What is Guam known for(2021)

Flying saucer
What is Guam known for

What is Guam known for
Today, our new destination in the world is Guam, the peninsular state of the United States in the North Pacific.
Guam is a region where there is a constant threat of a nuclear attack
Guam where a species of brown snakes are found

The essence causes the death of thousands of birds every year
Called the Island of Fighters, Guam is the most populous island in the Mariana Islands
Guam is also the largest island in the Micronesian Islands
Guam residents have the honor of being US citizens

Historically, the island was called Chamorro
Although the people living here have the honor of being American citizens, they do not have the same facilities as American citizens
The interesting thing about Guam is that there is no sand on the shores of the peninsular country at all

Guam islands

On the contrary, there are coral reefs on their shores

Roads and houses in Guam are also built with a mixture of cement and coral
According to a survey, coral reserves have fallen sharply in recent times
More than 20 million corals are exported annually from this peninsular state

A Japanese soldier in Guam who served in a jungle during World War II
For almost 30 years, the soldier lived in an anonymous forest in Guam
The soldier was finally found in 1972 and sent back to his homeland
The peninsula’s economy is dependent on tourism and US aid

The Austronesian people living in Indonesia are originally from Guam
The people here have American citizenship, but in no way can they vote for the American president
Guam was attacked just hours after Japan attacked Pearl Herbal during World War II.

The attack killed 7,000 Americans and 17,000 Japanese

Japan occupied the island from 1940 to 1944 during World War II
The Guam Peninsula covers a total area of ​​510 square kilometers and has a population of about 170,000.
92% of the population is Christian

Guam map

Other religions include Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam in Guam
The island is a major US military base in the Pacific
About 99% of foreigners working in Guam are from the Philippines
It is said that in 1957, a pilot first saw a flying saucer in Guam
The pilot said he tried to chase the flying saucer but it was too fast

If you look at the island on a map, it looks like a foot

It is 30 km long and 4 to 12 km wide

Name of the capital of Guam. Hagåtña

English and Chamaro are official languages
The average human lifespan in this peninsular state is 78 years

The education rate in Guam is 99%

33% of the total area is used for agricultural purposes

Guam country

Q1 Where is Guam?

Ans Guam is located in the sea between the US state of Hawaii and the Philippines

This island is the first place in the United States where the sun rises first
The closest countries to this state are Japan, Philippines, Taiwan and South Korea

Chamorro is the oldest civilization in the North Pacific Islands of Micronesia and Guam.

Guam is a peninsular country where tourists can shop for tax.
The island is also the largest army base in the Pacific
The largest Pacific air bases are in Guam

About 15% of the island’s population is in the US military.

American citizens can safely travel to the island with passports and visas


About 150,000 tourists visit the island each year
Guam is located about 500 feet above sea level
Half of Guam is volcanic
There is dry grass on the volcanic hills
Guam receives up to 2,400 mm of rainfall annually
While 3 to 4 storms a year
Due to the palm trees, a variety of wildlife and insects are found in this country.
In 1940, brown snakes were brought and settled on the island
Due to which a large number of birds fell prey to these snakes
Of these, about a dozen birds were extinct

Many animals also died due to the bites of these snakes
More than 2 million snakes have been killed so far
It is the first island in the Mariana Islands to be inhabited by humans.

There are traces of human settlement on the island around 1000 BC
As for the island’s modern history, the first European Portuguese expedition to the land was
In 1521, Spain became the first European country to establish a colony

Spain ruled Guam for almost 300 years
On January 25, 1849, a severe earthquake shook the island, killing at least 4,000 people
After defeating Spain in 1898, the United States occupied the island
During World War II, Japan invaded and occupied Guam
20,000 Guamites were killed during the war
On July 21, 1944, the United States recaptured the island from Japan
In 1950, Guam was granted statehood

Guam’s most famous sport is football
The island is one of nature’s masterpieces with its lush greenery
The beaches of Guam are very clear, transparent and rich in blue water

North Korea, a rival to the United States, has also threatened to launch a nuclear attack on Guam

Guam beauti

The Underwater Tunnel is one of Guam’s most popular attractions
In Guam, ethnic groups include 57% Chamorro, 26% Filipinos, 7% Whites, 9% Koreans, and other ethnic groups.

The currency of Guam is the US dollar
The flag of Guam was adopted on February 9, 1941

There is a red stripe around the flag

The flag is unveiled in memory of the bloodshed in World War II
In the middle of the flag is a dark blue sea island
Guam calling code+1671
Guam has a very large population

Guam has a population of about 300 square kilometers

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