interesting facts about Palau(2021)

interesting facts about Palau

interesting facts about Palau
Our topic today is Palau, a small country of 340 islands located in the western Pacific Ocean.
It is a country that was sold to Germany after the defeat of Spain in 1899.

Palau is the only country in the world to have proposed a ban on shark hunting and a constitution of free nuclear weapons.
Driving more than 40 kilometers per hour is prohibited in Palau.

The official name of the country is the Republic of Palau.

Also called Bay Lao.

The total area of ​​Palau is 459 square kilometers.

Palau ranks 180th in terms of area.
The total population of Palau consists of 21,720 people.

Palau ranks 221st in the world in terms of population.

The largest city in the country is Crore.
The city of Grumman has the distinction of being the capital of Palau.

Palau gained independence on January 1, 1981.

The flag of Palau was erected on January 1, 1981.
Photographs of the Palau flag mark the country’s oceans and landmarks.

Palau borders the Philippines, Indonesia and Micronesia by sea.

Palau is located at a distance of 7211 km from Pakistan.
History books show that the first settlers in Palau were Indonesians and Filipinos.
In 1522, on a mission from Spain, the inhabitants discovered two islands.
After Spanish occupation of the Philippines in 1565, the area became part of the Philippines.
But some historians write that the Palau Islands were permanently discovered in 1697.
In 1705 the site was mapped and sent to the local government of Europe.
Palau was ruled by British merchants until the 18th century.

But in the nineteenth century, Spanish influence began to appear in Palau.
In the War of 1914, Japan occupied these islands.
In 1943, the area was given the second status of the Japanese-administered Philippines.
During the US invasion of Palau in 1944, 2,000 Americans and 10,000 Japanese were killed.
Between 1945 and 1946, the United States established its control over the Philippines and its islands.
In 1978, Palau declared independence
Japan, Taiwan and the Philippines have announced their full support.

interesting facts about Palau country

And so in 1981, Palau became an independent state.

Palau is divided into four administrative districts.
Palau is a democratic country with a president.
And all the administrative power is with the president.
The government and the National Congress legislate together.
The maximum temperature in Palau is up to 28 degrees Celsius.

There is a series of rains in the country throughout the year.

But there is a lot of rain in July and October.

The average annual rainfall recorded here is 3800 mm.
Hurricanes in 2013 damaged hundreds of homes.
But no casualties were reported.

Many of Palau’s islands are home to foreigners.
After exploring these islands, one finds very rare things.
Diving in the lakes of Palau is a different religion.

There are lakes a thousand feet deep.
Which creates a paradise for the diver.

There are large sharks in the waters of Palau, but there are fish and many rare species of fish.

Palau’s economy is largely dependent on agriculture, tourism and fishing.

On September 12, 2009, Palau banned shark hunting.
For the success of this mission, Palau also protects 600 km of maritime boundaries.
Palau also proposed a worldwide ban on shark hunting.
Which also received the Future Policy Award from the World Future Council in 2012.
Palau is a global leader in the protection of marine systems.

In 2006, Palau Bank went bankrupt.

However, no general tax, sales tax or property tax has been levied in the country.

Palau has a total GDP of 300 million.
Which ranks tenth in the world.

The currency of Palau is called the US dollar.
Palau is home to the largest population of Asian and Filipino descent.
Apart from them, people of Chinese, Filipino and Korean descent live here.

While the number of Europeans and Americans is negligible.

Courier language is the official language of the country.
While Palawan and English are officially spoken.
Other languages ​​spoken in the country besides these are Japanese and Orion.

interesting facts about Palau beauty

About 45% of Palau’s population is Roman Catholic.
6.9% are Adventists and the rest are followers of other religions.
Among the traditional foods of Palau, cassava, Toro, yum, potatoes and fish are the most eaten.
Foreigners who come for tourism also like these foods to a great extent.
The beverage here is a wine made from coconut.

Joy is extremely popular among the people here.
Introduced by Japan in 1920, the game baseball is a very popular sport here.
Palau’s baseball team also won a gold medal in 2007.
Football is also a popular sport in the country.

The literacy rate in Palau is 97%.

Palau International Airport is the only airport in the country.

Which is performing its services to come and go in different countries of the world.

There is no railway system in Palau.
There are only 61 km of highways here.

Driving in the country is done right hand.
Driving at speeds exceeding 40km / h is prohibited here.
Driving at speeds exceeding 40km / h is prohibited here.
Boats are used to get to and from different islands.
Palau is 4 hours ahead of Pakistan in terms of time.

Its domain name is PW and calling code+680

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