life in Paraguay(2021)

life in Paraguay

life in Paraguay
Paraguay gained independence from the Spanish Empire.

The region was first discovered by a Spaniard.
A European named Paraguay on the world map in 1516 AD.

After which the country was ruled by the Ottoman Empire.
But it is said that before the Spanish conquest of Paraguay, the Geraniins occupied Paraguay.
These were the same people who came from Colombia and settled here.
These people were far behind the Spaniards in power.
That is why the empire came under Spanish rule.

Thus the flag of Spain began to fly over this land.
During the Spanish Empire, development work began in this country.

People started getting facilities like education and health.
That is why the spirit of autonomy began to emerge within the people.

The country declared independence on May 14, 1811.
However, his real independence was granted on November 25, 1842.
After which the new name of this country was the Republic of Paraguay.
Paraguay is a landlocked country located in South America.

Argentina is located in the south of Guinea, while Brazil is bordered by Bolivia to the north and Bolivia to the west.

interesting fact about life in Paraguay

interesting fact about Paraguay

The total area of ​​Paraguay is 406752 square kilometers.
It is the 59th largest country in the world by area.
The total population of Paraguay is 7052560.
And this country was the 103rd largest country in the world in terms of its population.

Christianity is the largest religion in this country when it comes to religions.
The Christian denomination is Catholic with 88% of the population.

8% of the population profess Christianity.
Two percent are people who do not believe in any religion.
And two percent are followers of other religions.

About 15,000 Jews and about a thousand Muslims live here.
These Muslims have come from other countries and settled here.
Now these people have made Paraguay their home.
Spanish and Guarani are the official languages ​​of Paraguay.

The country has a population of 50,000 who use languages ​​other than these.
Such a prophecy is the capital of Paraguay and the largest city in the country.
The city covers an area of ​​117 square kilometers.

The total population of the city is 600,000.

The currency of Guyana is called the Paraguayan Guarani.

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The Etipo Dam is the second largest dam in the world, located on the border of Brazil and Paraguay.
The dam meets 100 percent of Paraguay’s electricity needs.

Because it is located on the border between the two countries, Brazilians also receive a large amount of electricity from it.

South America is the second largest landlocked country after Bolivia.
There are 45 landlocked countries in the world, yet Paraguay has the largest navy.

Paraguay is famous all over the world because of its beauty and lifestyle.
Despite this, Paraguay is the least visited country in South America.
According to a 2015 report, the number of foreigners traveling to Goa was 1214,000.
26% of Goa’s population is engaged in agriculture.
19% of Paraguay’s population is engaged in industrialization.

55% of the population is employed in government and non-government organizations.
Sugar Cement Electric Power in the Industrial Sector, Wood Products.

And the textile industry is of the utmost importance.
Football and basketball are the famous sports of basketball.

And that’s what most of Paraguay’s population likes to play.

It is the second largest river in South America after the Amazon.
The river flows through Argentina and Brazil.
The borders of these three countries also meet on the same river.

94% of Paraguay’s 15-year-old population is literate.
The education rate in Paraguay is only 94%

 fact about Paraguay

The flag of Paraguay is one of the oldest flags in the world.
Paraguay is slightly smaller than the US state of California.

More than 1000 species of birds and animals are found in Paraguay.

In the 16th century, the map of this country was like a parrot.

It is said that the name Paraguay is derived from Perth.
Paraguay is the sixth largest producer of soybeans in the world.

Paraguay is the world’s second largest oil producer.
Guinea is the sixth largest exporter of corn in the world.
The world’s second-largest mint-producing country is the world’s seventh-largest beef exporter.

And Paraguay is the world’s 14th largest wheat exporter.

Paraguay is the world’s largest producer of electricity from Pedro Power.
While it uses only 13% of its electricity, it sells the rest to Brazil.

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