Ganja city (2022)

Ganja city (2022)

Ganja city
Ganja is the third largest city in Azerbaijan in terms of population

The city of Ganja has been a historical and cultural center in different periods

Until 1804, the city of Ganja was the capital of Connaught.
After which it became the center of the Russian Empire

The city is also called Ganja, Ganja and Gamza
According to every historian, the city of Ganja existed before Islam
According to some historians, the city was founded in the 5th or 7th century AD.

The city was named Elizabeth Oval during the Russian Empire
After joining the Soviet Union, it was renamed Cairo Abad in 1935

In 1989, the city was renamed Ganja.
The city of Ganja is located in the western part of Azerbaijan, near the Ganjai River in the northeastern foothills of the Caucasus mountain range.

The city of Ganja is located at an altitude of 1476 feet above sea level

Ganja is located 375 km from Baku.

Ganja city

The total area of ​​Ganja city is 110 square kilometers.
According to a survey conducted in 2020, the total population of Ganja city is 340,000.
Ganja is the third largest city in Azerbaijan in terms of population
The city of Ganja has a population of 3,100 people per square kilometer.
The city of Ganja is divided into two administrative districts. The current mayor of the city is Niazi Bayamos
There are also 6 administrative settlements in Ganja city.
Their names are Haji Khand, Jawad Subramani, Matawan, Behest and Sadly.
The city of Ganja is home to large numbers of refugees from Armenia and Naga Colorania.

The city of Ganja is predominantly Shia Muslim

Azerbaijan is the second largest Shiite country after Iran
Other religious groups include members of the Armenian Church.
Shah Abbas Mosque is one of the notable mosques of the city
Guai Imam Mosque, Shah Sonar Mosque, Karakheli Mosque etc.

While the major churches in the city include Alexander, German Luther Church, St. John’s Church, and St. Surcharge Church.
As of 2018, there are 170,000 women in the city, according to the state statistics agency.
The city has a population of 86,000 and consists of young people between the ages of 14 and 29.
The city’s majesty depends in part on agriculture and tourism
There are also some factories that are contributing to the development of the city.
These industries include porcelain, silk, and footwear.
Other industries include food, grape and cotton processing industries.
The city of Ganja has a unique name in Azerbaijan
The city’s silk is the highest-scoring silk in terms of clothing


Ganja City’s Jawad Khan Steel is a traditional shopping center located in the old city.
Built in 2017, Ganj Abad is the city’s largest shopping mall.
Other shopping malls include Makhana Mall, Relief Mall and OGRA Mall.
Ganja is a famous historical and tourist destination in Azerbaijan.

Its buildings not only attract tourists but also refresh the memories of the past.

Among the famous buildings here are Nizam Maqsood, Ancient Gates, Jamia Masjid Imam Zada, Jawad Khan Mausoleum, Chowk Hammam, Shah Abbas Cargile Inn. There are also Jawad Khan Street, Bottle House, Flag Square, Coal Gol National Park, Geo Gol, Lake Mariner Gol, Caucasus and Mount Dal.

In 2016, the city of Ganja was selected as the European Youth Capital.
Ganja became the first city to receive the title of European Youth Capital in the former Commonwealth, Independent States and non-European cities.
The Ganja State History Ethnography Museum is the city’s oldest museum.

In which more than 30 thousand samples have been kept.
Other museums include the Haider Elif Museum, the Mir Jalal House Museum, the Memorial House Museum, the Ganja Castle Gates, and the Museum of Modern Art.
The city of Ganja reflects architecture and empires.

Ganja city  Azerbaijan (2022)

The red bricks made here belong to the sight of mosques and houses.

Ganja is the city’s most popular sport.
The city has an Olympic sports complex with two buildings.

The Ganja Stadium has a seating capacity of 27,000.
The 2017 Ganja Marathon Race was held.
In which about 11 thousand people took part.

Ganja International Airport is the only airport in the city

Which is connected by bus.
The airport also operates flights to other countries.
The city of Ganja is directly connected to Turkey and Georgia by rail

The first school in Azerbaijan was opened in 1914 in the Ganja city
Ganja State University was founded in the same city
There are also three-star and five-star hotels in Ganja to cater to the influx of tourists.


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