Interesting facts about Canada culture(2021)

Interesting facts about Canada culture.

Interesting facts about Canada culture(2021)

In this article you will learn some interesting facts about Canada.
This article seeks to share accurate and interesting information about Canada.
All this information is collected from the Internet, so you and I do not have to agree 100% with all this information.
So let’s find out Interesting facts about Canada culture.

Interesting fact about Canada.

Canada is the second largest country in the world by area.
The word Canada means village or town.
The total area of ​​Canada is 9984670 square kilometers which makes it the second largest country in the world.
According to an estimate made in 2019, the total population of Canada is 37797496.

Canada is the 38th largest country in the world by population

Canada has the lowest per square kilometer in the world.

In Canada, 3.5 people live per square kilometer.
The capital of Canada is Ottawa and the largest city is Toronto.
The flag of Canada consists of red and white.
The longest border between Canada and the United States is 8891 km.
Due to good relations between the two countries, there are no security arrangements on this border.
The Canadian provinces and the three major metropolitan areas include Toronto, Montreal and Van Bor.

About 70% of Canada’s population lives within 160 kilometers of the US border.
80% of Canada’s population lives in cities.

In 2014, approximately 260,400 immigrants entered Canada.

Since President Trump was elected President in 2016, so many Americans have applied for immigration online in Canada that Canada’s immigration site has crashed.

It is said that 10 million applications were submitted in a few hours.
69.9% of Canada’s population prefers to live together in a home.

There are 5 to 7 people in a house.

26.8% of the population prefers to be alone in their homes.
The rest are people who live with unrelated people.
Canadians are the most ethnically 32% Canadian.

13.4% German, 18.3% English, 13.9% Scottish, 13.6% French, 4% Indian, and the rest of the world live in Canada.

There is no official religion in Canada.

Everyone in the country has religious freedom.
There are mosques, temples and gurdwaras and churches in the country.

Each of them can freely perform their own worship and religious rites.
There are followers of Christianity as a whole.

Which make up 67% of the total population.

Of these, 38.7% are Roman Catholics and the rest are Protestants.
The rest of the population is made up of Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Jews and people of other faiths.
English and French are the official languages ​​of Canada.
English is spoken by 56% of Canadians and 26% by French.

Other languages ​​in Canada include Chinese, Spanish, Punjabi, Arabic, German and Italian.
There are seven types of climate in Canada.

In Canada, winters are frozen and lakes are frozen.
Canada has abundant natural resources.
After Russia and the United States, most wheat is grown in the Canada.
The industry also includes Canada in the list of developed countries.
Canada has vast reserves of gasoline, gas, uranium, gold, nickel, aluminum, steel, iron, copper, coal and lead.
Canada has the second largest oil reserves and the second largest uranium reserves in the world after Saudi Arabia and Venezuela.

In Canada, high quality timber is obtained from forests.
That’s why Canada’s biggest source of income is gas and uranium resources.


As for Canada’s military system, it has recruited 62,000 regular and 26,000 reserve troops.

The Canadian Armed Forces is made up of the Navy and the Air Force.
The Canadian Army has a total of 1,400 warships, 34 ships, and a total of 861 warships.

Canada fact about


Canada is one of the richest countries in the world in terms of economy.
Known as OECD.

He is also a member of the Group of G8.

Canada is a free market economy.
And his government is more involved than the United States.
But they interfere much less than the EU.
Canada’s per capita GDP is relatively lower than the United States.
But often more than European countries.
Canada’s economy is growing day by day.

Canada fact

Today’s Canada is economically similar to the United States.

The unemployment rate in July 2006 was 6.4 percent.
Which was the lowest in the previous three years.

The provincial unemployment rate is 3.6 percent in Albertha and 14.6 percent in Newfoundland Libra dot.
Canada’s largest source of income is services.

And 3-quarters of Canadians belong to it.

The timber and oil industries are of primary importance in Canada.
Canada is one of the few developed countries that exports energy.
Canada has vast reserves of natural gas on the east coast.
There are also more oil and gas reserves in Alberta and British Columbia.

Hydropower in Canada is cheap and environmentally friendly.
Canada is an important country in terms of agricultural production.

Canada is also famous for producing minerals other than gold and bronze, aluminum and lead, in addition to zinc and uranium.
Canada’s trade is dependent on international trade, especially with the United States.
The United States and Canada signed a free trade agreement in 1989 and 1994, which boosted the economies of both countries.

Canada has successfully faced economic crises since 2001.

And maintained its economic position in the G8.


Canada’s culture is historically influenced by English, French, Irish, Scottish, and indigenous cultures.
And over time, American culture has taken on a new meaning.


The national sport of Canada is ice hockey which is also a hobby here.
At present 1.5 million people are its regular members.

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