermen.
Galapagos Islands is also called a tourist paradise.
These islands are full of natural beauty and fascinating colors, but they are also home to some of the world’s rarest wild and marine animals and birds.

These islands are spread over about 7880 square kilometers.
The total number of these islands is 21 of which the number of large islands is 18.
97% of the peninsula’s land area has been declared a national park.
And only 3% of the island is inhabited by humans.
The human population is also very small due to lack of space.
According to the latest figures, 25,000 people live in the island nation.
The Galapagos islands are located in the eastern Atlantic Ocean, about 973 kilometers off the west coast of South America.
The closest land border to these islands is Ecuador.
It is located at a distance of 926 km from here.
Galapagos islands is located at a distance of 16044 km from Pakistan.
Galapagos islands is located at a distance of 17840 km from India.
The largest language spoken in the Galapagos islands is Spanish.
The capital of the Galapagos Islands is Puerto Baquerizo Moreno.
If we talk about Density of these islands, there are only 3 people per square kilometer.

Galapagos islands country

All the islands of this country are naturally formed.
The people living on these islands belong to the Maxtenzo race.
In 1959, there were only 2,000 people who considered the island their home. There are five islands with the largest population.
These islands include Baltra, Floriana, Isabella, San Cristobal, and Santa Cruz.

There are very strict rules for visiting these islands.

But still about 80 thousand tourists visit these islands.
From December to January and from June to August, a large number of tourists visit the island every month.
There are also 18 large islands of Galapagos, 3 large islands and about 107 small and large rocks.
Earthquakes and volcanic lava eruptions suggest that the islands came into being about 8 million years ago.
As the water level rose, the old islands sank and new ones came into being.
Even today the old islands are sinking and the new islands are rising.
The highest point of the Galapagos is the Wolf Will Canoe.

Its height is 5600 feet.
Hundreds of species of seabirds can be seen on these islands.
Which are named Bobbies.
The world’s only swimming lizards are also found on these islands.
These lizards also get their food from water.
The American swan, pangolin, sea seal, eagle and the world’s largest breed of turtle are also found here.
Apart from them, there are many such birds that are not found anywhere in the world except the young.

Galapagos islands country weather

Galapagos islands country amazing facts

If we talk about the weather of this island, there are only 2 seasons here throughout the year.

One is summer and the other is winter.
The duration of day and night is the same here.
That is, there are 12 hours of day and 12 hours of night.

Most of the rains here are in the summer season.
Therefore, this island is no less than a paradise.

There are many types of animals and birds that are only visible at night.

The island does not even have a name for the predators.

Which is why the birds and animals here belong to a very friendly environment.
Who are not afraid of any human being.
But the administration here has passed a law that animals and tourists should keep a distance of 7 feet from each other to avoid any possible accidents.
There are still many active balconies on these islands.
That is, there are some volcanoes that erupt lava from time to time.
There are airports on only two islands of Galapagos from where air travel is possible.
One of them is at Baltra and the other at San Christopher.
Private airways are only allowed to land on Belter Island.
Because the airport here has been upgraded for the landing of large aircraft.
The place is very popular among tourists due to its excellent transport and various restaurants.
There are 116 tourist destinations, 54 landmarks and 62 scopes on these islands.
Groups of tourists can walk here for 3 to 4 hours.
So that the increase in the number of tourists does not cause natural disruption.
Must have a licensed tour guide with these tourist groups.
And a group cannot include more than 16 groups.
It is estimated that boats here charge 35 per tourist.

Galapagos islands  2022

There are also islands between which there is no boat facility.
Like no boat goes to Florinia.

For which tourists have to take special tour package.
The government does not have a regular transport system on these islands.
In order to increase revenue by collecting more money from tourists.
In 1986, the water around these islands was declared 70,000 square kilometers of water storage.
In 1990, the area became a haven for whales.
In 1978, UNESCO added these islands to the World Heritage List.
In July 2010, the World Heritage Committee warned the Galapagos Islands of the dangers of overuse.

Galapagos  country amazing facts 2022
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