Interesting facts about Tehran(2021)

Interesting facts about Tehran

Interesting facts about Tehran
Tehran is the largest city in Iran and West Asia.
Tehran also has the distinction of being the largest metropolitan area in the Middle East.
Tehran also has the distinction of being the 24th largest metropolitan city in the world.
Along with modern architecture, Tehran is also an ancient city.

Interesting facts about Tehran

Historically, the city is also of special importance.
Tehran covers an area of ​​615 square kilometers and is the capital of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The city is located in the province of Tehran and has an elevation of 2952 feet above sea level.
The total area of ​​its metropolitan area is 2235 square kilometers.
The city as a whole is surrounded by high mountains.
According to a 2021 report, the total population of Tehran is 9263,000 people.
The metropolitan area of ​​Tehran has a population of 1.5 billion.

facts about Tehran

Due to the dense population in Tehran, traffic is a big problem here.

The name Tehran means hot place.

While Shimran means cool place.
But according to Iran’s official website, Tehran means the end or down.

Run means downhill.
North Tehran is the richest part of the city.
The city suffers from air pollution and 80% of the pollution is caused by cars.
And the remaining 20% ​​includes industry.

Cars are plentiful in Tehran and throughout Iran due to the sharp drop in oil prices in Iran.
The Iranian Azeri city of Tehran is a large ethnic group.
Which makes up 25% of the total population.
Other ethnic communities in Tehran include Turks, Armenians, Georgians, Mkhitar Dawlish, Baloch, Assyrians, Arabs, Jews and others.
According to the Department of Sociology at Tehran University, 75% of the population is indigenous.
Persian is the largest language spoken here.

In addition, Arabic and Persian-speaking people also live in the same country.
Historically, the city of Tehran is 5,000 years old.
But a 7,000-year-old structure has also been discovered in the city.
The city was also devastated by Turkish, Arab and Mongol invaders.
In 1786, Agha Muhammad Khan of the Jar dynasty made Tehran the capital of Iran.
Tehran is the 32nd capital of Persia.
Modern development in Tehran began in 1920.
In the 20th century, people from all over Iran came and started construction in Tehran.
Tehran is home to many architectural buildings.
In which Gulistan Saidabad, the royal palace of New Warman where the last two emperors of Iran sat.
Tehran’s most famous site is the Freedom Tower.
Which was built in 1971.
Similarly, Milad Tower is the sixth tallest self-tower in the world.

 facts Tehran city

Which was completed in 2007.

The city suffered irreparable damage in the 1979 Iran-Iraq war.
Due to the large number of vehicles in Tehran, there are many difficulties in transportation.
Due to which the government has passed a strange bill that vehicles with even numbers can come in the market one day while vehicles with odd numbers can come in the market the next day.
According to local media, 2 lakh taxes are levied daily in Tehran.

Airport fares are higher than city fares.
The bus service has been operating since 1920.
The city has four major bus terminals, including the South Terminal, the East Terminal, the West Terminal and the North Terminal.
The city has a 100 km BRT system that carries 1.8 million passengers daily.
Khomeini International Airport is located 50 kilometers south of Tehran.

It is used for domestic and overseas flights.
According to the current report, the average age of the city of Tehran is 31 years.

Tehran has the largest population of Shiite Muslims.
While other small religions of the city are Christian and followers of other religions.
There are about 2100 parks inside the city of Tehran.
The oldest of which is Jamshidi Park.
The total number of green spaces in Tehran is 12,600 acres.
Tehran’s Birth Garden is the largest Perth Garden in Iran.

This city is the largest educational center in Iran.
There are a total of 50 major colleges and universities in Greater Tehran.
Tehran University is the oldest modern university in Iran.
The city’s largest educational institutions include the richest University of Technology, University of Tehran, Sharif University of Technology, Persian University and Iranian University of Science.

Tehran is also home to Iran’s largest military academy and religious seminaries.
Football and volleyball are the famous sports of Tehran city.

While wrestling and football are also among the popular sports of the city.

The biggest source of Iran’s economy is oil.
And 70% of the country’s reserves are controlled from Tehran.
Tehran’s current modern industry includes automobiles, electronics and electrical appliances, weapons, textiles, Chinese cement and chemical weapons.
The city of Tehran is a major center for carpets and wooden furniture.
Tehran relies heavily on private cars, buses, motorcycles and taxis.
And one of the most car culture cities in the world.
And one of the most car culture cities in the world.

And there are more than 60 shopping malls.
Tehran’s modern and most visited malls include the Royal Complex, Platinum Shopping Center, Sana Shopping Center, Mega Mall, Iran Mall, Koresh Mall and Feljim Shopping Center.

There are many scientific and museums in Tehran.

These include National Museum, Country Museum, Ferdous Carton, Cinema Museum, Carpet Museum, etc.
The Tehran International Tower is the tallest building in Iran.
Seasonally, Tehran’s landmass is arid.

Tehran facts

There are hot summer days in Tehran and severe winter days in winter.
The average temperature in the city ranges from 32 to 37 degrees Celsius.
And in winter the minimum temperature goes to minus 5.

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