Most interesting facts about istanbul turkey

Most interesting facts about istanbul turkey

Most interesting facts about istanbul turkey

Today our article travels to Istanbul, the oldest city in the world and the most beautiful and largest city in Turkey
Istanbul is also remembered in history as Constantinople
Istanbul is the only city in the world located on two continents
70% of Istanbul comes from Asia and 30% from continental Europe

Istanbul is located between the Mediterranean and the Red Sea
The city is built on various small and big hills
And a mosque has been built on the top of each hill
Istanbul is the 5th largest city in Turkey in terms of population and the 5th largest city in the world and also the largest city in Europe.

Istanbul is also a trading center of Turkey and Europe
The city was built in 660 BC
The city has also been the capital of the Byzantine, Roman, Latin and Ottoman Empires
In 1453, the city was conquered and turned into a stronghold of Islam
Istanbul remained the capital of the Ottoman Empire until 1930 and its old name was Constantinople.

istanbul turkey

And after 1930, it was renamed Istanbul
And the capital was given to Ankara

The total area of ​​Istanbul is 2576 square kilometers

The city of Istanbul has a total population of 1.6 billion
And it is the first most populous city in Turkey and the 5th largest in the world
The area code for Istanbul in Europe is 212 and the area code for Istanbul in Asia is 216.

The city is considered a tourist paradise due to its modern architecture and ancient sites
Millions of tourists visit this city every year to see the beauty of this city.

Most Europeans visit this city


Due to its connection to Europe, the city has a strong European color
Istanbul’s highest point is 945 feet above sea level
Istanbul has twice experienced the worst earthquakes in the world
An earthquake in 1509 devastated the city, killing 10,000 people
A previous earthquake in 1999 killed at least 18,000 people

98% of Istanbul’s population lives in the city, with 64.9% Europeans and 35.1% Asians.
Istanbul is the 24th largest city in the world in terms of population and the 18th largest city in the metro area.

In Turkey, Istanbul ranks first in terms of annual population
Ethnically, the city is home to Turkish, Armenian, Spanish and many other immigrants.

Istanbul has the largest number of Sunni Muslims
Other religions include Christianity and Judaism
As a business and commercial center, Istanbul plays an important role in the country’s development
Its main products include olive oil, tobacco, automobiles and various electronics.
Tourism in Istanbul is also considered an important part of the country’s development
The development of the country is increasing with the arrival of millions of tourists every year
The city includes approximately 17 historic palaces, 64 mosques, and 49 churches
The city adds country 30 million to its annual revenue
Istanbul is also known as the city of ancient sports clubs in Turkey
Sports such as volleyball, motorcycle racing, boating, and sailing are popular in the city.
Istanbul has two international airports

From where domestic and international flights are operated

Ataturk Airport is located 24 km west of the city
Sabiha International Airport is located 45 km from the city center
These airports are among the 30 most popular and busiest airports in the world
Founded in 1453, Istanbul University is the city’s oldest educational institution
Founded in 1773, Istanbul Technical University is the third oldest university in the world
Turkish, German, English and French are widely spoken in Istanbul

Raw Brut College in Istanbul was built in 1863 by an Englishman, Christopher Roberts
Which still exists today
The literacy rate in Istanbul is 96.17%
Depending on the season, the fog is very heavy in Istanbul

Being in the middle of two seas, the humidity in the air is high

Rain is usually expected with thunderstorms in summer
The city receives an average annual rainfall of 810 mm
The maximum temperature in the city is 40.5 degrees Celsius.

If we talk about the historical and tourist places of Istanbul, the name of the Blue Mosque comes first.

The name of this mosque is Sultan Ahmed
It is also called the Blue Mosque
It is the only mosque in the world with six minarets

The mosque was completed in 1909
This mosque is a rare opportunity for Turkish architecture

It has blue tiles on the inner walls
That is why it is called the Blue Mosque

The Cannon Palace is also home to former Ottoman rulers
It is built in the middle of a very large garden
There are several sections of the building, including the Treasury Building, the Throne Room, the Baghdadi Exhibition Room and the Library, as well as many other important items.
The interior of the dome of this building is decorated with embroidery of vines


This game is located on the edge of phosphorus.

The palace was built in 1850 AD
The throne room is decorated with fine carpets and furniture
The last king of Turkey lived in this palace

Ghazi Atatرکrk’s death also took place in the same palace.
Today the building is used as the residence of official guests.
Incumbent President Tayyip Erdogan stays in the same building during his visit to Istanbul.
Sulaimaniyah Mosque is the largest mosque in Istanbul.
The mosque was named after the Sultan of Turkey

The mosque was completed in 1957
The largest dome of the mosque is 159 feet high and 96 feet round

In this mosque, 10,000 people can pray at a time
Masjid Ayub is named after Hazrat Ayub Ansari
In the middle of it is the court of Hazrat Ayub
Fateh Mosque was built in 1462
The mosque was severely damaged by an earthquake in 1750
Kalata Tower is a very old building that is said to have been built when Janus occupied Istanbul.
At that time this building was also known as Prophet Moses (peace be upon him).
The height of this tower is 200 feet

Along with this, a monument of independence was built in 1928
The Atatرکrk Museum is considered an example throughout Turkey, including Istanbul

The Phosphorus Bridge is your example
This is the bridge that connects the two continents, Europe and Asia

The bridge was also renamed the Martyrs’ Bridge in 2016
The bridge was completed in 1973 and is one mile long
Aya Sophia is the site that has been the largest church in the world for 1000 years
And after conquering Constantinople in 1453, the Ottomans converted it into a mosque.
In 1935, Kamal Ataturk turned it into a museum

istanbul turkey facts

It is one of the oldest buildings in the world

The building is a World Heritage Site

Crane Bazaar is the largest market in the world, located at approximately 3000 square feet.
There are about 5,000 shops in this market
50% of which are shops built in the 5th century AD.

About 300,000 people visit this market daily
In addition to these places, there are many parks, churches and palaces in Istanbul.
Which attracts people who are interested in sightseeing.

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