Grenada Independence 2021

Grenada Independence 2021

Grenada Independence 2021

Grenada is a small country on the Caribbean Sea that consists of seven islands.
Grenada is also the name of the largest island in the country.
Grenada is one of the few countries in the West Indies. Where the natural beauty is perfect.

Grenada was completely hidden from the other world before the Spanish entered here.
When Queen Elizabeth sent Christopher on a new route to the east, Grenada did not appear at first sight.

Columbus traveled four times in search of this route.

Columbus made his first voyage in 1492.

The second voyage was made in 1493, the third voyage in 1498 and the fourth voyage in 1502.

Grenada was discovered on Columbus’ third voyage in 1498.

When Columbus arrived on the islands, the Carib and Emad tribes made their way to them.
Their livelihood was like that of the savages.
Upon the arrival of Columbus, the Spanish king declared it his property.

Columbus named these islands Conception Island.
But after this ownership, the Spaniards did not settle here in any way.
However, the city became known as the Spanish city of Karonda.
More than a century later, Europeans have not set foot here.

As soon as 24 Europeans arrived here in 1609 with the intention of settling here, it was unfortunate for them to come here.
Residents began to target European homes.

Wrecked their oncoming boats.

And killed a few.
The few living children they were hiding were on their way.
In December 1609, they returned to the islands.

Because they had built boats again in the same period.

During this period, the Caribbean islands began to be occupied by various countries.

Grenada flag

Martine, a peninsular country still occupied by France.
In the year 1635 it was occupied by France.
France appoints Jacqueline, a businessman, as its governor.
On March 17, 1649, the merchant Jack Dial arrived on the island of Grenada with 203 companions.
On 27 September 1650, Jack Dial bought St. Lucia and Grenada from a Spanish American company for 60 1,160.
And only sold Grenada for 90 1890 before the year 1657.
In 1664, when France was passing under the Fourteenth King, the French King bought Grenada and founded the French West India Company here.
The main purpose of this company was to transport slaves from Africa to the peninsula and occupied territories.

Which were located on the Caribbean Sea.
Sugarcane cultivation has been taken from these African slaves.

In 1756, the British-French War began.
This war lasted for 7 years.

This war ended under pressure from other world powers.

After the war, Grenada became part of Britain.
In the days of American independence in 1779, France re-occupied Grenada.

But this occupation lasted only two days.
In those days the British had dominated the world.
In 1775 a town named after a British king was established in Grenada where a school and a hospital were built.
In 1845, a nutman, Jeffel, was discovered on an island in Grenada.
And also get whole of many other spices.
People from East India first came and settled here in 1857.
For some years another school had been established here.
On February 7, 1974, Britain liberated Grenada.

Grenada is now an independent state.
After the British withdrew from here, the United States invaded here several times to occupy it.
The United States could not occupy Grenada because of its patronage.

In 1983, Grenada became a member of the Commonwealth.

Queen Elizabeth II was appointed head of state.
In those days, the United States wreaked havoc in Grenada.
The United States has claimed that the Soviet Union was trying to target the United States with nuclear weapons.

But the United States had to pay 48.4 million in ransom for making Queen Elizabeth II head of state.
Democracy has been restored since the withdrawal of US troops in December 1983.
Nikos, a British national, has been named Prime Minister of Grenada.

The Grenada Tsunami struck on September 7, 2004.

90% of the island was destroyed.
Even the Prime Minister’s house was in the grip of a tsunami.

The tsunami caused severe damage to both lives and property in Grenada.
They were funded by the world’s largest countries, the United Kingdom, the United States, China, and the European Union.
Some of the matches of the 2007 Cricket World Cup were held in this city.

According to the 2018 report, Grenada ranks 181st in the list of independent countries.
The total population of Grenada is 111,480.

The total area of ​​Grenada is 344 square kilometers.
Grenada is ranked 186th in terms of area for independence.

Grenada is just a few square kilometers larger than the Maltese country.
Saint George has the distinction of being the largest city and capital of this country.
There are about forty thousand people in this city.
Interesting facts about Grenada.
So Grenada is located between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.
The country is bordered by Saint Venezia to the north, Trinidad and Tobago to the south, and Venezuela to the southeast.
The land boundaries of this country do not seem to belong to any other country.

The full name of this country is the state of Grenada.
The country has been famous for its nutmeg production for the last two centuries.

Grenada map

Due to the tsunami that came in 2004, the production of nutmeg has stopped here, but it has made a big name for itself.
40% of the world’s nutmeg comes from Grenada.
Plenty of other spices are also cultivated in Grenada.

Most of Grenada’s population also speaks English.

While many people also speak French.

Most people in Grenada are Christians.
The literacy rate in Grenada is close to 97.8%.

There are ten hospitals and 106 schools in Grenada.
Life expectancy in this country is close to 74 years.
There is only one international airport in this country.

The ferry is considered to be the best way to get from one city to another.

Cricket is the most popular and national sport in this country.

Grenada also produces sugarcane.

Aid from other countries Tourism and agriculture are the sources of income of this country.

The Grenada Pigeon has the distinction of being the national bird of this country.
A city called Grenada also exists in the US state of Mississippi.

The length of the coast of Grenada country is 121 km.
The Karni Wall Festival, held in the month of August, is the most popular festival in the country.

In which the entire population of the country participates.
Grenada has 33% of the country’s arable land.

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