Great wall of china start and end

Great wall of china start and end

great wall of china start and end of the world history.

When it comes to man-made wonders, there are thousands of wonders in the world that man has made a historical heritage.

Many of these wonders and buildings are masterpieces that millions of people have spent decades and decades building.

But did you know that there is such a wonder in these wonders?
Which is considered to be the largest streak in history.

It took centuries, not years, to build this magnificent wonder.

In this post we are going to talk about the wonder. It’s called the Great Wall of China.
This masterpiece of the Wall of China, which passes through nine provinces of China, was built by the royal family in 2000 with the help of 800,000 people.
In the pre-Christian era, China was divided into smaller states.
These states had built huge walls to protect themselves.

But from 221 BC to 206 BC the Jinn family had the opportunity to rule.
So they united all the states to form the United Kingdom of China.
The ruler of the time joined these borders and started building a great wall to protect them.
Initially, the great states of Hong Kong and Yang combined to form a great wall, which was 5000 km long.
After that, the strength and length of this wall was increased in different periods.

But most of the wall lasted from the 14th century to the 17th century during the reign of the Wing Emperors.
According to one estimate, the Ming Emperor Hu built 8850 km of wall during his reign.

Thus the total life span of this wall is 2000 years.
Initially the length of this wall was estimated to be 5500 km and sometimes 6200 km.
Since it is not a single wall but a combination of several walls, it is not just a wall, but its total length is 21691 km.

Mongolia is located in the north of China. In ancient times, the Mongols used to invade gypsies and China.

great wall in china

In 1234, Genghis Khan overthrew the Chung dynasty and occupied China.

Genghis Khan’s army traversed the Great Wall of China and entered northern China.

This was the first time that the Mongols had established their dominance over such a large human population 14 centuries later.

In 1361, the Chung dynasty expelled the Mongols from China.
And re-strengthened the northern border.
In 1420 the Chung dynasty resumed repair work on this great wall.

At the same time, military forts, streets and watch towers were built for military guards.
In order to keep an eye on the enemies from the Watch Tower.

According to historians, 25000 watch towers were built in the Great Wall of China, the distance of which varies from place to place.
The average distance between these watch towers is very small in some places and 3 miles in some places.

The Watch Tower was three stories high and had rooftops on the rooftops.

These watchtowers also worked to send signals from one place to another.

If a tower was attacked, a fire would be lit and another tower would be set on fire.
According to a study, signals can be sent 620 miles away from a tower.
An estimated 800,000 people worked on the wall, including 300,000 soldiers and 500,000 civilians.
Bricks, stones, lime, wood, sand, etc. were used in the construction of this great wall.

In some places, rice pulp was also used to join these bricks.
An estimated 3 billion 87 million bricks have been used in this Great Wall of China.
Another interesting fact is that a hand-operated money wheel is an invention of the same period and was first used in the Great Wall of China.

The total weight of the Great Wall of China is estimated at 58 million tons.
The height of this wall is 25 feet in some places and 50 feet in some places. Its width is 15 feet in some places and 30 feet in some places.
Numerous walls have been erected near the main defensive passages to prevent the attack of gypsies and savages.
The royal families who came after the Chung dynasty did their part to complete the construction.

Changes khan

An estimated رقم 95 billion is spent on the Great Wall of China today.
Emperor Chung Shi Wang is known as a tyrant ruler.
The making of iron weapons was known as the creation of large highways carrying a standard weight of weight.

This tyrant had forced every third citizen of the country to build the Great Wall of China.
After which 400,000 million people were killed during this period.

That is why this Great Wall of China is also called the largest cemetery in the world.
Many assumptions about the Great Wall of China are also common.

Like this wall is also visible from the moon.
The assumption was made in National Geographic that an article written in 1925 stated that this man-made wall could be seen from the moon.

But NASA astronauts say that from such a height, it is impossible to see the wall with the human eye, but it can be identified.

The astronauts said that this is the only wonder of the world seen from an altitude of 300 km.

Also its famous hypothesis is related to ski construction.
It is said that the foundations of this wall were made of human bones.

But the truth of this assumption has not been proven to date.
However, human bones have been found in some places.

According to Chinese researchers, the bones belong to laborers who contributed to the construction of the wall.

There are also some folk tales about this Great Wall of China, one of which is that a girl went out to look for her husband.
And with great difficulty she reached the Great Wall of China, and when she found out that her husband had died, she wept bitterly.
Which caused part of the wall to collapse.
The Great Wall of China begins in Ho Chi Minh City and extends to the destructive province of Wang.

This wall passes through mountains, deserts and greenery.

There is also a pass at the site of Jay Wang, which is magnificent. This pass was built by the Link family between 1542 and 1704.

The story of a Chinese expert about this pass is also famous

He calculated that 99999 bricks would be needed to build it.
The rulers did not believe him, saying that if one brick turned out to be wrong, all the workers would have to suffer three years in prison.

One brick survived after construction was completed.

When asked about this brick, the expert engineer replied that it has been placed by gods etc.


If it is teased, the wall will fall down.
So no one touched this brick and this brick is still there today.
In 1987, UNESCO inscribed this magnificent masterpiece on the World Heritage List, and in 2007 it was added to the Seven Wonders of the World.

The wall was badly damaged between 1966 and 1976. People living nearby dug up bricks and built their own houses.

But soon the government rebuilt it.

A war has also been fought against this wall. This war between China and Japan has caused considerable damage to this wall.
Now this wall has gained a tourist spot.
The Great Wall of China was first opened to tourists in 1970, and millions of tourists still flock to China.
An estimated 10 million tourists visit the wall annually.
This wall has also been seen by the heads of different countries. China earns an estimated 15 thousand euros from the tourism of this wall.
Many people have crossed this thousand mile long wall on foot.
The first American expedition was made by William Joe who crossed it in five months.


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