How to lose weight in a month without exercise?(2021)

How to lose weight in a month without exercise?
How to lose weight in a month without exercise?(2021)

How to lose weight in a month without exercise?(2021)
This question comes to the mind of every obese person.
Although obesity is no less of a problem for human beings.
Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness.
Inside this post I will tell you how to lose weight in a month without exercise within a month.
There are many ways to lose weight.
Everyone uses their own way to lose weight.
But I’m going to tell you my way.
Which I have done by personal experience.

How do I lose weight in a month without exercise?
I will definitely share it with you in this post too.
If you understand my post then surely you will be happy how easy it is to lose weight.
Which you considered very difficult work.
My method of telling may be different but I will tell you the correct method.
How to lose weight without exercise in a month.
So let’s move on to our topic and first of all let me tell you my story.
In the year 2019, my weight had reached 115 kg.
And that was extremely painful for me.
Because exactly four years ago my weight was 80 kg which was a reasonable weight.
Now let me tell you why I gained weight?
While studying in college, a man pleaded that my son was hospitalized.
And that requires blood.
Professor Sahib told quite a few people in the class but no one agreed.
When the professor asked me, I agreed.
After donating blood, I donated blood five times in just two years.
After which I started gaining weight.

After which my weight got out of control.
I paid no attention to my growing weight.
After that I got very upset but I was gaining weight.
In the year 2018, I started trying to lose weight.
But I failed many times.
Eventually I got excited about how to lose weight easily.
And that was the procedure.
Which i am going to tell you.
The main title was this.

How to lose weight in a month without exercise?2020
So yes I have reduced my weight to 45 kg by following the same formula.
You can also lose weight.
I have lost weight through diet.
With a diet plan you can lose weight easily.

I have lost most of my weight through diet.
Many people do not know what a diet is.
Many people understand that diet may mean stopping eating and drinking.
But that doesn’t mean it at all, because no one can live without food and drink. no.
Rather, diet means avoiding certain things.
Here are the things you need to do to lose weight.
First you have not eaten bread.
No. You don’t eat rice at all.
Number three is to avoid sweets.

Eat fruits and vegetables that are low in calories.
And in your diet plan, eat foods that are rich in protein.
This will be even more beneficial if you do light exercise together.
Now let me tell you what my diet schedule was and how I weighed you.

I used to get up early in the morning and drink lukewarm water mixed with a teaspoon of honey.

Then an hour later I would go for a walk.
I used to walk in an hour.
The intensity of thirst increased after walking.
Two or more glasses of water were drunk.

Which used to have breakfast at 9 o’clock in the morning.
A boiled egg and a large cup of green tea were drunk.
Lunch consisted of only two apples and a light salad.
Dinner was fast but a loaf of bread.
After a while I changed my routine and started eating 4 eggs for breakfast instead of one.
Because according to experts, egg white yolk is rich in vitamins.
Which are extremely useful in reducing human fat.
According to experts, taking protein also leads to significant weight loss.
If you want to lose weight through protein, take 6 eggs a day.
And if you take one kilo of chicken a day without oil and pepper without spices, it also gives a lot of vitamins.

Friends, I have lost 45 kg in 6 months.
You can also lose weight easily.
I had already lost about ten kilograms in a month.
Then slowly lose weight.
The title of my post was How to lose weight in a month without exercise?
You too can lose weight fast if you follow this formula.
Another Pakistani man lost a staggering 120kg in just 11 months.
And he also followed the diet formula.
A man named Zayn says he was unable to walk.
I enabled myself to walk by following the diet plan.
I used to take 6 eggs a day and a kilogram of chicken meat a day without ghee and oil.
Up to 11 mothers did not put rice sugar and bottles up to the mouth.
Sitting on the couch, the man lost weight.
Now this person named Zen weighs 120 kg.
There are plenty of other ways to lose weight.
But this method is the best.
Because that’s the easiest way.
This is also a great way to lose weight if you have a gym club with you.
Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness.
Sugar plays an important role in weight gain.

Rice and bread also cause weight gain.
If you keep exercising, you will not only gain weight but also stay healthy.
Eating less food also leads to weight loss.

How to lose weight in a month without exercise?(2021)

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