Travel to Kosovo(2021)

travel to Kosovo

Travel to Kosovo

Friends, today is our trip to KoSovo, an Islamic country in southeastern Europe.
Kosovo which calls itself an independent republic.
Today 115 countries of the world have recognized it as independent.

Kosovo is a country that Serbia has not yet recognized.
Nor has India recognized it.
What is the reason that India does not recognize the existence of this independent state?
By reading this article full of interesting and strange facts about Kosovo, you will know why India does not recognize this independent state.
Kosovo, also known as Bosnia, is the third Islamic country in Europe after Bosnia and Herzegovina and Albania.
Today, 13 years have passed since the country gained independence.

But it is Serbia that is unwilling to recognize it as an independent and sovereign state, despite its lack of control.
Friends, the region, formerly known as Ghazi Stan, was settled about 4,000 years before the Greek settlement.
As time went on, the Roman Empire was established here.
After the Romans, the coins of the Bazlinists began to circulate here.
After the Romans, the coins of the Bazlinists began to circulate here.
At the beginning of 1379 AD, a great war took place in Serbia called Kosovo.

This war has been named the Battle of Kosovo.
After the victory of the Muslims in this war, Islam spread rapidly in the region.
During the Byzantine rule, the region, especially Kosovo, was populated by people of Albanian descent.
During the Ottoman period when Muslim rulers and judges were appointed here.

travel to Kosovo

Seeing the fair decisions of the judges and the rulers with the minorities, the local population became Muslims.
By the middle of the 16th century, almost the entire population had converted to Islam.
The main reason for non-Muslims to become Muslims was that the population became Muslims in order to avoid the jizya which was taken from non-Muslims and not from Muslims.
In 1877, the Turks annexed the Balkans to Kosovo for administrative division.
In addition to Kosovo, the administrative division included Montenegro, northern Macedonia and Serbia.
During this period of rule, Kosovo made tremendous progress.
In 1876 a war broke out between the Ottomans and Serbia.

More than one lakh soldiers from the Ottomans took part in this war.
While there were 60,000 soldiers from Serbia in this war.
Of these 60,000, 30,000 were Muslims.

Travel to Kosovo

While the rest of the Russian forces were also involved.
This war of Serbia which lasted for two and a half years is also called the war of independence of Serbia.

The Ottomans were victorious in the first phase of this war.
But when Serbia brought Muslim troops to the front to fight, the Ottomans did not resist as they did at the beginning of the war.

This time Serbia was declared the winner.
On the one hand, the Soviet Union had begun, on the other hand, Yugoslavia had been established.
Fourteen countries gained independence from Russian integration.

At the time of the fall of Yugoslavia, 7 countries came into being.
Crow prostitute, Slovenian, Herzegovina, Macedonia was established in 1991.

But the alliance of some countries continued for many years in the form of non-alignment.
But then they parted ways.
Among these liberated countries, Kosovo and Bosnia are the most oppressed.

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Where Christian gunmen had made the lives of Muslims miserable.

The purpose of these people was to either leave the area or change their religion.
Then, on June 10, 1999, a UN peacekeeping mission headed here
In this peace mission the highest name is taken of Pakistan Army.

Because there are ten countries in the world where peace has been brought only because of Pakistani army.
There are still UN peacekeeping missions in Kosovo.

The first referendum on independence was held in 1991.

The decision was in favor of independence at a rate of 99.98%.

There were only 164 people who did not want freedom.

There were only 164 people who did not want freedom.
Independence was not achieved in 1991, but in February 2008 Kosovo’s independence was recognized by several countries.

All Muslim countries and 23 of the 28 European countries have recognized Kosovo’s independence.
Many other countries have also recognized Kosovo’s independence.
By the way, Russia does not recognize the independence of Kosovo, but in 2014, when Russia recognized the independence of Crimea, it also expressed the independence of Kosovo.
But to date no final decision has been made.

While India has good relations with Serbia, Kosovo does not recognize India’s independence.

The total area of ​​Kosovo is 10908 square kilometers.
Kosovo is the 162nd largest country in the world by area.
Kosovo is a landlocked country located in the Balkan Region.
It is bordered by Serbia to the north and east, Macedonia to the southeast, Albania to the southwest, and Montenegro to the west.

The current population of Kosovo is 1958000 people.
The country ranks 147th in the world in terms of population.

If we talk about the religions of this country, then 96% of the population of this country is Muslim.

Two percent believe in Roman Catholicism.

There are also those who believe in other small religions.
The average age of human beings in this country is 76.7 years.

The literacy rate in Kosovo is 97.7%.
Attention to education was also given during the Ottoman Empire.
Even today, Ottoman-founded schools exist in Kosovo.

Christina is the capital and largest city of Kosovo.

Christina has a population of 205,000.

While the area is more than 500 square kilometers.
The city was settled in 400 BC.

It has been the capital of many governments since Roman times.
The majority of Kosovo’s population is of Albanian descent.

There are only three to four villages along the Serbian border.

Where only 5 to 6 thousand people live.
In 2017, Serbia devised a unique way to invade Kosovo.
Which failed miserably.

The method was to make a Serbian flag on a train heading to Kosovo and write that Kosovo is Serbia.

When the train began to enter Kosovo, Serbia was convinced that Kosovo would do something wrong with the train.
The forces of the two countries came face to face.
The slightest omission was going to be the prelude to a major war.
That the Kosovo government and people did not interfere with this train.

In March 2018, Kosovo police arrested a Serbian politician for entering Kosovo illegally.

In a few months, the controversy took a terrible turn.

But then the matter cooled down.
Kosovo calling code+383

Kosovo’s domain is KO.
Kosovo has not yet become a member of the European Union.
But it is expected to become a member of the European Union soon.

The euro currency has been used in Kosovo since 2002.

The euro currency is the national currency of this country.
More than 40,000 tourists come here every year for sightseeing.
Neighboring countries other than Serbia can enter this country with their own ID card.
Kosovo has its own passport. Kosovo cities can travel to 48 countries without a visa.

Kosovo’s passport is ranked 79th in the world.
Kosovo’s national sporting honor does not accrue to any sport.

However, football is considered to be the favorite sport of this country.

interesting fact about Kosovo

interesting fact about Kosovo capital

The Kosovo flag has been flying the Ottoman Empire for over 500 years.

Kosovo is named after a region between Serbia and Kosovo called the Kosovo Field.

In Serbian it means black bird’s habitat.
Holidays are celebrated in this country on all festivals of Muslims and Christians.
The majority of the country’s population is Sunni Muslim.
There is also a small number of Shia Muslims here.
In this country, Muslims do not hate alcohol, but their attachment is visible.

Albania and Kosovo are two Muslim countries where normal alcohol is consumed.
South Sudan, which gained independence in 2011, and Kosovo, which gained independence in 2008, are currently the world’s last independent countries.
South Sudan, which gained independence in 2011, and Kosovo, which gained independence in 2008, are currently the world’s last independent countries.

Forty percent of Kosovo is forested.

Both Albanians and Serbs have the status of having the national language of this country.

While a few more languages ​​are also being used in this country.

More than half of the country’s population lives in rural areas.
Agriculture is a great source of support for this country.

About 50% of the country is cultivated.
More than 70% of the country’s population is under 35 years of age.

That is why it is also called the young country of Europe.
Kosovo is considered the poorest country in Europe after Moldova.

Kosovo’s total GDP is 22.1 US dollars.

While the per capita income is 12000 US dir.

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