Interesting facts about tuvalu

Interesting facts about tuvalu

Interesting facts about tuvalu
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Our new destination today is a country that has no ATMs and no army
This country is one of the smallest and peninsular countries in the world
In this country, the dead are buried not in the cemetery but in the courtyard of the house.
This country is only 10 feet above sea level

There are a total of 9 small islands in Tuvalu
Some of these islands are also volcanic.
Today our destination is Tuvalu country.

The country of Tuvalu is located in the middle of Hawaii and Australia in the Pacific Ocean
The people of this paradise-like island of Tuvalu are extremely moral and hospitable.
Tuvalu has a total population of 12,000, covering an area of ​​only 26 square kilometers.
Tuvalu is one of the 5 smallest countries

Tuvalu is one of the Polynesian islands
The island is in extreme danger due to its proximity to sea level

Tuvalu could soon sink due to rising sea levels.

During World War II, the United States conducted several missions against Japan in Tuvalu

The Tuvalu Islands were also invaded by Japan in 1943
Like other Pacific islands, Tuvalu has a high rate of obesity
More than 82% of the island’s population is obese
The world’s smallest grass is domestic towel


There has also been a slave trade in the past

From where people were kidnapped and taken to Australia and Fiji
From there these slaves were subjected to harsh labor.
Tuvalu was first inhabited by people of Polynesian descent.
If we talk about human settlement in Tuvalu, human beings first settled here 3000 years ago
The Spaniards were the first Europeans to discover the islands and rename them Tuvalu.
The Europeans ruled here for a long time and used its resources relentlessly
On October 1, 1978, Tuvalu became a member of the Commonwealth.

At that time, Tuvalu was such a poor and backward country that it did not have the courage to pay the UN installment.

Tuvalu finally joined the United Nations in 2000.
People from the Polynesian islands migrated and settled in Tuvalu 3,000 years ago
Tuvalu has a total of 9 islands, of which 8 are inhabited

Tuvalu literally means to stand together.
This small country has diplomatic relations with the major countries of the world

tuvalu country

There is no railway network in Tuvalu

The length of roads in Tuvalu is only 8 km

Tuvalu is home to only 100 foreigners.
There is only one airport in Tuvalu

Only private flights operate at this airport

Tuvalu is always at risk of erosion and flooding.
Tuvalu has one primary and one high school in the country
As a member of the Commonwealth, the Queen is the Head of State
The temperature on Tuvalu Island remains the same throughout the year

In Tuvalu, 90 percent of the trees fell due to the hurricane
There is no river of any kind in Tuvalu

In Tuvalu, fresh rainwater is collected through tanks

Which is later used for drinking
Tuvalu is the only strange country in the world where there are no cemeteries
In Tuvalu, the dead are buried in the courtyard of the house
The length of the Tuvalu coastline is 24 km
In 2010 and 2011, there was a severe drought in Tuvalu, which led to the introduction of Emergencies in the country.

After which the water from New Zealand was delivered to Tuvalu.
Fewer tourists visit Tuvalu each year

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The number of these tourists is only 2000
This country is counted among the countries that have no army.

Funafuti is the capital and largest city of Tuvalu

The official languages ​​of Tuvalu are English and Tuvalu
Tuvalu’s largest religion is Christianity

Tuvalu is a very weak country in terms of economy
Tuvalu is the fourth volcanic island in the world after the Maldives, the Marshall Islands and Kirby.

tuvalu islands

There are no ships of any kind in Tuvalu
There is no political party of any kind in Tuvalu

Coconut is the most widely grown crop in Tuvalu
There is only one hotel and only one restaurant in Tuvalu
There is no public transport in Tuvalu. Everyone has their own car

Tuvalu is an undoubtedly national sport similar to cricket

Towloka Internet domain is Tv

Interesting facts about tuvalu


AREA 26 square kilometers.


tuvalu country in world map

tuvalu country in world map

tuvalu country in world flag

tuvalu country in world flag
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