west indies in which continent

west indies in which continent

west indies in which continent

Whenever the name of West Indies comes to our mind, the first thing that comes to our mind is the name of the cricket team that has won the World Cup twice, won the T20 Cup once and won the Champions Cup once.
Cricket aspirants from the 90’s will be familiar with names like Brian Lara and Chanderpaul, while today’s youngsters will be familiar with names like Chris Gayle, Darren Sammy and Polad.

And I can say for sure that many friends will consider West Indies as a country.
If West Indies is a country in your mind then you will know this after reading this article.
Because today’s interesting article has all the interesting facts about West Indies.

It is said that Christopher Columbus did not set out to find America.

He was looking for a safe route to Asia, India and China.

For many years of his life Columbus thought he had reached the East.

But he did not know in his life that the East was far from him.

After Christopher’s passing, Europeans began calling two places in the region by two names.

The peninsula to the east of Papua New Guinea was named the East Indies.

The region between North America and South America was named the West Indies.
Since the East Indies is called the demarcation of many countries.
Similarly, the West Indies was named after a number of countries.

Europe’s misrepresentation of the region was intended to distinguish between East and West.

west indies country

And then this name was written in the destiny of this region.

The region now called the West Indies includes Cuba, the Bahamas, Barbara Dos, Jamaica, Haiti, the Roman Republic, Cote d’Ivoire, Virgin Islands, Suriname, Koran and Dubico, Guyana, Saint Lucia, Grenada, Saba. , And includes a few independent and occupied territories such as St. Margin.
And these are the areas with which the West Indies cricket team, West Indies football team, and other sports teams are formed.
The region was named after the West Indies based on Columbus’ theory, but there is another name for the region called the Caribbean.

When Europeans came here in the late 15th century, a tribe called the Carib settled here.
The tribe was called the Caribbean after the same tribe.
Which proves that West Indies or Caribbean islands are two names of the same region.

Interesting facts about the West Indies if we talk about the combination of 30 free and occupied territories.
There are 13 independent and 17 occupied territories.

Which consists of approximately 7,000 islands.
The area called the West Indies has a total area of ​​2754000 square kilometers.
The West Indies are located in the southeast of North America, east of Central America, and north and west of South America.

The population of this whole area is 43601040.

Interestingly, the majority of the West Indies are predominantly Christian.
Which is about 85% of the total population.
The other major religion here is Hinduism.
Third are the Muslims.

Jews come in fourth.
There are about 18 to 20 types of religions in the West Indies.
When the Cold War broke out after World War II, the West Indies were highly respected in Russia and the United States.
Russia provided aid to some countries in order to find close bases against the United States.

In many countries, the US military stood in defense.

In return he was awarded aid.
Poverty picked up again after the end of the war.

And then that round of prosperity ended.

Which was in their destiny before.

People started turning to the United States and Canada to improve their economic situation.
Millions of refugees began to enter the United States illegally.
When the United States saw that it was all wrong, so these countries were re-funded.

And then these countries started running on funding.
When the World Cup started in 2007, millions of foreigners started coming here.
Millions of people came to watch cricket, but seeing the beauty of these countries and the beach and calm environment, they went back to their countries and started praising these countries.

Took a new step on the path of development in the coming years.
Many countries offer visa-free travel to foreigners.

Many facilitated visas and arrears.
Four to five of these countries are offering visa-free travel on Pakistani passports.
While many Americans offer free entry on merit visas.
All the West Indies countries have only 6 official languages.

That is, one language has the status of the official language of 2 to 3 countries.
Spanish is the official language of 3 countries.
While the official language of 6 countries is French.

English is considered the official language of 18 countries.

Dutch is also the official language of some countries.
Portuguese in two countries, while the Hayden language is used officially in one.
As the tourism sector is the best source of livelihood, the local population is paying close attention to learning and speaking English.

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And 70% of the entire island population knows how to write and speak English.
Before World War II, more than a million foreigners used to come for tourism.
But then their numbers began to dwindle.
From the year 2000, the number of tourists began to increase.
Since 2007, that number has grown from millions to millions.

According to the data of the year 2014, this number reached 2.5 billion.
From which these countries earned US 49 49 billion.
Many of the young countries were the first source of income.
The average Caribbean economy improved by 15%.
Barbados and Cuba have been famous for sugarcane production for the past few centuries.
But a few other Caribbean countries have also gone and are trying to change their country’s fortunes with sugar production.

Cultivation of a few varieties of fruits and vegetables is also the second largest source of income for these countries.
Foreign property buying and selling businesses are very much preferred as the area is much more beautiful.

Investors are building more than one hotel and restaurant here.
Of the thousands of islands in the West Indies, only 140 are uninhabited.
There is a human population on everything else.
The world’s shortest runway is also located in the West Indies country of Saba.

The length of this runway is 1300 feet.
The world’s second smallest airport is also located in a country in the West Indies.
Jamaica, a country in the West Indies, has more churches per square kilometer than any other country in the world.
The number of churches in Jamaica is close to 1600.
The averages are much higher in terms of area.
All parts of the popular Hollywood film Pilots of the Caribbean were filmed in the Caribbean.
It is said that George Washington, the first president of the United States, traveled to only one country in his life and that country was Barba-Dos.

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