Interesting facts about London

Interesting facts about London

Interesting facts about London

Today our topic is a city which is also called the Universal Capital of the world.
A city that has hosted the Olympic Games not once but twice.

A city in which the whole world is inhabited by itself.

The city is inhabited by people from about 180 countries of the world.
The largest food restaurants in the world are also located in this city.
The city is London, the capital of England.

The total population of London is 9 million.

The city is technically called Greatest London.
Because there is also a city of this name in France.

And more than 10 USA locations are also named London.

There is also a small town in Canada called London.

That is why it is named The Great London.
It is the only city in the world where most of the world’s languages ​​are spoken.
About 300 languages ​​are spoken in this city.
London is the most expensive city in the world.
Shopping for anything in this city is not easy.
The most expensive houses in the world are also located in this city.

Because London has a large population and very little land.

It is illegal to touch anyone inside London’s Parliament House premises.
The number of vehicles in the city of London is very high.
Food from every country is available in the city of London.

London is a paradise for food lovers.
Pakistani and Indian food are also easily available in London.
The total area of ​​London is 1572 square kilometers.

facts about London

London’s metropolitan area covers 8382 square kilometers.
London has a population of 5666 people per square kilometer.
60% of London’s population is white.
The rest of the population is made up of people from Irish, Indian, Bangladeshi, Chinese, and many other countries.
A report states that 36% of Greater London’s population was born outside London.

They were born in India, Ireland, Poland, Bangladesh, and Nigeria.

The world’s most diverse species of mosquito is also found in London.
This mosquito is not found anywhere else in the world.
The city also has the highest number of immigrants from all over the world.

And this series has been going on since the 17th century.
It is said that the city recognizes every visitor with open heart.
That is why people from 180 countries of the world live here.

Most of them are Indians.
Outside the Ecclesiastical Walkie Talkie in London, there are glasses that get so hot when the sun shines on them that one person’s car melted.
Surprisingly, people make omelets with frying pans.
London is the city of the rich where most billionaires live.
A 2021 report states that New York ranks first with 100 billionaires
There are only 63 billionaires in London.
According to an international organization, 69 billionaires live in Mumbai, India.

London is also called the fashion capital of the world.
Which has surpassed even the French capital Paris.
In this city, no husband can raise his hand against his wife after 9 pm.
Every major city in England is connected to each other by train route.
The London Metro train is considered to be the number one metro train in the world.

The tower tower of this city is the unique status of this city.
If London is to be shown in a movie, then the same bridge is shown.
It took 8 years to build this bridge.
Construction of the bridge began on June 21, 1886.

It was completed on June 20, 1894.
London’s Tower Bridge is one of the largest bridges in the world.

It is 244 meters long and 65 meters high.

London facts

In this city, drivers wear black hats.
These drivers know every street corner in London.
The city of London has the largest Christian population. Which make up 49% of the total population.
Islam is the second largest religion with 12.4%.
20.7% of people do not believe in any religion.
Other religions include Hinduism, Sikhism and Buddhism.
London’s most popular sport is football.

London’s two major test grounds are the Lodge and the Oval.
Los Grounds has also hosted four World Cup matches.

There are countless places to visit in London
The first is the B Gangnam Palace which is considered to be one of the most famous places in London.

It is a royal palace that was built in 1703.
The palace has 775 rooms, of which 52 are used by the royal family.
After seeing this palace, one can estimate how rich the Kahili family is.
Columbia Road Flower Market This market is open only once a week.
Columbia Road Flower Market This market is open only once a week.
Big Ben is also one of London’s tourist destinations.

 facts London

This is a huge clock mounted on a tower.
It is one of the famous tourist destinations of the city.
London’s Tower Bridge is your example.
This tower tower itself is the identity of this city.
Hundreds of people flock to the tower at night to see it.
The British Museum also attracts a large number of people.
Webley Stadium has a seating capacity of 120,000
London itself is a beautiful and attractive tourist city.

London city

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