Steve jobs short biography in 2021

Steve jobs short biography in 2021

Steve jobs short biography in 2021.

Steve Jobs opened his eyes on January 24, 1955 in Francisco, USA.
In this post we are going to tell you a short biography of Steve Jobs.
His father, Abdul Fattah, could not marry his Christian mother, Joanna, because he was a Muslim.
Now they both wanted to hand over the child to an illiterate childless couple.
Who could raise him well.
Then Francesco’s motor mechanic Paul Jobs and his wife Clara Jobs adopted him.
The couple named their adopted son Steve Paul Jobs.
And today the world knows him as Steve Jobs.
When Steve Jobs grew up, he saw his father fix cars and became interested in electronics.

I didn’t like his studies.
And he was always mischievous.
Once he even installed a cracker under his teacher’s chair.
Then one of his teachers started giving him a red pop reward for solving math questions.

In the lure of red pop, Steve Jobs took so much interest in studies that he topped the study.
The school then even offered to promote him to the 8th class instead of the next two classes.
But her parents only allowed her to be promoted to 7th grade.

Along with education, the electronic skills of Seton Jobs were also being honed.

Once he connected the speakers to his entire house with wires so that any conversation in the house could be heard in his room.
He became so interested in experiments that he called the CEO of an electronics company, HP, to make a scientific instrument.
The CEO was inspired by Steve and hired him on an internship.
Steve Jobs, with the help of a friend, Steve Wozniak, also built a box that could be connected to a telephone line to save a bill.
The box used to cost 40, but the two friends kept selling it for 150 .
Steve Jobs later said he was so inspired by the box that he later turned it into a big company like Apple.

There was a turning point in Steve Jobs’ life in high school. He started using marijuana, heroin and other drugs at school.
He also had a quarrel with his own father.
Despite his drug addiction, Steve Jobs completed his schooling in 1972.
He then stubbornly enrolled at Reads College.
When he saw that his favorite subjects were not being taught, he had already left the college for the semester.
But before leaving college, he befriended Hippie.

Steve jobs parents

Culture flourished under Steve Jobs.

Young people of this culture used to make a special style of hair.

Wandering and intoxicated.
Steve Jobs also stopped eating meat in hippie watching and became a vegetarian.
He believed that eating vegetables would not make him sweat or cause body odor.
So he avoided bathing for years.
Which made her body stink.

Coincidentally, he was also very irritable and grumpy.

People close to him also tried to stay away from him.
After leaving college, Steve Jobs took a job as a technician at Atari, a well-known video game company.
These jobs also got Steve Jobs because of his stubborn nature.
He went to the company’s office and sat down and threatened not to leave until he got the job.
The company hired him because of his passion for technology.
But Steve Jobs’ bad temper and body odor prompted other employees to fire him.

The company did not fire him but put him on a night shift.

In which he worked alone.
During his career, Steve Jobs read a book in which he wrote about the benefits of drugs.
The book was written by Richard Alpert, an American citizen.

Jobabaram Das was known as.
The book was written by Ram Das, inspired by an Indian sadhu, Nim Crowley.
Steve Jobs was so impressed with the book that he arrived in India in search of a semi-Crowley.
But the problem in India was that there was no clean water like in the United States.
Steve Jobs became so ill when he arrived in India that he lost 40 pounds in just one week.

Then he went to a small village in the Himalayas and found out that there was a semi-Crowley Chili.

After receiving this news, Steve Jobs stayed in India for some time.
He also attended a fair and then returned to the United States.
And resumed employment in his old company.

But his hippie habits are not over.
One of his habits was to work off his office shoes and often went barefoot.

The turning point in Steve Jabber and his friend’s life came when he saw the Intel microprocessor Ante Four Thousand at the Huambo Computer Club.
Seeing this, Wozniak made a board in which a computer could be made by using this processor.
Steve Jobs explained to Woznick why he shouldn’t set up a company and make the whole cricket instead of selling the board.
The idea was liked by a friend of Steve Jobs and then Jobs sold his car and Weiss Nyak sold his clutter and collected1300.
With these dollars he built his company.

Steve Jobs called the company Apple.
The reason for the name was that a friend of Steve Jobs had an apple orchard.

Where Steve Jobs used to go often.
Steve Jobs emptied his home garage and made computers there.
He named his first computer Apple One.
The first Apple One show took place at the Homes Club.
Apple One didn’t get much attention in the show, but Steve Jobs did have a computer store connector.

Steve jobs friends

Apple received its first order from this store.

But آر 15,000 was needed to fulfill that order.

