What is Croatia famous for?(2021)

What is Croatia famous for?

What is Croatia famous for?What is Croatia famous for?
The subject of today’s article is Croatia, a free and independent state in the Balkans
Which is commonly called Croatia

Judicially, the country is located in southeastern Europe
The Balkans are the region of Europe with the Black Sea to the east and the Mediterranean to the west.

Croatia is a landlocked country
The region was named after the Balkans, Mount Balkans
Which starts in the middle of Bulgaria and extends to eastern Serbia
In addition to Croatia, ten other countries are part of the region

Countries named in the Balkans include Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and Macedonia, Montenegro.
If we talk about the location of Croatia, it is Serbia to the east, Hungary to the northeast, Bosnia and Montenegro to the south and southwest, and the Mediterranean and the Adriatic Sea to the west. Slovenia has besieged the country from the northwest

Croatia country


It is said that after the Roman rule, the Croatians began to establish their settlements in the sixth century AD.

The Duchy of Croatia was founded in the seventh century AD.

In 925 AD, Koli Slab founded the Kingdom of Croatia

And became the first king of the land
The Kingdom of Croatia ended in 1102 AD when Croatia annexed Hungary.
In 1527 AD, Croatia formed an alliance with Slovenia
And the new name of this state was Kingdom of Croatia Slovenia
Between the 15th and 17th centuries, the Ottoman Empire invaded Croatia several times and conquered many territories.
Meanwhile, Austria and Hungary fought the Ottomans and founded the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Which led to its demise during the First World War
After World War I, the Kingdom of Yugoslavia was established
The state was established in Croatia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Serbia, and Montenegro.
The purpose of establishing these countries was to counter external forces.

Which began in the late 19th century
When the Soviet Union collapsed in the 1990’s, differences between Yugoslav allies began to grow.

Which led to the overthrow of Yugoslavia in 1992

In 1992, Croatia, Slovenia and Macedonia gained independence.
Formed a coalition government between Serbia and Montenegro

Which was divided into two countries in 2006

But in 1992 an alliance was formed between Bosnia and Herzegovina
In 1997, the country split into two factions.

Croatia country

This country is one but it has become two factions.
A part of the Muslim population called the Federation, Bosnia, and Herzegovina

The other faction is called Sarbaksah where the Muslim population is almost non-existent

Croatia gained real independence on June 25, 1991, shortly before Yugoslavia.

After independence, the country joined the European Union

On July 1, 2013, Croatia became a full member of the European Union
Despite being a member of the European Union, Croatia has not converted its currency into the euro.
On the contrary, the Croatian kuna currency has been the country’s currency since 1994.
The currency is also commonly known as the Croatian dinar.

Croatian calling code+385
The Croatian domain name is HR
The total area of ​​Croatia is 56594 square kilometers.

 Croatia capital city

Which ranks it 124th in terms of area
According to a report, the total population of Croatia is around 5 million
And the country was ranked 127th in terms of population.
The Ottomans spent more than 100 years on this land, mostly during the Admin-Croatian war.
On which the Muslims did not get a complete victory over Croatia but left their mark on this land
Christianity is the largest religion in the country today in terms of population
90% of the country’s population is Catholic

5% are Oth Dorks, 2% are Muslims
5% have no religion

More than 70,000 Muslims live in this country
After the establishment of Turkey, many Muslims migrated to Turkey

croatia capital city name is Zagreb
The largest mosque in Europe is located in Zagreb
The emir of Sharjah, Sultan bin Mohammed al-Qasimi, provided 2.5 million to build the mosque

Croatia map

The mosque was built in 1981 and was completed in 1987.

This mosque is called Zaghrib for the sake of this city
Zagreb is Croatia’s capital and largest city

Zagreb was founded in the days of the Great Roman Empire
The first church was built here by the Romans in 1094 AD

The city of Zagreb covers an area of ​​641 square kilometers
And there are 1 million people living inside this government city
The city has a unique place in Europe in terms of history, culture, and development

The majority of the Muslim population lives in this city
Croatia has a total of 15 UNESCO National Heritage Sites
Which compels those interested in history to come to Croatia
Before its inception in 1985, the number of foreigners was more than 10 million

Millions of tourists now visit Croatia every year
While tourism is developing the country, textiles and petroleum are also improving the economy.

Italy, Austria, Bosnia, Slovenia and Germany are among the top exporters of Croatia.
These are the countries from which most goods are imported from Croatia
Natural gas, natural fuel and agriculture are the natural gifts that give a boost to the economy of this country.
Croatian is the official language of the country
It is one of the official languages ​​of the European Union
Other languages ​​spoken besides Croatian are Serbian, Italian, French, Penguin, Czech, Slovak, Ukrainian, Slovenian and German.
These are the languages ​​that have been given the status of Croatian as well as official languages ​​by the government of the day.
Croatia has 8 universities and 8800 schools
Croatia is the 20th most educated country in the world
Much attention has been paid to education in this country for the last 50 years
That is why the rate of education is now increasing to close to 100%

The University of Zagreb has become the largest university in the country
It is the oldest university. It was established in 1306 AD
And there were regular classes until 1807 AD
Croatia is ranked 36th in the world in terms of human health

The average life expectancy in this country is 75 years
Football is one of the most popular sports in the world
In addition to football, handball, basketball, water polo, soccer, tennis, snacks and chess are other popular sports.
In Croatia, other sports are also played in Croatia, including rugby union, cycling races and cricket.
High-speed trains, 1,100 km of open and wide roads, 70 airports, 3 helipads, 9 ports and 77 ships carry passengers from one place to another.

Croatia has a total army of 15,000 soldiers
The Croatian army has 675 armored vehicles. There are 150 cannons, 100 rocket launchers, 70 tanks, 20 automatic pistols, 12 warplanes and 16 combat helicopters.

The Navy has 29 warships
If we talk about the interesting facts about Croatia, then this country is made up of 12046 islands
Croatia is so full of natural beauty that 10% of the country’s territory is covered by national parks
The land is full of hundreds of species of trees

Croatia flag

And hundreds of species of animals and birds live in this country
The minimum number is said to be one lakh

The world’s smallest village is also located in Croatia
Located at 1145 feet, this village has a total population of 28 people

And this village is now the center of attention for tourists
Croatia spends 8% of its budget on health
While only 2% of the budget is spent on the army
Primary and secondary education in Croatia is absolutely free
The world’s first parachute was made in 1617 in Croatia

According to the 2018 report, Croatia’s passport was the 20th most powerful in the world

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