The cook islands history(2021)

The cook islands history

The cook islands history
In today’s article we will explain the history, population, and interesting facts about Cook Islands.
Cook Islands is the continent of the United States on one side and the continent of Australia on the other.
On its back is the continent Antarctica.

Cook Islands is a country without an army.
It only has its own police.

New Zealand is responsible for the defense of Cook Islands
Cook Islands is a country where if the sun sets, the sun rises in the neighboring country.

Cook Islands is the associate state of New Zealand.
It is named after Captain James Cook, who discovered it.

The capital of Cook Islands is Avarua.

And also the greatest city.
Cook Islands’ national borders do not seem to be with any country.
This country, made up of 17 islands, is surrounded on all sides

The total area of ​​this country is 236 square kilometers.

That is, only 92 square miles is dry
Cook is New Zealand to the northeast of Iceland.

If you look closely at New Zealand, there is a town called Gaz born at the end of the northern part of it and this town is the east of the world.

The sun starts its daily journey from here daily.
The sun sets 24 hours a day and sets in the Coke Islands.
The national loss of this country is English and radish

The system of government of this country is the constitutional monarchy

The current head of state is Queen Elizabeth II.
The country declared itself an independent state on August 4, 1965.

The funny thing is that all its citizens are New Zealand citizens.
It became a member of the United Nations in 1992.

The cook islands maps

Cook Islands has an annual GDP of 300 300 million
Coke Iceland’s economy is dominated by tourism, fruit processing, fishing, clothing, handmade products and offshore companies.
Cook Islands has a per capita income of 17,000.

Every child in the Cook Islands school is taught singing and traditional dance.

The natural resources of the Cook Islands include fruits, metals and fish.
Only 8.5% of the total area of ​​Cook Islands is cultivable.

And 64.5% of the area is forested.
The official religion of the country is Christianity.

One and a half million tourists visit the Cook Islands annually.

Cook Islands is also called the Silent Paradise.

Cook Islands is the oldest sport netball.
Cook Islands has only one airline and one aircraft.

There is no railway system in the country. There are few buses in the country

There are also 300 km of paved roads in the country.
Its largest port is Aviator
The total population of the Cook Islands is 18,000
Cook Islands is the 224th smallest country in terms of population.
The average age of Cook Islands is 77 years.

The currency of the Cook Islands is the New Zealand dollar.

The cook islands population

and cook Islands is the dollar.

The country’s literacy rate is 95%.
If we talk about the history of these islands, the first human footsteps are found in the sixth century.

Exploring the New World, the first French ship arrived here in 1595.

After which, in 1773 and 1777, Cook James visited here.
Its map was first printed by Russia in the 18th century.
At that time it was named Stick and later it was renamed as Cook Islands.

These islands were used as arsenals.
And in the early 20th century, control was handed over to New Zealand.
Then in 1965 the locals formed their own autonomous state.

The domain name of this country is CK.

Calling code for this country+682

The number of mobile users in this country is only 12000.
54% of the population of this country knows internet usage.

The most widely eaten food in this country is seafood.

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