TOP 7 major world religions

There are so many religions in this world.

But this post will mention the seven religions found in the world.
Which are the seven largest religions in the world in terms of their followers.


Judaism symbol

Judaism symbol

Judaism is the seventh largest religion in the world, despite its small following.
Judaism is considered the most powerful religion in the world.
This religion is inspired.
That is, it was sent down by Allah Almighty.
The Torah is the holy book of Judaism.

Judaism is a follower of Moses.
The current population of Judaism is close to 1.5 billion.
The majority of Judaism lives in Israel.

But these people have a profound influence all over the world, especially in Europe and the United States.
The media around the world runs on their emma.
These are the people who do the deeds of the great institutions of the world

The holy place of Judaism is Jerusalem.
Where the wall fell is located.
Saturday is a holy day in Judaism.
Which begins with the setting of the sun on Friday.
The cover of the day is their holiest festival.



Sikhism is the sixth largest religion in the world in this list.
And it is the sixth largest religion in terms of its followers.
Born in 1469 in Nonaka Sahib, Pakistan, Guru Nanak was the founder of this religion.
Sikhs still consider him their supreme leader.
The religious place of the Sikhs is called Gurdwara.

The holiest site of the Sikhs is the Golden Temple located in Amber Sir India.
The holy book of the Sikhs is Guru Karnak Singh Sahib.
The Sikh New Year begins on March 14.
Disgrace is an important festival for the followers of the Sikh religion.
Today, the number of followers of the Sikh religion is 30 million.
The majority of Sikhs live in the Indian state of Punjab.
However, the Sikh community is also found in England and Canada.



At number five on this list is considered to be the Taoism religion.
It is the fifth largest religion by its followers.
Almost all of its followers live in China.
But geographically it is a small country.
Believers in this religion consider Lao Zi to be their deity.
Who was living in Chiang Chu area of ​​China.
Its time is 2600 years before today.

His holy book is called Taoist Chung.
And all the holy places of the followers of this religion are located in China.

Lantern Festival is the holiest festival of this religion.
Today, the number of believers in this religion has reached 100 million.
And they all live in China.



Buddhism ranks fourth on this list.
The Buddhist presidency, though you consider Kapil as your guide.
The history of Buddhism is about 2500 years old.
Their leader Gautam Kapil was born in 563 AD in the Himalayas.
This religion is the closest to Hinduism.
The name of his holy book is Tree pee Taka.

The temple of Buddha Gaia is located in the Indian state of Bihar.

This is the holiest place for the followers of this religion.

Today the number of followers of this religion is 50 crores.

Who live in China, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Bhutan, and India.



Hinduism ranks third on this list.
It is the third largest religion in the world by its followers.
Believers of this religion are called Hindus.
Believers in this religion believe in many gods.
Hinduism was founded in India.

Today the number of Hinduism in the whole world is one billion.
A large number of them are found in India and Nepal.
The holy book of Hinduism is Viet.
Diwali, Do Shera, Holi are their famous festivals.



Second on this list is Islam.
It is the second largest religion in the world according to its followers.
Believers of this religion are called Muslims.

And every Muslim believes in one God.

There are many sects in Islam but the two main sects are Shia and Sunni.
The foundation of Islam was laid in the seventh century AD.
The leader of the Muslims is the Prophet Muhammad.
The foundation of Islam was laid in the Arab city of Mecca.
Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Aadhar are important festivals of Islam.

Today, the number of followers of this religion is one billion 80 million.
Makkah and Madinah are holy places for Muslims.
Muslims are found mostly in the Arab world, the Middle East, and the subcontinent.

1. Christianity


Christianity tops the list.
It is the largest religion in the world in terms of its followers.

It believes in more than one god.

This religion came into existence in the first century AD.
Those who believe in him consider Jesus as their God.
The book of this religion is the Bible.
Also called the Gospel.
And this is an inspired book.
The religious festival of this religion is Easter, Christmas.

Believers in this religion celebrate Christmas on December 25, the day of Jesus’ birth.
The number of followers of this religion in the world is 2 billion 400 million.
Large numbers of which are found in the United States, Brazil, and Europe.

Jerusalem is their holy place. TOP 7 major world religions our topic is complete .

TOP 7 major world religions

comparison table

Christianity CH 2400000000 7
ISLAM IS 1800000000 1
HINDUUISM HI 1000000000 1
BUDHSIM BU 500000000 1
TAOISM TA 10000000000 1
SIKHISM SIKH 300000000 1

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