Steve Jobs fulfilled this order by borrowing some and taking some goods on credit.
After this success, the marketing of Apple One began to improve.
Apple made about 200 Apple One.

They were sold for 6666.

There are still close to 66 Apple One.

In 2014, Apple One was bid ڈالر 905,000 in New York.
After the success of Apple One, Steve Jobs launched Apple II.

It was a computer package in which keyboard mice etc. were also to be sold with it.
This work required an investment of two lack dollars.
Meanwhile, Steve Jobs met with marketing expert Mark Macaulay.

Marcela liked the ideas of Steve Jobs.

And he invested 2.5 million in the company.

Thus, on July 3, 1977, The Apple Computer Corporation was formally launched.
Steve developed the company’s Kenya logo and launched the Apple Two with the new logo.
The project was so successful that the company made a profit for 16 years.

Because of this profit, Apple rented a building in Stevens Creek.
And Apple’s plant moved out of Steve Jobs’ garage into a new building.
Steve Jobs’ achievements were great, but he didn’t get used to being sloppy.
He called his team’s hard-earned design nonsense and insulted his employees.
So much so that Apple made Mike Sprat president so he could control Steve Jobs.
Mike took a shower at Steve Jobs and it took him a long time to change his lifestyle.

But he remained unconcerned with his health and those close to him.
Steve Jobs became so numb that in 1977, when his girlfriend gave birth to a daughter, he refused to believe her.

Chris Brennan filed a lawsuit against Jobs.
Medical tests were performed on the court’s order, which proved that the girl’s father was Steve Jobs.
Steve Jobs was forced to adopt the girl on a court order.

The baby was named Lisa Brennan Jobs.
But Steve Jobs did not marry his daughter’s mother.
Instead, she married Lauren Powell in 1991.

And Lauren gave birth to two daughters and a son.
After the success of Apple II, Steve tried to launch another computer.

Which he named Lisa after his first daughter.
But this computer failed.

Then the Apple 3 project also failed.

Another Apple project was McCann Tash.

Bill Gates also helped Apple a lot in this project.
When McCann Tash’s first ad was launched, everyone present was standing there applauding.
But when the project hit the market, sales fell short of expectations.

That means McCann Tash also flops.
These failures led to growing differences between Steve Jobs and his partner.
Navis went so far as to be fired as CEO by Steve Jobs’ own friends.
However, he was still chairman of the company’s board of directors.
That’s why he replaced the famous Pepsi CEO John Scully with his CEO.
Even after stepping down as CEO, Steve Jobs’ relationship with his partner did not improve.
So in 1985, Steve Jobs resigned from the board of directors.


He sold most of his shares in Apple.

With that money, Jobs started a separate company called Next.

He approached Bill Gates to build a computer. Bill Gates saw the design of the computer and called it a failure.

Now Steve Jobs decided to make new capital.

He bought parts of Lucas Animation Studios for crore 10 million.
This is the same studio that you and I know as Pixar.
The studio was later bought by the Disney Company.

Thus Steve Jobs became a major shareholder in the Disney Company.
And joined the company’s board of directors.

After the resignation of Steve Jobs, the Able Company continued to fail.

Every one of his projects since McCann Tash had failed miserably.
The old friends who forced Apple out of Steve Jobs were embarrassed.
He contacted Jobs and asked him to take over the company.
Steve Jobs has made it a condition that Apple will do the same.

There will be no interference from the Board of Directors.
The company agreed, and in 1997 Steve Jobs was re-appointed CEO.

He also bought Steve Company for 42.9 million.
Now Steve Jobs came back to Apple with all his might and took it to such heights that even Bill Gates became jealous.

Steve contacted Bill Gates because the company’s software was to be provided by Bill Gates.

Steven then invested 150 million to save Apple from bankruptcy.


Apple then began launching one-on-one projects under Steve’s supervision.
Starting at 13 1300, Apple today has a net worth of 13 trillion.
Which is more than Microsoft
Steve Jobs was diagnosed with lip cancer in 2003.
He underwent surgery in 2004 and appears to have recovered.
But cancer soon re-emerged. In 2009, Jobs’ health deteriorated.

He was losing weight but he kept hiding his illness by smiling.

By January 2011, he was so ill that he went on a six-month vacation.

He left the company and resigned as CEO.

Steve Jobs died on October 5, 2011.
Steve Jobs was 56 years old.

Steve Jobs’ sister and wife and children were also with him at the time of his death.

Says O Wow O Wow O Wow from the last words of Steve Jobs.

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