most interesting facts about Zanzibar country

most interesting facts about Zanzibar country

most interesting facts about Zanzibar country
Today’s article travels to Zanzibar, an autonomous region of Tanzania
Also called S. Paceland.
Zanzibar is an area where the world’s rarest red monkey is found

And such interesting and fun places will be listed in this article.

Zanzibar is an Arabic word meaning the land of blacks
This is an autonomous region of Tanzania
Located 25 to 50 kilometers from Tanzania
Zanzibar is a region of several small islands in the Indian Ocean
And its two largest islands are Angucha and Bampa.
On December 10, 1963, Zanzibar gained independence from Britain as a constitutional monarchy under a sultan.
The capital of Zanzibar is Zanzibar city
The unique identity of this region is Aston Town

most interesting facts about Zanzibar country city

Which is also a World Heritage Site

The total area of ​​Zanzibar is 2462 square kilometers
And Zanzibar has a population of 735,000
About 60% of Zanzibar’s population lives on the island of Angucha

The largest area of ​​Pemba Island is Chaka Chaka

Its population is 19283 people
The people of Zanzibar are ethnically of the Windo, Habibu and Tu Mao ethnic groups
Their ancestors are thought to have begun descending 1,000 years ago
Persians, Somalis, and Indians also live in the region
Zanzibar is the most widely spoken Swahili and English language
Soali is also the official language of Tanzania
The other languages ​​spoken in the region are Italian, French and Arabic
Zanzibar is a religiously Muslim country
Eighty-five percent of Zanzibar’s population is Muslim

5% are Hindu and other religions

Historically, the area has also been used as a highway for ancient Arab traders

Zanzibar has a unique position in the world due to the production of spices

Zanzibar is rich in cloves, pepper, cinnamon, and nutmeg
Until 1970, Zanzibar was the world’s largest producer of cloves and the world’s largest exporter of cloves.
The aftermath of the post-1970 transformation in the region caused irreparable damage not only to Zanzibar but to the entire region.
As a result, Zanzibar’s living exports fell by 80 percent
The region is currently the third largest exporter of cloves
In comparison, Indonesia is the first country to export living

Which exports 75% of the world’s living

There is a big difference between rural and urban life in Zanzibar
Zanzibar’s average annual income is1,500
But more than half of Zanzibar’s population lives below the poverty line

Zanzibar’s infant mortality rate is 54 out of 1,000
According to a 2010 survey, the average life expectancy in Zanzibar has dropped from 67.2% to 57%.
The HIV rate is highest in the 15- to 65-year-old population of Zanzibar
The red monkey found in Zanzibar is one of the rarest animals found in Africa

Zanzibar country

It is believed that their number is now only 1,500.
In addition, the ginger leopard is also a hallmark of the area.
Apart from them, there are no large wild animals in the forests of Zanzibar.

Seasonally, the area is hot all year round.

The monsoon season is often rainy.

But the rest of the year is dry and hot.

The currency used in Zanzibar is Tanzanian shilling.

Zanzibar calling code+255

Zanzibar  facts


Zanzibar’s domain name is TZ
According to 2020 data, Zanzibar’s total GDP is 3.750 million.
The national animal of Zanzibar is the red monkey.
Zanzibar’s tourism sector has an international reputation
In terms of tourism, Zanzibar earns a lot of foreign exchange.

The tourism sector has also surpassed agriculture

About 25% of the country’s revenue comes from the tourism sector.
Between 2015 and 2016, about 380,000 tourists visited the country
Zanzibar supplies 100 megawatts of electricity from Tanzania with a 39-kilometer line to meet its electricity needs.
In Zanzibar, wood is used on a domestic scale.

Gas and coal consumption is very low in the region.

Zanzibar  interesting facts

Zanzibar has a 1600 km road network.
Eighty-five percent of the roads are damaged.
There is no official public transport in the region.
There are 5 ports on the islands of Angucha and Pemba.
Zanzibar’s 90% commercial port was built in 1925.
Abid Omani Cromani Airport is the main airport in Zanzibar.
The airport has the capacity to handle 1.5 million passengers annually.
Zanzibar first launched color television in Africa in 1973.

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