interesting facts about Somalia Africa

interesting facts about Somalia Africa

interesting facts about Somalia Africa
Today we will travel to Somalia, a Muslim country in East Africa.

The East African country is bordered by Yemen to the north, Djibouti to the northwest, the Indian Ocean to the east, Ethiopia to the west, and Kenya to the south and southwest of Sindh.

Somalia is one of the countries in Africa where almost 100% of the population is Muslim.

If we talk about the history of Somalia, history tells us where Somalia is today. Tribes from Egypt settled here in 2500 BC.

Later there were migrations from different countries.

But the settled tribes have always belonged to Africa.
In 1884, the British occupied the country.
And the country was renamed Cobra British Somaliland.
Five years later, in 1889, parts of the country were occupied by the Italians and some by the French.

After the Italian occupation, this country came to be known as Italian Somalia.
In July 1960, the Italian government liberated Somalia.
A few months ago, the British and the French had also vacated these occupied territories.
On September 20, 1960, the United Nations recognized the country’s independent integrity and made Somalia a member of the United Nations.
For some time after independence, an atmosphere of peace prevailed in the country.
At the same time, European influence and bribery began to worsen the situation in the country.

An atmosphere of war began to develop in the country.
Which has not ended until today.
Europeans re-enter the country in the name of ending terrorism.

The Islamic Jihad organization al-Shabab also came into action there.
Since then, it has become difficult for people to live in peace.
The total area of ​​Somalia is 637657 square kilometers.
It is the 42nd largest country in the world by area.
The current population of Somalia is 15443000 people.
In terms of population, this country is considered to be the 17th largest country in the world.
If we talk about interesting facts about Somalia, then the full name of Somalia is the Federal Republic of Somalia.

 Somalia Africa world map

The name of the country means a cup full of milk.

The largest religion in Somalia is Islam.

99.9% of Somalia’s population is Muslim.
There are only 1 people in Somalia who do not belong to any religion.
Somali and Arabic are the official languages ​​of this country.

While educated young people also know Italian and English.

The total number of languages ​​spoken in Somalia is 20.
Mogadishu is the largest city and capital of Somalia.

The city was settled in the 9th century by Muslim traders from Arabia.

This city was used as a port.
Being located on the beach, the importance of this city increased everywhere.
Due to employment opportunities, people continued to settle in this city.

Today, the city’s population is estimated at 2.7 million.

Kismayo is the second largest city in Somalia.

The country’s largest and most populous cities are located almost on the beach.

The people living in the cities have settled down while the people living in the villages are in a bad condition.

The time that the whole family spends on one bread often comes to them.

When it rains in Somalia, their days come again.
Otherwise, conditions like hunger and unemployment incite them to revolt against the government.

And then the world says al-Shabab has become a terrorist organization.
The Somali people are among the least literate nations in the world.
The education rate in Somalia is only 36%.
The health sector in Somalia is also in a very bad state.

Typhoid and HIV are common diseases in Somali people.

Weakness and dehydration affect 5 out of 10 children.
That is why the death rate in Somalia is higher than in many countries.

The life expectancy in Somalia is 56 years.

Somalia Calling Code+252
Somali domain name. SO
Somalia is one of the countries in the world that lags far behind the world in terms of technology.

Somalia is one of the poorest countries in Africa.
The currency of Somalia is called Somali Sharing.
Somalia’s GDP is 9 7.9 billion.
While the total per capita income is 717 US dollars.

Somalia is a federal republic.
The current president of Somalia is Mohamed Abdullah Mohamed.
Hassan al-Khari is the current Prime Minister of the country.

The world’s largest camp is also located in Somalia.
Somalia is also often in the news because of its notorious piracy.

The Jabba and Sheila rivers are the two largest rivers in the country.
98% of Somalia is in Africa and 2% is in Arabia.
In Somalia, food, medicine and weapons ships are often looted by pirates.
Somali Muslims are one of the few countries in the world where there are very few restrictions on women legally.

interesting facts about Somalia Africa camels

The camel is the most popular animal in Somalia.
Camel meat and camel’s milk are most used in food.
Camel leather is used more for wearing camels and coming and going.
The national animal of Somalia is the cheetah.

Most species of wild animals are found in Somalia.
The maple tree is considered the national tree of Somalia.
Somalia’s most popular sport is football.
Football is the national sport of Somalia.
Somalia’s civil war, which began in 1990, has killed more than 500,000 people.

The leather industry, livestock, sugar and agriculture are the most important industries in Somalia.

The tourism sector in Somalia is very weak compared to other African countries.

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