interesting fact about Micronesia(2021)

interesting fact about Micronesia

interesting fact about Micronesia

The best topic of our article today will be interesting facts about the islands of Micronesia.
Micronesia is basically a region in which there are different states.

Which consists of 607 small but extremely beautiful islands in the western Pacific Ocean.

This country is a combination of 4 smaller states.

Yak, Chowk, Koi Hanafi and Kothari are the four main states of this country.
It is located approximately 2,900 km northeast of Papua New Guinea, northeast of Indonesia, west of Maria Nass, east of the Philippines, 2,100 km northeast of eastern Australia, 4,000 km southeast of Japan and 4,000 km southwest of the Hawaiian Islands. Located on
The Federated States of Micronesia have a total area of ​​702 square kilometers.

It is the 177th smallest country in terms of area.
The flag of Micronesia represents the four states.

Its flag is blue with 4 white stars.

This flag was adopted on November 30, 1978.

The capital of Micronesia is Palikir.
Which is located on Hampani Island.
As of 2021, the total population of the Federated States of Micronesia is 107,406.
And in terms of its population, it is the smallest country in the world at 193.
Micronesia has a population of 158 people per square kilometer.
Micronesia’s GDP is 401 US dollars.
In Micronesia, cars are driven right-handed.

Micronesia calling code+651

And the domain name is .FM
Most of the country’s population is microbial.

Joselyn belongs to different ethnic groups.
English is the country’s official and most widely spoken language.
Other languages ​​spoken in the country include Choke’s, Hampani, Katherine Motoko C, Passes Ellis Kian, Kanga Morang, Bolin and Pluto, among others.

The largest religion in Micronesia is Christianity.
60% of the population is Christian and 40% is Protestant.
The main and most played sport in the country is baseball.

Also football is the most played sport.
Micronesia’s favorite dish is rice.

Which is eaten with different dishes.
Fish and other seafood are among the popular dishes here.

The people of Micronesia are accustomed to living a very quiet and comfortable life.
All kinds of business and entertainment points in the country are closed after ten o’clock at night.
Or suppose these people are accustomed to going to bed early at night.

According to a survey conducted in 2018, the average age of women is 76 years while the average age of women is 66 years.

Micronesia is not a very rich country, but looking at the rate of knowledge, it seems that it is rich.

interesting fact about Micronesia map

Micronesia’s literacy rate is 98%.
That is, the whole country is literate and settled.
The country is considered independent, but is still occupied by the US military.
Micronesia does not have any of its own defense forces.
Therefore, the defense of this country is the responsibility of the United States.

Micronesia does not even have its own currency.
The currency used in Micronesia is the US dollar.

Micronesia’s economy is dependent on agriculture, fishing, and US aid.
There are also phosphate deposits on some of the country’s islands.

Tourism contributes to the country’s income and development.
An estimated 45,000 blacks roam here every year.
There are four international airports operating in Micronesia.

These include Hampel International Airport, Chowk International Airport, Kosrae International Airports and Yak International Airports.
The climate of Micronesia is hot and humid.

interesting fact about Micronesia tourist

And it rains at different times of the year.
The temperature in the country is 30 degrees Celsius all year round while it stays at least 20 degrees Celsius.
The country has recorded an average of 5,000 mm of annual rainfall.

To date, no immoral acts or crimes have been committed on the Micronesian island of Kosrae.
Therefore, the island is considered one of the safest places.
Here is a brief description of Micronesia. I hope you like my little effort.

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