What is Bolivia known for

What is Bolivia known for

What is Bolivia known for
In today’s article we will learn important information about the South American country of Bolivia.
In this article we will give information about the population area and capital of Bolivia.
Bolivia’s amazing and interesting information will also be discussed.
Bolivia is no less than a paradise in terms of its beauty, color and race and tourism.

If we talk about the interesting facts of Bolivia,

Bolivia is home to one of the world’s highest water lakes.

The world’s tallest city is located in Bolivia.
Bolivia also has the world’s highest forest.

Bolivia is also the highest altitude country in South America.
Traces of human settlement in Bolivia date back to 5,000 years

During French rule, Bolivia was part of neighboring Peru

After a long struggle, Bolivia gained independence in August 1825
Radio is very popular in this country
Radio is considered an important part of Bolivian culture.
The total area of ​​Bolivia is 1098591 square kilometers.

Bolivia flag

And the total population of Bolivia is 11.5 million people.
The Bolivian flag consists of three colors: green, yellow and red
The red color in this flag expresses the blood flowing in the war of independence.
The yellow color in the Bolivian flag guarantees prosperity while the green color is adopted for agriculture and prosperity of every ear.
There is a road in the world called the Valley of Death and this road is in Bolivia
This is a very dangerous road. The people of this area are very good at driving

This road is now closed to the public
The total length of this road is 56 km. Every year 200 to 300 people walk on this road in the valley of death.
Bolivia is the only country in South America to have two capitals
Constitutionally, La Paz is considered the capital of Bolivia

The city is 11,975 feet above sea level
La Paz has a population of 2 million

Bolivia map

The official language of Bolivia is Spanish.
The currency of Bolivia is the Boliviano
Bolivia’s neighborhoods include Argentina, Chile, Peru, Brazil and Guinea.
Bolivia and Guyana are South American countries that have no sea.
Bolivia changed its name from Republic of Bolivia to Florida National State of Bolivia in 2009.
Bolivia has a literacy rate of 93%
The average human age in Bolivia is 71 years
The 37 languages ​​here have been given the status of national languages
Bolivia’s El Alto is the tallest city in the world

The city has an elevation of 13,670 feet above sea level

Bolivia imports 70% of the world’s dried fruit

Bolivia is 1500 km from north to south and 1300 km from east to west.

La Paz was the first city in South America to receive the first power supply.
There is also a prison in Bolivia where people can stay with their families by paying rent

Bolivia bans cocaine production

Bolivia, Guatemala and Indonesia are the countries in the world where women are extremely short.

There is also a hotel in Bolivia that is made entirely of salt

Even hotel beds are made of salt

Bolivia country

Traces of 5,000 dinosaurs have been found on an ancient rock in Bolivia
Bolivia is named after Liberal leader Summon Bolivar.
Bolivia was not a landlocked country from the beginning but became a landlocked country after losing part of the Pacific Ocean during the war with Chile.

Bolivia fought a war of independence for almost 190 years
Bolivia also has the world’s largest salt deposits spread over 10,582 square kilometers.

Mount Sachi Yama is the largest peak in Bolivia

The height of this peak is 21465 feet

Sachi Yama National Park is also the highest forest in the world

Lake Titicaca is the largest lake in South America and the second largest in the world

Bolivia capital city la paz

The lake is located in two countries, Peru and Bolivia
The total area of ​​the lake is 8300 square kilometers
In Bolivia, 18 years of married and 21 years of unmarried people can vote.

Bolivia has a presidential system of government

Dead animals are usually sold in Bolivia

The country ranks 95th in terms of exports
Bolivia’s most popular sport is soccer

Bolivia finished second at the 1997 South American Championships.

What is Bolivia known for

OPULATION 11.5 million people.

TOTAL AREA 1098591 square kilometers



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