Most interesting facts about Dhaka(2021)

Most interesting facts about Dhaka

Most interesting facts about Dhaka
Friends Dhaka is the capital and largest city of Bangladesh
Its current name is Dhaka whereas before that it was also called as Dhaka
Dhaka is a beautiful city on the banks of the river Buri Ganga and is the 9th largest city in the world by population.
Dhaka is the sixth most densely populated city in Bangladesh, politically, culturally and politically.

Dhaka is a centuries-old city in Bangladesh
The city was also the provincial capital and commercial center of the Makhal Empire in the 17th century
Dhaka is also famous all over the world for its marble trade
Due to the influx of foreign traders, the Mughal emperors decorated it with beautiful gardens, mosques, palaces and forts.

The city of Dhaka has also been given the honorary title of Little Venice
Since 1905, the city has also served as the capital of East Bengal and the province of Assam
Dhaka is also the administrative capital of East Pakistan

Most interesting facts about Dhaka city

The total area of ​​Dhaka is 306.38 square kilometers.
Due to its proximity to sea level, floods and monsoons cause storms.
Dhaka also has the status of the capital district and division

The total population of Dhaka is around 9 million
The total population of the metropolitan area is about 21.7 million
And in terms of its population, it has the distinction of being the largest city in Bengal
Dhaka has a population of 46,960 people per square kilometer
The city’s population is growing by 4.2 percent each year
Which is the highest in Asia
Which is the highest in Asia
Given the growing population, its population will reach 25 million by 2025
The inhabitants of this city are ethnically known as Dhaka High

The city has a large number of refugees,
The largest population of Dhaka is Bengali, the national language
The biggest religion of Dhaka is Islam

91.2% of Dhaka’s population is Muslim

Hinduism is the second largest religion in the city
8.2% of the population follows Hinduism

The rest of the population is Buddhist and Christian
Literacy rates are also rising sharply in Dhaka
According to a 2001 report, the literacy rate in Dhaka was 70%

Most interesting facts about Dhaka city bangladesh

Which is now more than 80%
Dhaka is the financial, commercial and recreational capital of Bangladesh
The city of Dhaka contributes up to 35% to Bangladesh’s economy
The city is also home to the Bangladesh Bank and the largest market, the Dhaka Stock Exchange
Roadside stalls in Dhaka employ millions of people
There are about 400,000 drivers in the city
The unemployment rate in Dhaka in 2013 was 23%
Almost all national companies have their headquarters in Dhaka
The offices of Nobel laureates Beck Rabel and Berg are also located in the city
The construction sector has given a huge boost to urban development

Tall and flagship buildings have changed the landscape of the city
Traffic congestion is a major problem in Dhaka
There are so many rickshaws in Dhaka that it is also called the city of rickshaws
In Dhaka, Martyrs’ Day is celebrated on February 21, Independence Day on March 26 and Victory Day on September 16
In the Bengali calendar, the spring season is first celebrated as a festival throughout the city in Pahgan.

facts  Dhaka capital city of bangladesh

On this day women wear yellow saris.
Islamic festivals include Eid-ul-Fitr, Eid-ul-Adha, Eid-ul-Milad-un-Nabi, while other festivals include Targa Puja and Christmas.

Dhaka women prefer to wear sarees or shalwar kameez.

Dhaka women prefer to wear sarees or shalwar kameez
Chamdani sarees are 100% handmade
It takes about three months to make a saree

Chicken palao and biryani are the most popular dishes in Dhaka
Baqerkhani is a traditional breakfast for the people of Dhaka
Dhaka has more than 2,000 buildings built in the 16th to 19th centuries

Which are an integral part of Dhaka’s cultural heritage.
These buildings include Lal Bagh, Ahsan Mosque, Tara Mosque, Chak Mosque, Sini Ta Lawn, Armenian Church, Dhaka The Eight, Rose Garden Palace, Dashkuri Temple, Salami Bagh Temple and Ramna Kali Temple besides thousands of other buildings.
Buildings built during British rule include the Old High Court building and the Med Food Hospital

The modern National Capital Complex, an expert on the Bengal heritage of the Arctic Louis I, was inaugurated in 1982.

Which is one of the largest complexes in the world

Which is one of the largest complexes in the world.
There are 52 universities in Dhaka

Dhaka College is the oldest educational institution in the city.
Cricket and football are two popular sports in Dhaka as well as across the country

interesting facts about Dhaka

Dhaka also faces the worst traffic system in the world.
The largest transportation system in the city is bicycles and auto rickshaws
Through which 4 lakh passengers travel daily

Which is much more than any city in the world.
Hazrat Shah Jalal International Airport is located 15 km north of Dhaka which is the largest international airport in Bangladesh.

The area of ​​this airport is 1981 acres.
The airport has the capacity to handle 15 million passengers annually

There are many parks in Dhaka city.

Which add to the beauty of this city forever


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