Interesting facts about Kandahar history

Interesting facts about Kandahar history

Interesting facts about Kandahar history

Kandahar has the distinction of being the second largest city in Afghanistan after Kabul.

Kandahar city is located in the south of the country on the banks of the river Arkhandak at an altitude of 3310 feet above sea level.
The city is also the capital of Kandahar province.
In 1709, Mirwaiz Hotak made the region an independent state.
And made Kandahar the capital of the Hotak dynasty.
In 1747, Ahmad Shah Durrani, the founder of the Durrani dynasty, annexed Kandahar to the Afghan Empire.
The city of Kandahar has been in power for 300 years.
Kandahar is an important trading center for the production of wool, cotton, silk, foodstuffs, dried fruits and tobacco.
This region is especially famous for its pomegranate and grape production.
Kandahar is the main cannabis producing city.

Very famous for pomegranate and grape production.
Kandahar is a major cannabis producing city.

The total area of ​​Kandahar is 273.37 sq. km.
As of 2021, the total population of the city is 692,000.
The city of Kandahar was founded by Alexander the Great in 300 BC.
Who named it Alexandria.

His name has remained until the Islamic conquest.

The history of 1552 AD shows that Kandahar is derived from the Persian and Pashto words kandh and kandh.
Which means sweet thing.
This was probably due to the growing of other sweet fruits such as pomegranates, melons, grapes and apricots.
Kandahar The Soviet Union has been playing a central role in the Afghan war.

Interesting facts about Kandahar

Various military operations were carried out from Kandahar.

In August 1994, the Tehreek-e-Taliban seized the city and enforced Sharia law.
It banned the simultaneous education of boys and girls, as well as TV, movies, music and sports.
The city also played a key role in the 9/11 US-Afghan war.
Most of the population of Kandahar city belongs to the Pashtun race.

Due to the war situation in Kandahar city, it was very difficult to determine the exact number.

According to a report by National Geographic, 70% Pashtuns, 20% Tajiks, 2% Tajik Baloch’s, 2% Uzbek Baloch’s and the rest of the population belong to smaller ethnic groups.
Pashto is the main and most spoken language of Kandahar city.
This Pashto language is spoken by 98% of the population of Kandahar.
While Kandahar has a large number of Persian and Tajik speakers in Afghanistan.
Telecommunication facilities in Kandahar City are provided by Afghan Wireless, Roshan, Salad, MTN Group and Afghan Telecom.


In the uprising in Kabul in 1978, the rich people of the city migrated to Pakistan and other countries.

Due to which he could not pay much attention to it.
The oldest schools in Kandahar are Ahmad Shah Baba High School and Zarghiana High School.
New schools have also opened in recent years.

Afghan Turkish School is one of the top private schools in Kandahar city.

The Central University of Kandahar City is Kandahar University.
Other educational institutions include Boniva Bayer Education, Malala International of Higher Education, and Saba Institute of Higher Education.
Kandahar International Airport is the main airport in southern Afghanistan for domestic and international flights.

Kandahar Airport is a major airport for flights to the UAE, Iran, India, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.
In 2006, a plan was made to connect Chaman, a Pakistani city, to Kandahar via a railway track.

But no practical work has been done on this project till date.
Kandahar is connected to Quetta city by road.
Bus services, taxis and rickshaws are used to get to and from the city of Kandahar.

 Kandahar history

weather of Kandahar

The climate of Kandahar depends on hot and dry climate.
Kandahar is very hot in summer and pleasant in rainy season.
Severe cold weather in winter in Kandahar has also been recorded in Kandahar city.

Kandahar Historic Recreation Places.

Tomb of Ahmad Shah Durrani in historical and recreational places of Kandahar, in which brass helmets and personal belongings are kept.
In front of this tomb there is a valuable relic of Islam.
Which was given to Ahmad Shah Durrani by the Emir of Bukhara.
This sacred veil is always kept closed.
There is also a 300-year-old temple in the northeast corner of Kandahar City.
A memorial to Islamic martyrs has been erected between the main squares of Kandahar.

Which is called Da Shahada Wala Chowk.
This monument was built in 1940.
Apart from this, the tomb of Mir Waiz Hotak and the shrine of Baba Wali are some of the places worth visiting.

Dehla Dam is the second largest dam in Afghanistan, about 30 km north of Kandahar city.
Kandahar city parks ;The major and famous parks of Kandahar city include Kandahar Parks, Baba Sand Gokran Park, Baghi Pull Park and Kandahar Museum.
Kandahar city masque ;The Kandahar City Mosque, which reflects Islamic traditions, is the Masjid-e-Kandahar, the Masjid-e-Nabawi, and the Jami-e-Eid Gah at Kandahar University.
Kandahar city market; Among the major shopping malls of Kandahar are Al-Javid Indoor Shopping Center, Herat Bazaar, Shah Bazaar, Shakar Par Bazaar, Kandahar Super Store and Samimi Super Store.

Kandahar city Hospital ;Afghan National Region Hospital, Bilal Hospital and Mohmand Hospital are considered to be the top healthcare hospitals in the city.

Interesting facts about Kandahar history table content

1KANDHAR273.37 sq. km692,000PASHTU




Kandahar has been an important cultural and commercial city for the Pashtuns. The pomegranates and grapes of Kandahar city are famous all over the world for their sweetness. In addition to wool, sheep and cotton and silk, dried fruits are also very important in Kandahar.


The old name of Kandahar was Zorr Shaar which was later changed to Kandahar.


More than 70% of Kandahar’s population speaks Pashto, while Persian and Tajik are also used, and Dari is now being promoted in private schools.


Kandahar and the whole of Afghanistan are currently at war, and the Taliban have just defeated the US-Afghan army and formed a new government. Afghanistan and Kandahar are suffering from political instability. Therefore, I suggest that you should not go. Secondly, you must learn Pashto.



Kandahar is an important commercial and cultural city of Afghanistan located in the south of Afghanistan which is the largest city in terms of population.

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