Interesting facts about south sudan

Interesting facts about south sudan

Interesting facts about south sudan
Today the destination of our article is South Sudan, a country on the continent of South Africa.

The full and official name of South Sudan is the Republic of South Sudan.
South Sudan has 644329 square kilometers.

The total population of South Sudan is 1.3 billion.
60% of South Sudan’s population is Christian, while the other 40% includes other religions.
The city of Juba has the distinction of being the largest city and capital of South Sudan.
South Sudan has 285232 km of agricultural land.
Which makes up 46% of the total area.

South Sudan is also the youngest country in the world.
It is only 10 years since South Sudan gained independence.

South Sudan is a country that has long been plagued by civil war.

There is a lot of poverty in South Sudan.
South Sudan has large oil reserves.

Interesting facts about south sudan country

There is a tribe in South Sudan that bathes in cow urine.
South Sudan is a very poor and underdeveloped country

South Sudan’s economy and currency have collapsed due to heavy civil war.
16% of the total number of women in South Sudan can read and write.
South Sudan’s male literacy rate is 28%.
The majority of South Sudan’s population is young.

The average age of the people of South Sudan is 17 years.
South Sudan shares borders with six African countries. Meets Central Republic of Africa, Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan and Uganda.
South Sudan gained independence from Sudan on July 9, 2011.
Maternal mortality rates are very high in South Sudan.
More than half of South Sudan’s population lacks access to safe drinking water.
South Sudan AIDS is a highly contagious disease.
A large number of South Sudanese children become infected with AIDS at an early age.
Lack of basic amenities in this country.
Basic education and health facilities are also scarce in this country.
South Sudan’s economy is largely dependent on foreign aid.
Inflation in South Sudan is higher than many countries in the world.
Inflation in this country is more than 300%.
It is a member of the African Union, the United Nations and the East African Community.
This country is not conducive to business due to lack of economic stability.
Locals make a living by farming small businesses.
English is the official language in South Sudan.

 facts about south sudan country

Also Arabic and 50 other languages ​​are spoken here.

Most of the country’s population lives in rural areas.
South Sudan is inhabited by people belonging to the Tanka race.
The first child born after independence in South Sudan was named after independence.
But this baby only survived for one year.
South Sudan has a democratic presidential system.
South Sudan’s main natural resources include hydropower agriculture, gold, diamonds, petroleum, limestone and zinc and other minerals.
The birth rate in this country is 36 and the death rate is 19 out of 1000.

South Sudan is land locked as a country.
There are currently a total of 45 countries in the world that are completely landlocked.

The borders of these countries do not meet with any sea.
South Sudan is rich in forests and biodiversity.

If you look at the history of South Sudan, there were different ethnic groups in different periods.

south sudan history

The Tinta is the largest ethnic group.
In 1820, the Ottomans conquered the region through Egypt.
Because at that time the Ottoman Empire itself was in decline.
He could not control the region.
The British occupied all the territories adjoining Egypt and Sudan.
British rule over North Sudan accepted.
While the people of South Sudan strongly resisted the British rule.

As a result, the UK focused more on North Sudan and moved ahead in terms of development.
Immediately after Sudan’s independence in 1956, differences arose between the two sides.
The main reason for this was the religion of Islam in North Sudan while the people of South Sudan were followers of Christianity.
Then suddenly the civil war broke out in Sudan.

Which was stopped in 1972 as a treaty.
The civil war resumed in 1983 after a 10-year civil war.

The civil war lasted until 2005.

Interesting facts about south sudan map

During this time various agreements were negotiated and a ceasefire was reached.
A comprehensive peace agreement was reached in 2005 to divide power.
And South Sudan was granted semi-national status.
The agreement also stipulated that a referendum would be held in six years on whether South Sudan wanted to remain with North Sudan.
A referendum was held on January 1, 2011 under pressure from international organizations. The referendum passed a majority in favor of South Sudan’s secession.
On July 9, 2011, South Sudan declared independence.
The Nile River irrigates most of this country.
The Nile River runs continuously from the eastern part of the country to the southern part.

South Sudan seems to have mountain ranges along the Ugandan border.
There are various peaks above 10 thousand feet.
The climate of South Sudan consists of dry and hot climate.

In South Sudan, 750 to 1000 mm of rain is recorded annually.
South Sudan is home to many rare animals and birds.
Most of the country’s population lives on the banks of the Nile River.

80% of the country’s population lives in rural areas.

In South Sudan, houses are built by mixing soil and grass.
Before independence, the region was mostly rural.
But now most people are moving to urban areas.
The average human age in this country is 45 years.
About one million people were killed in South Sudan’s war of independence.
The word Sudan comes from the Arabic language which means the land of black people.

Green, blue, red, black and white stripes are displayed on the South Sudanese flag.

South Sudan is one of the 27 countries that do not have a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
South Sudan is one of the countries with the highest air pollution.
South Sudan is one of the most dangerous countries in the world.
During the 19th century, the region was also important in terms of the slave trade.

South Sudan calling code+211
South Sudan Internet domain ss
In South Sudan, cars are driven right-handed.

South Sudan facts

Interesting facts about south sudan

South Sudan facts
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