Interesting facts about ankara(2021)

Interesting facts about ankara

Interesting facts about ankara
Today the target of our article is Ankara, Turkey.
Ankara is the capital of Turkey
The city of Ankara is famous all over the world for its recent development
Ankara is located in the middle of the Anatolia region
In the old days, Ankara was also called Angora.
After Turkey’s War of Independence in 1923, it became the capital of Turkey and was renamed Ankara.

Ankara is the second largest city in Turkey after Istanbul.

The city is still the center of numerous buildings and relics from the Galician, Greek, Persian, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman periods.
Ankara still has numerous examples of Roman and Ottoman art education.

After World War I and the defeat of the Ottoman Empire, Turkish nationalists replaced the Ottoman Empire with the Republic of Turkey as their independent state on October 29, 1923.
And Republican officials renamed it the new capital of Turkey.

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The total area of ​​Ankara is 24121 square kilometers.
And according to the figures released in 2021, the total population of Ankara is 5663560.
Ankara has a population of 230 people per square kilometer.
In 1924, Ankara had a population of only 35,000.

In 1927, the population of Ankara increased to 45,000

Ankara is famous in Turkey for its grape and wine production
The city is famous for its Muscat grapes, Kiva platter wines, and certain types of indigenous honey.
Ankara is the center of public and private Turkish defense and aerospace companies.
Where MKE Aerospace Company’s industrial plant and headquarters are located
Ankara is also home to Turkey’s largest industrial park, the Mansi Truck Manufacturing Industrial Zone
According to the latest statistics, 88% of the city’s population is literate
Males constitute 91% of the population and females 86%
The proportion of college and university students in Ankara is 10%
While the proportion of the whole country has been recorded at 5.4%
The Kok Tai Mosque is the largest mosque in Ankara
It was built in the Ottoman style between 1967 and 1987

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The mosque can accommodate 24,000 worshipers at a time
The mosque is 67 meters long and 64 meters wide
The mosque is decorated with four beautiful minarets
The height of these towers is 88 meters
Ahmad Hamdi Mosque is located on Shaheen Road. It is the largest modern mosque built in the city
It was completed in 2013 and opened to worshipers
The mosque can accommodate 6,000 worshipers at a time during normal prayers.
While 30,000 people can offer funeral prayers together during a funeral prayer
Al-Quds is the oldest mosque in Ankara. It has a carved map of walnuts

In which it is written that this mosque was built in 574 AD.
Ankara Fortress is a historic building in the city
Situated on a hill, the fort is about 3,000 feet high
There are about 50 other buildings in the city

Interesting facts about ankara

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Ankara is also known as the Green City because of its beauty and lushness
The Modern Monument is a monument to freedom
It was created in 1925 by the famous Austrian sculptor Hank Karball.
And it was installed in 1927 in Alaghaz Square.
The monument is made of marble and bronze
In which a equestrian statue of Mustafa Kemal has been installed
Monument Square Confident Future is a very historical monument
Which is located in Jozley Park near Kazal Square
It was built in 1935
Atatرکrk advised his people to be proud, work hard and trust themselves
A photograph of the monument was also drawn on the 1,000 Turkish notes issued between 1937 and 1946 and the 5 Turkish diamond in 1952.
Ankara has many large and ancient bazaars
Where thousands of things can be found cheaply
The copper market in Ankara is very popular
Where a lot of Asian jewelry made of copper. Clothing and other antiques are of interest.

There are also many shops selling spices, dried fruits and nuts

Anat Kabir is a hilltop building that houses the tomb of Atatکrk, the founder of the Republic of Turkey.

Which was completed in 1953
The building also houses a statue of Atatرکrk, inscriptions, personal belongings, and various pictures of the establishment of the republic.
Other museums in Ankara include Ethnography Museum, CR Modern Museum, Azadi Museum, Mohamed Aqeef Literature Museum, Ankara Aviation Museum.
Ankara’s most popular and widely played sport is football.

Interesting facts about ankara city

The city also has two football museums.
Other sports in Ankara include basketball, skating, eyeballs and handball.
Atatاتrk Forest Farm is a vast farm.
It has a zoo, a greenhouse, a restaurant, a dairy farm and a pub.
Educationally, Ankara is one of the top class cities in Turkey.
Ankara has a large number of universities and colleges.
Notable among them are Ankara University, Etelium University, Ghazi University, TED, University, Turkish National Police Academy and Yugov University.
The long-haired cat found in Ankara is very famous for its beauty and colorful eyes.
Similarly, Ankara’s Angora rabbit and Angora goat are very popular not only in Turkey but all over the world.
In 1950, a picture of an angora goat was made on a 50 Turkish lira note


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