How many countries in content Africa?

How many countries in content Africa?

How many countries in content Africa?
How many countries in content Africa?

In today’s post we will tell you how many countries in the continent of Africa.
In this post I will try to give you as much information as possible about the continent of Africa.
Located in the south of the world,

Africa is considered to be the second largest continent in terms of area.
The total area of ​​this continent is 33 million 37 thousand square kilometers.

The total population if the people living in this entire continent are counted.

One billion to 90 million 510 people.
It also ranks second on the continent in terms of population.
The total number of independent countries on the continent is 54,

while two countries have not yet gained independence.
The famous countries of the continent of Africa are something like this.
South Africa.

Nigeria Kenya Zimbabwe Angola Sudan
Mali and Cameroon.

The largest country on the African continent is Algeria.

The total area of ​​Algeria is 919,595 square kilometers.

The largest city on the continent of Africa is Lagos.

Lagos is a Nigerian city and is one of the oldest cities in Lagos.

If you look in the mirror of history, there is a Portuguese king who discovered the continent of Africa.

Historian Prince Henry writes of The Navigator.

Henry Navigator discovered the continent of Africa in the fifteenth century AD.

The continent of Africa is divided into the following regions.
Number Northern Africa No.

2 Eastern Africa. No.

3 Central Africa No. 4 Western Africa
and No. 5 Southern Africa.
In terms of religion, the two continents of Africa are mostly found.
Christians and Muslims are more common in this continent of Africa.

A small number of Hindus are also found in the continent of Africa.
Traces of human settlement in the continent of Africa are 700 million years old.

Egypt has long been considered part of it.
The main reason for this is that the civilization here bears a resemblance to the Egyptian civilization.
The continent of Africa also has the largest desert in the world.
This desert is called Sahara.
The African hand and the zebra are the hallmarks of continental Africa.
In addition,

the strange-looking animal called the watt hat is also found in the continent of Africa.
Beautiful and rare precious birds are also the identity of the continent of Africa.
70% of the continent of Africa is desert.
It is said of the settlers that most of Africa’s population lives a nomadic life.
Poverty is even higher in Africa.
There are few countries on the African continent that are living in modern ways.
The continent of Africa experiences extreme heat during the day and severe cold at night.
A great leader whom the world remembers as Nelson Mandela.
Nelson Mandela also belonged to the continent of Africa.

countries in content Africa

There are also mountains in this desert area.
The highest mountain on the continent is known as Mount Calber.
The height of this hill is 1,895 meters.
This peak exists in the African country of Tanzania.

What are the 54 countries in Africa

list of countries in Africa.

How many countries in content Africa?

aAlgeriaNorthern Africa
aAngolaMiddle Africa
bBeninWestern Africa
bBotswanaSouthern Africa
bBurkina FasoWestern Africa
bBurundiEastern Africa
cCabo VerdeWestern Africa
cCameroonMiddle Africa
cCentral African RepublicWestern Africa
cChadMiddle Africa
cComorosEastern Africa
cCongoMiddle Africa
dDjiboutiEastern Africa
eEgyptNorthern Africa
eEquatorial GuineaMiddle Africa
eEritreaEastern Africa
sSwaineNorthern Africa
eEthiopiaEastern Africa
gGabonMiddle Africa
gGambiaWestern Africa
gGhanaWestern Africa
gGuineaWestern Africa
gGuinea-BissauWestern Africa
kKenyaEastern Africa
lLesothoSouthern Africa
lLiberiaWestern Africa
lLibyaNorthern Africa
mMadagascarEastern Africa
mMalawiEastern Africa
mMaliWestern Africa
mMauritaniaWestern Africa
mMauritiusEastern Africa
mMoroccoNorthern Africa
mMozambiqueEastern Africa
nNamibiaSouthern Africa
nNigerWestern Africa
nNigeriaWestern Africa
rRwandaEastern Africa
sSao Tome and PrincipeMiddle Africa
sSenegalWestern Africa
sSeychellesEastern Africa
sSierra LeoneWestern Africa
sSomaliaEastern Africa
sSouth AfricaSouthern Africa
sSouth SudanEastern Africa
sSudanNorthern Africa
tTanzaniaEastern Africa
tTogoWestern Africa
tTunisiaNorthern Africa
uUgandaEastern Africa
zZambiaEastern Africa
zZimbabweEastern Africa
How many countries in content Africa?
How many countries in content Africa?
How many countries in content Africa?

How many countries in content Africa?


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