Interesting facts about Riyadh city (2022)

Interesting facts about Riyadh city

Interesting facts about Riyadh city
Dear Readers, In today’s article you will learn interesting and important facts about Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
This city is also called Riyadh and Riyadh

Riyadh is the capital and largest city of Saudi Arabia
The city of Riyadh is located at an altitude of 2000 feet above sea level
According to the 2019 survey, Riyadh is the sixth largest city in the Middle East and the 39th largest in the world

Riyadh city

The city is called Riyadh in Urdu, Riyadh in Arabic, and Riyadh in English.
The total area of ​​Riyadh city is 1973 square kilometers
In 1935, the total population of Riyadh city was 40,000 people, which reached 83,000 people by 1943, and according to the latest report of 2021, this population has reached 7388,000 people.
Riyadh city has a population of 3900 people per square kilometer.
Riyadh’s 64.19% population is Saudi, while 35.81% is foreign.
Of these, 13.7% Indians are in the largest minority living in Riyadh.

Pakistanis come in second with 12.4% of the population.

Riyadh also has the world’s largest all-women university.
Her name is Princess Noora bint Abdul Rahman

Riyadh city

The city of Riyadh has also been facing missile attacks from Yemen since 2017.
Located in Riyadh, the Kingdom Central Building is the tallest building in Saudi Arabia and one of the tallest in the world.
The center is built in 94320 square meters

The head of this tower is Uhud bin Waleed.
The project cost 2 billion Saudi riyals.
A shopping mall has also been set up at the center where only women can shop.
The height of the Kingdom Tower is about 300 meters
Football is Saudi Arabia’s favorite sport, which is why it is so popular in Riyadh.
There are also 4 major football clubs in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
Riyadh is the oldest club in the city.

Which was built in 1947.

The largest stadium in the city is King Fahd International Stadium.


It has a seating capacity of 70,000
Riyadh also hosted the 1999 FIFA U-19 World Cup
On February 29, 2020, the world’s most expensive and richest horse race also took place in the Abdul Aziz race tag.
The first prize in this race was 20 million US dollars.

Riyadh is a city with a very hot climate
The average temperature in Riyadh is 43.67.
While in summer the temperature goes up to 50 degrees
The city of Riyadh receives less rainfall, while the ratio increases in March and April.
In the summer, there are large dust storms that cause nothing more than 10 meters to be visible
Interesting facts There are palm groves and small settlements around Riyadh city
These areas include Daria, Manifa and Laban Valley
If we talk about the interesting facts of Riyadh city, then there are four historical palaces in this city.
These include Mas Mahal, Marwa Mahal, Attica Mahal and Shamsi a Mahal.
Located on King Fahd Road, Burj Al Fahl is a 307 meter high skyscraper.
Construction of the tower began in 2010 and was completed in 2014
The tower also houses 474 residential units and a 349-room five-star hotel.
Al-Fasiliya Center is a skyscraper in Saudi Arabia
And it is the third tallest building in Riyadh
Riyadh TV Tower is a 170 meter high TV tower. This building was built in 1978 and 1981.
The offices of the country’s largest institutions are also located in Riyadh

The city also includes the country’s largest banks and headquarters
King Khalid Airport is the largest airport in the country
From where domestic and international flights are operated
The airport handles 17 million passengers annually
The airport is now being further planned for 35 million passengers
The airport is one of the largest airports in the world in terms of area
The city of Riyadh is connected to other cities by road and railway network
There are no beaches in Riyadh for sightseeing.

Saudi Arabia Riyadh city

Because this city doesn’t look like the sea from either side.
Riyadh is known as the safest, cleanest and safest city to live in
Alcohol is banned in Riyadh and throughout Saudi Arabia
This city is considered one of the cleanest cities in the world
Police patrols provide 24-hour service here.
Riyadh is home to many houses, parks, zoos, libraries and theaters.

The city is also called the economic hub of Saudi Arabia

city Riyadh

Thousands of tourists visit Riyadh every year
Riyadh is home to many such cultural, modern and used items.
Which includes many necessities of life besides electronic cosmetics.
There are also many restaurants in Riyadh that serve local food
And there are some restaurants where Pakistani and Indian food is also available
The city of Riyadh is famous throughout Saudi Arabia for its bright night
The city of Riyadh offers a wide range of entertainment opportunities for foreigners
Riyadh’s street foods include shrimp, fish fry, and shawarma.
The Gina River is a festival in the city of Riyadh that hosts cultural and traditional events. The festival features camel races, poetry, and many more.
Similarly, Riyadh Book Fair is an international event

city of Saudi

Book publishers from all over the world, including Saudi Arabia, take part in this event.
This book fair is one of the biggest book fairs in the world

Noor Riaz is an annual festival, also known as the Festival of Light and Art
Which runs from March 18 to April 3

Saudi capital
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