How many countries in continent Australia / Oceania?(2021)

How many countries in continent Australia / Oceania?(2021)

How mHow many countries in continent Australia / Oceania?(2021)any countries in continent Australia and Oceania? many people ask this type of question.
Today I will answer this question in my post.
But a little more view will also give about this continent.
Willem Jansson was first discovered in 1606.
This man first discovered the continent of Australia.

How many countries in continent Australia / Oceania?(2021)facts

The continent of ASTRILIA is divided into eight regions. The following are the numbers: New south wales, No. 2 Victoria,NO.3 Queensland, Number four South Australia. Number Five Western Australia, Number six Tasmania, Northern Territory, Australian Capital Territory. The total area of ​​the continent of Australia is 86 million square kilometers. The total population of continental Australia is estimated at 300 million. The total number of countries in this continent is fourteen. NAMES OF COUNTRIES IN CONTENENT ASTRALIA

How many countries in continent Australia / Oceania?(2021)

AAustraliacontinent of Australia
FFijicontinent of Australia
KKiribaticontinent of Australia
MMarshall Islandscontinent of Australia
MMicronesiacontinent of Australia
NNaurucontinent of Australia
NNew Zealandcontinent of Australia
PPalaucontinent of Australia
PPapua New Guineacontinent of Australia
SSamoacontinent of Australia
SSolomon Islandscontinent of Australia
TTongacontinent of Australia
TTuvalucontinent of Australia
VVanuatucontinent of Australia
How many countries in continent Australia / Oceania?

How many countries in Oceania?


AAmerican Samoa (USA)USA
CCook Islands (New Zealand) (New Zealand)
FFrench Polynesia (France)(France)
NNew Caledonia (France)(France)
NNiue (New Zealand) (New Zealand)
NNorfolk Island (Australia)Australia)
NNorthern Mariana Islands (USA)USA)
PPitcairn Islands (UK)UK
TTokelau (New Zealand)New Zealand)
WWake Island (USA)USA
WWallis and Futuna (France)(France
How many countries in continent Australia / Oceania?

The continent of Australia is especially known around the world for its beautiful cliffs and rare cliffs.
Brisbane is the largest city in mainland Australia.
The country is located in Australia.
Sydney is one of the most popular cities in mainland Australia.
Melbourne, Perth, About Included.
There are also mountainous areas in mainland Australia that are darkened every year.

Christianity is the largest religion in continental Australia.

In addition, Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism are also a minority in the continent.
It is also a fact that the surrounding people live here because of the tranquility of the continent’s environment.
Due to modern immigration policy and restrictions, this trend has now begun to stop.
36% of the people in mainland Australia are from other continents.

The continent was used as a pawn during World War I.
In 1914, most of the forests were here.

The Egyptian army occupied several forests on the continent of Australia.
And the supply of ammunition from here also continued.
Shortly after World War I, New Zealand and Australia came face to face.
At the international level, it was not called a war, but
The long-running conflict damaged New Zealand as well as the continent.
Papua New Gini is the headquarters of this continent.
All of Australia’s administrative affairs are handled by the country’s secret services.
Colonial forces secure the continent.
These forces were formed in 1680.

This force is the oldest force on the continent of Australia.

The founder of this force is considered to be sir peter scratchy.
The continent is ranked seventh in terms of area and sixth in terms of population.


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